Provisions Ring of Desire [Things and Experiences ] #lovebucket

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Presents are often thought of first when it comes to the Provisions Ring of Desire to fill her  Love Bucket. 

As said before, men can become a “pro” with “vision” to see that a woman wants when it comes to the Provisions Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket.

Is there a reason why an experience may be more appropriate than a physical present?

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Here’s why psychologists say you should spend your money on experiences, not things:  You don’t have infinite money. Spend it on stuff that research says makes you happy.

The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

"We buy things to make us happy, and we succeed. But only for a while. New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them."

How adaptation affects happiness, for instance, was measured in a study that asked people to self-report their happiness with major material and experiential purchases. Initially, their happiness with those purchases was ranked about the same. But over time, people’s satisfaction with the things they bought went down, whereas their satisfaction with experiences they spent money on went up.

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Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University suggests you’ll get more happiness spending money on experiences like going to art exhibits, doing outdoor activities, learning a new skill, or traveling.

The Full Story on Fast Company Co Exist

No Sex Tonight [How to Respond] #emptylovebucket

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No Sex Tonight

If filling her love bucket is on your “to-do” list and if you are certain that the Sex Ring of Desire is one of her top desires, then you need to keep reading.

Here’s a super controversial seduction tip if you’ve you ever been out with a girl, particularly on a first date and she says something like …

"You know we’re not having sex tonight right?"

Well, we’ve all been there my friend.  

And it’s no fun.

Josh Pellicier and Julian Foxx have THE answer for you on how to REACT to her statement and it will determine whether or not she goes to bed with you…

Now, before they tell you how to respond, it’s important that you understand how NOT to respond.

So let’s visualize a situation…

You’re on a first date with a woman and you’re having a great time at a local bar.

Then she drops the bomb.

"We’re not having sex tonight, so don’t get your hopes up!"

How do you react?

Most guys will subconsciously reveal their disappointment, either by pausing, or being
visibly affected in any way.

And some guys will consciously reveal their disappointment, by frowning, and saying something

"Well, why not?" 

So here are 3 killer tricks that help you turn this pivotal moment to your advantage

TACTIC #1:   Be PREPARED For Her To Say It!

I’ve found about 30%-40% of my first dates, will tell me that we’re "not having sex tonight"…
(and 90% of them are dead wrong icon wink No Sex Tonight [How to Respond] #emptylovebucket

The point is, 30-40% is a lot, so you should always be prepared for it.

And by the way, if your dates don’t say this to you… it means you’re probably NOT pushing the
relationship forward aggressively enough.

TACTIC #2:  Flip Her On Back!

Not literally of course. But if you take my advice, you’ll get to do that too icon wink No Sex Tonight [How to Respond] #emptylovebucket

Immediately laugh and say something like… "Whoa! I can’t believe you’re thinking about sex already! You’re going have to take me for dinner before we even think about that!  Wow, what a dirty mind you have…"

This reaction is critical because it establishes YOU as the prize, AND it creates some doubt in her mind about your true intentions.  She’ll wonder…

"Wait, does he really want me?"
  (make her wonder)

TRICK #3:  Fall In Love With Her Mind…
And now we seal the deal.  

The trick here is to really connect with her…
bond with her.  Get her to reveal personal information, and give yours in return.

Let her know how much you LOVE her personality.
And her intelligence.

She must feel that you see the real her.

When you’ve accomplished this, you’re ready to use one of the smartest lines I’ve ever come up with…

So the next time sex comes up in the conversation, say something like…

"Honestly, you’re so cool and fun to be with…

sex is really the last question mark for me."

Trust me.  This line is MONEY.

And the rationale behind it is simple:  

-We already know we like each other.  
-We already know we get along.  
-But what if we wait for weeks or months to get intimate, only to find out that we’re NOT sexually compatible?

The logic behind this technique is indisputable.
And it gives her incredible justification to sleep with you immediately.

FYI – at this point in the interaction, she may or may not agree with you.  If she sticks to her
guns, and says…

"Yeah, but we should still wait",

…don’t flinch.  AGREE with her.  

And just focus on getting her back home or to wherever you have some real privacy.

Julian and Josh say, the rest should take care of itself.

When Sex Goes Wrong

But what if you are not dating but are in a serious relationship or married?

Philip Muskin MD of Columbia University cited these statistics:

  • Married couples report having sex 68.5 times a year (1.3 times a week) according to a 2002 University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center Report.
  • According to a 2003 cover story in Newsweek, 15 to 20 percent of couples have sex less than 10 times a year, regarded as a ‘sexless marriage.’

