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Love Bucket Differences: Men are from Google+, Women are from Pinterest

Thursday, February 16th, 2012 Posted in Love Dipolomat, Masterman, Mastermen | No Comments »

Love Bucket Differences between Men and Women
Men are from Google+, Women are from Pinterest

TIME's profile photo

TIME  -   Public via Google Plus posted right after Valentine’s Day

Men are from Google+, Women are from Pinterest

Is it true that a Love Diplomat and a Masterman (women and men) are different when it comes to tastes and interests? 

=> Nothing like a gender controversy!

Men Are from Google+, Women Are from Pinterest | Techland |

Recent reports claim that 83% of Pinterest’s users are female while two-thirds of Google+ users are male.


844 shares Daniell Flores's profile photo

FYI – This one maxed out the G+ comment thread!

Daniell Flores  -  Probably…


Cody Sovis's profile photo

Cody Sovis  -  Very interesting article


Adam Wozney's profile photo

Adam Wozney  -  Sounds about right

Rebecca R's profile photo

Rebecca R  -  housewives are from pinterest, from what i’ve seen. I rather stay here on +


Rainer Jetter's profile photo

Rainer Jetter  -  +n-tv Der Nachrichtensender ntv+Berliner Morgenpost +ARD +BBC World Service +stern

Isaac Castro's profile photo

Isaac Castro  -  jajaja, amazing


Joltrast .'s profile photo

Joltrast .  -  Who cares? I’m not a huge fan of Pinterest, but love G+


Kurt Mayer's profile photo

Kurt Mayer  -  To help prove the point… What’s Pinterest?

CMyLawyer's profile photo

CMyLawyer  -  That may be true for now, but man, all the hubbub over Pinterest these days…I assume it’s going to man up over the next couple months.


Richard Posey's profile photo

Richard Posey  -  Interesting demographic split as this seems to fly in the face of the old adage that, "men are more visual." Maybe that’s just when looking at the opposite sex.


Ariella Brown's profile photo

Ariella Brown  -  +Kurt Mayer, I don’t know if that proves your point altogether. I do know what it is, but I haven’t checked it out for myself. Google+ is my favorite social network.


A Fisher's profile photo

A Fisher  -  Excellent, I can maintain my oddball housewife status and have no earthly idea what Pinterest is.


Tyler Weeks's profile photo

Tyler Weeks  -  I signed up for Pinterest just to check it out and it has taken a concerted effort to get my "stream", or "board", or whatever they call it, to not look overwhelmingly feminine.


Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  +Rebecca R I am a SAHM and I will never be pinterested.


Jason Chow's profile photo

Jason Chow  -  I think +Linda Dee = the 1/3 female portion of G+

Mike Massie's profile photo

Mike Massie  -  Love to the see comparison of men and women in Pinterest versus Svpply


Ariella Brown's profile photo

Ariella Brown  -  What’s interesting is that the much vaunted women’s preference is not universal, but an American phenomenon " estimates that 83% of Pinterest’s users are female. (Side note: The story is very different in the U.K., where the majority of the site’s 200,000 users are men.)


Richard Posey's profile photo

Richard Posey  -  This is an indicator that a really smart single guy should get himself on Pinterest ASAP.


Rupert Wood's profile photo

Rupert Wood  -  yup, & 98% of crazy cat ladies are also female!


TIME's profile photo

TIME  -  +Rupert Wood Wait, 2% of crazy cat ladies are men?


Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  LOL@ +TIME . Yes, those men are ones who have written off trying to have a relationship with women altogether.


Baker Kawesa's profile photo

Baker Kawesa  -  That would explain the mostly constructive conversations on google+


Rebecca R's profile photo

Rebecca R  -  +Sabeena LoBello Then you my dear are doing whatever abbreviation you called yourself wrong. 🙂


Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  Yes, +Rebecca R . I also never used FB like the ones who are now using Pinterest.
+Baker Kawesa I don’t call G+ Geek Plus for nothing!


Cameron J. Kenworthy's profile photo

Cameron J. Kenworthy  -  Google+ is Facebook++
It’s geektastic


Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  +Cameron J. Kenworthy G+ is also Slashdot 2.0!


Baker Kawesa's profile photo

Baker Kawesa  -  +Sabeena LoBello I hope you don’t mean geek in a bad way! Google+ just feels right from a male point of view, lots of information, and no-strings-attached relationships.

Yesterday 10:31

Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  I’m a g33k myself, so I meant it in a very good way, +Baker Kawesa .


Cameron J. Kenworthy's profile photo

Cameron J. Kenworthy  -  Also 1/5th of the screen isn’t taken up by ads. And of course geek is a good thing! 😉


Rebecca R's profile photo

Rebecca R  -  +Sabeena LoBello doing it wrong is a good thing. I myself use +, and twitter.

