The Love Bucket® Fills Two Birthdays and a Wedding

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149th birthday on July 1st for Canada. 240th birthday on July Fourth for the USA which has only been a holiday since 1941. Happy Canada Day. Happy US Independence Day.

And a wedding on July 2nd. True Love.  Here are the words from the groom’s father who knows his son will fill her love bucket.


There’s something magical about love. It’s a certain kind of magic that changes not only two people’s lives but can also change entire families. It can even change the lives of people we’ve never met. Love can create beautiful things, which themselves are just as magical. Like cherished memories, profound relationships, and a great family.

Nothing can truly describe the profound effect love has on us and on the people around us. It can be felt across many distances as well as deep within ourselves. Oftentimes, as you simply stroll inside the shopping mall, and without even looking, you can almost feel two people close by walking side by side, holding hands, gazing at each other with admiration, whispering to each other lovingly, or being wrapped in each other’s arms.

This is not some esoteric phenomena. Think about the times when you drove up to a red light. You nonchalantly turn around to look at the person in the car beside you, and they eerily turn their head to look at you at the exact same moment. Or think about when someone near you yawns and you feel compelled to yawn, too… Or better yet, think about when someone smiles.

That’s the magic I’m talking about. You can’t ignore it. You can’t explain it. You can’t define it. You can’t fake it. And you certainly can’t compare it, for this kind of magic has no equals. It defies the laws of physics, although give my son Tyler a moment or two, and I’m sure he’ll Google up some theory to back it up.

But above all, it’s the magic that was unquestionably palpable in a tiny hospital room on the cold morning of March 16, 2015 when my wife was slipping away because of cancer. So palpable, in fact, that it was overwhelming. Just an hour before she took her last breath, a mother had the chance to witness her son pledge his love to his wife. It may have been involuntary reflexes, but as they exchanged their vows, my beloved, who was in a coma, suddenly opened her eyes as if not to miss this amazing moment.

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is magic.

That ceremony meant more to me than I can possibly ever put into words. Because on that day, I’ve witnessed true magic. The magic between a mother and her children. The magic between a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law. And above all, the magic shared between two amazing people: my son and his wife. And to be able to be a part of it, and to witness and experience that moment, has forever changed my life.

Truly, the magic between you is beautiful and boundless, hopeful and heartfelt, sincere and strong. You have not only blessed each other’s lives but you have also blessed mine. So it is with immense honor, pride, and deeply felt gratitude that I congratulate not only two amazing and wonderful people, but the magic you share for each other, as well as the people around you.

May your life be filled with magic that endures beyond the last sunset.

Forever plus a day.

I love you both.

Shared by Michel Fortin husband of Sylvie Fortin at the formal wedding ceremony of his son Tyler and wife Priya.

Sex, Frequency, and The "Big Five" that Fill Her Love Bucket

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What are The "Big Five" that Fill Her Love Bucket® when it comes to sex? Researchers use the “big five” tool which is a set of personality traits including 1) openness, 2) conscientiousness, 3) extraversion, 4) agreeableness, 5) and neuroticism to make the determination.


Together these five traits can map ways we think, feel, and behave — because in addition to our sex life, personality plays a hand in our life span and another Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket®, the Lifestyle Ring of Desire®

A study conducted at Florida State University psychological researchers examines the link between couples’ personalities and how often they have sex after getting married. While certain personality traits (agreeableness, openness) among wives were shown to be strong predictors of sexual frequency within a marriage, the same could not be said for husbands.

“No prior research has examined the association between partners’ big five traits and daily reports of sexual activity so we were hesitant to make specific predictions. It was somewhat surprising, however, that husbands’ big five did not predict couples’ sexual frequency,” says Dr. Andrea Meltzer.