Found out more about Female Orgasm and how to turn her on here: Female Orgasm Explained

The Sex Ring of Desire of the Love Bucket

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Sex and The Happy Woman

Do you now how much sex happy couples are having every month? 

A study of 400 women reported on their sex lives.

One of the considerations of the Sex Ring of Desire of the Love Bucket is frequency.  Sexual frequency versus infrequency is related to happiness.

Unhappily married women have sex about 3-4 times per month according to psychotherapist and author M. Gary Neuman.

The first two years of a relationship are usually considered to be the most exciting and then frequency of how much sex happy couples have every month changes.  As the Love Dynamic changes and the “business of living” and obligation gets in the way of romance sexual frequency changes.

Happily married women have sex 11-12 times per month.  Couples have to work to maintain the higher sexual dynamics level of intimacy and excitement after the first two years.

What are you doing to keep the love bucket filled and particular keeping the Sex Ring of Desire shined up and ready for action?  How do you drive her desire?

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Love Bucket: See through Love, Dancing Skeletons and No Labels

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Love shows inside and out. See the love heart and the reflection inside the love bucket.  
LoveBucket heart reflection thumb Love Bucket: See through Love, Dancing Skeletons and No Labels

See the dancing skeletons because you can feel the love in your bones.  This will make you smile.  Watch below and see how the ‘Love Has No Labels’ Video Aims to Address Our Inherent Biases.

See the message, “Love has no labels” and rethink bliss!

no labels love fill the love bucket1 Love Bucket: See through Love, Dancing Skeletons and No Labels

"While the vast majority of Americans consider themselves unprejudiced, many of us unintentionally make snap judgments about people based on what we see – whether it’s race, age, gender, religion, sexuality, or disability," the group explains in the description on the  YouTube video.

The video began March 3 and has racked up nearly 14 million views in 48 hours. The Ad council’s campaign also has an extensive website in support of the campaign to help you rethink bias.

Let’s put aside labels in the name of love and FILL THE LOVE BUCKET!!!

Sherrie Rose Recommends the Ad Councils campaign and website: Love Has No Labels

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7 Rings of Desire of the Love Bucket and “50 Shades of Grey”

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What Does “50 Shades of Grey” Teach You About Female Desire?

Do you know someone like the main character Christian Grey? An unreasonable fantasy figure – a 27 year-old suave billionaire.

So many of those running around these days, right?

But this is the important part –  author E.L. James has sold over 100 million books… so …

Something IMPORTANT and URGENT is going on….

Is it that women want to be undergo S&M violent sex, get whipped and chained?   No.  Not exactly.

(1) It IS that women are volatile volcanoes of sexual desire.

(2) It IS that women want to feel the dominant hand of a confident CARING masculine leader.

(2) It IS that the female lead character (also a virgin) opened up – and softened – a closed man’s heart in the process.

Which is every woman’s fantasy.

And honestly, one of the best things women can do for us….

Get us to open our hearts and let down our guard.

But only AFTER the really hot sex.

 7 Rings of Desire of the Love Bucket and “50 Shades of Grey”

So listen…

Bottom line…

Look at all the women around you…

… at work, at the gym, in the cafes, shopping in little stores…

Women are not getting the dream sex life they want.

But YOU can give it to them.


I’m willing to be that YOU are not getting the sex life you want.

Today I’m going to fix that for you…

What if you could make any woman


You can.

Here’s the truth – women want to be LED.

And you can lead.

“I feel like I’m being seduced by a professional” 

             – Czech girl, aged 20,

               being lowered into bed by Adam

Adam, replied, “You are, and everything I’ve said and done with you tonight has been absolutely authentic”

When you have the exact skills to lead a woman deeply into her sexuality…

A life of deep sexual pleasure and connection is YOURS to own.

 7 Rings of Desire of the Love Bucket and “50 Shades of Grey”

Today is the day that changes your

sexual life – if you take action…

===>> Turn any woman into your DREAM LOVER – under your firm, knowing hand right here now.

And step into your new life as a SEXUAL LEADER, turning even the most shy and timid girls into voracious, volcanic, gushing tigresses in bed.

Your dream lover.


In your hands.

In your bed.

In your life.

The Sex Ring of Desire is HOT.

Make no mistake, sex is one of the 7 ways to fill the love bucket.  HOT!!!

The Man Class

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