Yesterday 10:36


Ricardo Sanchez's profile photo

Ricardo Sanchez  -  Women just aren’t hip enough to use g+

Yesterday 10:40

David Boldini's profile photo

David Boldini  -  I am a Pinterest user..confirm that 80 percent of Pinterest users are female!

Yesterday 10:41


Cameron J. Kenworthy's profile photo

Cameron J. Kenworthy  -  +Ricardo Sanchez Doctor pepper 10, it’s not for women


A Fisher's profile photo

A Fisher  -  Forgot to put the troll face on your avatar. Don’t worry, my imagination put it there for you.


David Kinsley's profile photo

David Kinsley  -  +Tyler Weeks I’m running into the same problems…curious about the whole Pinterest thing but don’t need endless fashion updates, etc. Any suggestions?

Irina Tcherednichenko's profile photo

Irina Tcherednichenko  -  +Ricardo Sanchez What do you mean?


Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  +Irina Tcherednichenko He thinks women are busy cooking in the kitchen and then pinning their recipes on Pinterest to be here on G+.


Baker Kawesa's profile photo

Baker Kawesa  -  +David Kinsley +Tyler Weeks I couldn’t even get past the front page, it just felt wrong being there at all. What’s a dude supposed to do with board full of images? Seriously?


David Boldini's profile photo

David Boldini  -  about gender distribution on twitter 57% female and 43% male …

Tyler Weeks's profile photo

Tyler Weeks  -  There are some science/tech contributors that I found but other than that it’s mostly pictures of cool fabric, cute cupcakes, and dream vacations.

Valentin Feraru's profile photo

Valentin Feraru  -  hii


Edward Ellis's profile photo

Edward Ellis  -  This man is from "WHOGIVESA****". [bleeped out]


Rob B.'s profile photo

Rob B.  -  A better question was posed by Jon Stewart.
Is Time magazine giving the USA fluff pieces like this pinterest crap while the rest of the world gets real journalism? If you’re trying to keep your sales up with people magazine you’re in trouble….because you’re not people magazine. You a serious magazine that is pandering with questionnaires like this fluff when you should be doing serious journalism. wtf happened time?


Jonas Fancony's profile photo

Jonas Fancony  -  +Edward Ellis Then why comment?


Maggie Brazeau's profile photo

Maggie Brazeau  -  I use them both, and so do my geeky male friends. They serve different purposes – G+ is for nattering about whatever, Pinterest is strictly "Look at this picture of this cool thing I found." Apples and oranges.


Valentin Feraru's profile photo

Valentin Feraru  -  heloo

Francis Mensah's profile photo

Francis Mensah  -  hiiiiiiiiiiii


Matt Lorence's profile photo

Matt Lorence  -  +Kurt Mayer My first thought after reading the title of the article – "WTF is pinterest?"


Dustin Dowell's profile photo

Dustin Dowell  -  Just went to pinterest for the first time… I can see why it is all women.


Mary Rysdale's profile photo

Mary Rysdale  -  +Valentin Feraru yep, your posts are showing. Now do you have something to add to the conversation regarding pinterest?

Yesterday 11:16

Adella Thompson's profile photo

Adella Thompson  -  So confusing to me. My circles here are pretty equally distributed by gender – many different interests are represented here and I see more photographers and artists than software engineers. I guess I’ve self-selected my streams though. Also, I don’t exactly get Pinterest. And yes, agree with +Rob B. – I want the international coverage please!


Jonas Fancony's profile photo

Jonas Fancony  -  I totally disagree with +Adella Thompson and +Rob B. on this. The article comes from Techland, Time. But ok, perhaps +TIME should divide its main feed into different feeds according to its sections?

Jackie Chow's profile photo

Jackie Chow  -  I use both.

Baker Kawesa's profile photo

Baker Kawesa  -  +Sabeena LoBello Women on pinterest are actually posting recipes (and probably cooking in the kitchen), it hurts just thinking about it.


John O'Connor's profile photo

John O’Connor  -  True in our household

Irina Tcherednichenko's profile photo

Irina Tcherednichenko  -  +Baker Kawesa Does it hurt because you have nobody to cook for you?


Pristine Lee's profile photo

Pristine Lee  -  Pinterest was too busy for me. If I ever needed a good recipe, I’d go there. I am a non geek, gadget loving female.


Edward Ellis's profile photo

Edward Ellis  -  +Jonas Fancony Mainly to piss off breathtakingly smarmy intellectuals.

Sheree Rensel's profile photo

Sheree Rensel  -  I think that statement is an INSULT! Also, it perpetuates gender stereotypes. I am woman and I think Pinterest sucks. It is totally boring. Yet, I am here on G+ right? I am offended.