Meltzer and her colleague, Dr. James McNulty, collected data from 278 newlywed heterosexual couples who had been married less than six months at the time of the study. In addition to taking a psychological examination that assessed the personalities of both husband and wife, each couple also kept a 14-day journal documenting their marital life, including how often they had sex. The Journal of Research in Personality article is Who is Having More and Better Sex? The Big Five as Predictors of Sex In Marriage.

The findings revealed that couples who had been married less than six months had sex an average of three to four times over the 14-day period. Although there was no link between husbands’ personality traits and how often the couple was intimate, higher levels of agreeableness among wives led to more frequent sex. Openness among wives also seemed to be a predictor of a more frequent sex life.

Someone’s sexual satisfaction seems to have no connection to the personality of that person’s spouse. On the other hand, both husbands and wives with low levels of neuroticism reported being more satisfied with their sex lives. And high levels of openness was also a stronger predictor of sexual dissatisfaction, but only among husbands.

The big five personality traits have been implicated in other aspects of both our physical and mental health. For example, people who score higher on neuroticism also tend to suffer from negative moods that lead to irritability, anxiety, and depression as opposed to people on the other end of the spectrum who have more emotional stability.

Being conscientious, on the other hand, could end up preventing a myriad of negative health complications by reducing the amount of stress that comes into our lives. Past research has shown that neuroticism leads to a release of the stress hormone cortisol, which can take its toll on our immune system. This has led to higher rates of heart disease among neurotic people.

What your own score? Find out your score on the big five Personality Test here.  The test consists of fifty items that you must rate on how true they are about you on a five point scale where 1=Disagree, 3=Neutral and 5=Agree. It takes most people 3-8 minutes to complete.

Ring of Desire (movie) and the 7 Rings of Desire of The Love Bucket

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Who knew there was a movie entitled, Ring of Desire filmed in 1981?  The premise of the ring of desire in this movie was that this magic ring could grant whoever wore it their sexual desire.  It is billed on the poster as a jewel of erotic fulfillment.

Of course the RED HOT Ring Desire of The Love Bucket is the Sex Ring of Desire. 



You may not need magic to create wild desire if you follow the three Men’s Workshops offered by Susan Bratton (in her own words) to learn:

• How men are wrecking their ability to get hard and stay hard with poor masturbation habits. (There’s a "right" and "wrong" way to masturbate.)

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• How to induce a woman’s vaginal orgasms with a simple pelvic thrust technique that is part of the "squeeze-breathe-thrust" of the ME Breath technique.

The ME Breath is the rosetta stone to a world of advanced sexual mastery, stamina and pleasure for him and her.

The ME Breath is taught in 5 short videos inside the Multi-Orgasmic Lover program by Jim Benson.

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So how does that feel… create a little desire?  The 7 Rings of Desire of The Love Bucket empower you for better love.  Check out the workshops from Susan and Jim to improve your sex life and create the fulfillment you desire. 


The 4 words you need to use to negotiate with someone

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Filling The Love Bucket often begins with a conversation and sometimes there is negotiation.

Richard Mullender knows a bit about getting his way. He has the power of persuasion to talk someone out of jumping off a bridge or to prevent an armed kidnapper from killing the person they are holding captive.

Mullender gave a crash course in “life-or-death listening” at Advertising Week Europe in London on Monday and revealed the four most important words you need to use if you want to negotiate with someone.

Those words are: “I feel as if …”

“Don’t change the conversation. It’s the dumbest thing you can do. The secret is in the rambling.”

When you ask questions, you are changing the subject, rather than attempting to interpret how they feel. When people ask questions to let the other person “off the hook” and to stop them from rambling.

Instead of asking a direct question like: “Why are you doing that?” when attempting to interpret what someone is saying, you should say: “I feel as if … ”

Saying something like “I feel as if something I said upset you,” or “I get the impression this is the problem,” allows you to interpret their true emotion without offending them.

Mullender says: “It allows you to guess what you think the other person means. If you get it right, they expand on it. If you get it wrong, they correct you and expand on it.”

Mullender he runs his own training company, teaching companies about the power of listening. Mullender spent 30 years in the UK police force and then went on to spend five years as a hostage negotiator, working in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Your Physical Stance

When sitting together, lean slightly forward, with open space between you and the person you are listening to. Keep your hands apart with your palms open. You should never sit directly opposite the person.

Leaning forward, not eyeball to eyeball. Instead of directly looking at each other eyeball to eyeball — which can feel quite intimidating and tense —slightly angle the chairs —to give people the opportunity to look away if they feel they need to.

The Art of Negotiation – All About Relationships!

Gary Noesner, Former Chief FBI Negotiator and author of "Stalling for Time," talks about relationships in The Art of Negotiation. In fact he says it is all about relationships. Communication skills are key. You also need the courage to compromise.


9 lines she wants to hear in bed

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The Sex Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket is very important in keeping the heat turned on. Some say not talking during sex is the way to go. But having sex with a little titillating talk can make it even better. Do know what she really wants to hear? (It probably is very similar to what you want her to say to you!) Yes, you can drive her desire and make her absolutely crazy (in a good way) in bed.


1. I want you right now! – This is before you get into bed when that primal growl of need is ramping up and it is something that turns a woman on. It makes them feel desired and sexy. The longing in your voice for her to take you to another level of ecstasy is definitely something a woman would love to hear. Add a bit of a growl to your voice and watch your partner want a lot more than foreplay.

2. You are a great kisser – Kissing is so important to connecting deeply. It can be a really sensual experience and often is the deciding factor on whether things will move on to sex or not. So complimenting a woman on her kissing ability tells her that she is on the right track. Apart from that it also helps keep things hot since your woman will definitely try to kiss better by making it that much more intense.

3. Ohhh! I love it when you do that: Telling your woman exactly what you like is often the easiest way to have great foreplay and sex. When you whisper or moan that indicates that what she is doing feels absolutely great and it only serves to show her that she is on the right track. Apart from that low, guttural moan of pleasure will definitely turn the heat up several notches.

4. That was/is amazing! – After the act or even during, complimenting your partner’s ability to satiate your desire is key to making her feel adequate and able to please. Apart from that it also helps her feel on top of the world.

5. Shout her Name – A woman love it when her man calls out her name in the throes of passion. This is because she tends to feel encouraged about the fact that she s making you feel pleasure. Believe it or not your woman needs to be reassured that she is making you feel great, and communication is the key. So shout, moan or simply whisper her name into her ear and watch the passion soar.

6. Moaning – Shouting out or simply moaning while she is pleasuring you is a great way to get the message across that your partner is making you feel great. Also, women do say that the sound of moaning can be so sensual that it often is the one thing that makes them orgasm. So moan away, and tell your partner how well she is doing.

7. Oh my God! Don’t stop, don’t stop! : That urgency in your voice will definitely turn your woman on. This line also helps tell your partner that is doing exactly what makes you feel good, making her believe that she is doing what she set out to do perfectly.

8. I never knew sex could be this good: The fact that you are surprised and absolutely immersed in the pleasure she is providing will definitely give your woman that extra ego boost. This line also helps tell her that the amount of pleasure she is giving you is something you didn’t imagine possible. Let’s face it, women love to feel like a adored and cherished.

9. You are the best I’ve ever had: Okay, this might be a little far-fetched as some women might not like the idea of you comparing intimate acts with another woman. But this line is often great to bolster her ego. Knowing that she is much better than the rest, adds to the feeling that she is perfect and can make her feel even more pleasure.

10. OMG! You are so big – Okay, so this is not for the girls… it is for the MAN. A woman does love it when her woman compliments her ‘woman parts’. If a woman said, “You are so BIG” with pleasure written all over her face it would make you feel like you are rocking her world and you’re the absolutely best at what you’re doing. A good ego boost always helps add that extra flair to the experience.

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