Sheree Rensel's profile photo

Sheree Rensel  -  BTW I have a friend whose husband writes for Pinterest. What does that say about him? Huh? All this is too stupid. Idiotic!


Sunny Jundt's profile photo

Sunny Jundt  -  What if you are on both about equally? 😉


Keely Rowe's profile photo

Keely Rowe  -  Pinterest bores me. Just walked away from 2 co-workers who say they are addicted. Not seeing it myself.


Ioana x's profile photo

Ioana x  -  Not true!

Kara Phelps's profile photo

Kara Phelps  -  I am a fan of both=) But am only a woman..

Mary Rysdale's profile photo

Mary Rysdale  -  Haven’t yet headed to pinterest, but I have friends who find it fun. I tend to like the respect and variety of thoughtful topics I find at G+, and agree with+Pristine Lee that I would check it out if I wanted some inspiration in the kitchen. I personally think that most folks who stay in G+ are those who value a deeper level of thought and interest in topics – all cats and nerd toys aside. But those make us smile, and that’s healthy too!


Gabriel Walsh's profile photo

Gabriel Walsh  -  so that’s where all the geek girls went. ;o)


Edward Ellis's profile photo

Edward Ellis  -  Sunny Judt – There it is ! 🙂

courtney bodeen's profile photo

courtney bodeen  -  wait….what?

Samantha O'Rielly's profile photo

Samantha O’Rielly  -  I feel lost, never heard of pinterest.


Kellianne Hutchinson's profile photo

Kellianne Hutchinson  -  Peeps are always telling me I’m more like a man than a woman… except that I am attracted to men 😉 I tried pinterest, didn’t like it.
I love Geek+ G+


space junkie's profile photo

space junkie  -  first visit impression: 1996 called, they want their chaotic-cacophony-of-cramped-columns website back.


Stan Podolski's profile photo

Stan Podolski  -  Look at the first page pinterest. Shoes, fashion, zucchini (they say yummy???), family pictures, kitty pictures, shoes again, fashion again. Do I see gadgests, cars. I actually saw one. That was a jeep… pink… yuk


Jenn Satterlee's profile photo

Jenn Satterlee  -  bwhahaha

Sara Standel's profile photo

Sara Standel  -  Never heard of Pinterest.


Bas van der Veeken's profile photo

Bas van der Veeken  -  Maybe that is why I will not have any relation with Pintereset 😛

Cameron J. Kenworthy's profile photo

Cameron J. Kenworthy  -  +Sara Standel Honestly neither have I, it sounds like a bookmarking site (anyone ever been to diigo?)

Julie Richerson's profile photo

Julie Richerson  -  +Sara Standel 60 of my friends have Pinterest now; the majority of them are women. 🙂 I love it.

Miguel Mendoza's profile photo

Miguel Mendoza  -  and kids are from Call of Duty XboxLive

Monica Giambitto's profile photo

Monica Giambitto  -  zucchini is the farthest thing from yummy I know.
but, who knows, maybe images are more evocative for women. and we should not forget that G+ has a very high density of nerdiness that usually imply scarcity of women.
technical conferences are the only public places where the restroom line is longer for men than women.

Katy Davies's profile photo

Katy Davies  -  I have a Pinterest account but have not yet starting "pinning" anything. I agree with +Maggie Brazeau on the visual aspects that differentiate it, and+Adella Thompson on the fact that my G+ circles are fairly balanced.
What has been really extraordinary to me already is the huge number of my friends who are already now following me on the Pinterest site. _This serves the purpose to make me feel pressure to start pinning anything and everything – quick! _ But I am still struggling with how to organize my thoughts (pins) to make them creative and meaningful for me, rather than just fashion, cooking and decor mood-boards.


Daniel Mandel's profile photo

Daniel Mandel  -  Great now society is stereotyping social network sites 🙁


Discover Digital Group's profile photo

Discover Digital Group  -  not necessarily- while pinterest is definitely skewed towards female audiences, I think you’ll begin to see it become more pervasive across both genders

Laine Hagan's profile photo

Laine Hagan  -  I don’t even know what to think about this really. I love G+ more than any social networking site I belong to. I was on pinterest for literally about 2 minutes and it lost my interest.
Maybe the G+ women are a breed apart? Or maybe we’re all just geeks 😀


Chris Scott's profile photo

Chris Scott  -  Wow, didn’t know women had different social media preferences than men.

Sera Bishop's profile photo

Sera Bishop  -  Happy to be getting to know G+.

Paul Guardino's profile photo

Paul Guardino  -  Sausagefest 😉

J.R. Jones  -  So very true. My wife is all over pinterest, and I’m all over g+. Chalk another +1 up for #stereotypes


Renee Brooks's profile photo

Renee Brooks  -  lol i havent even heard of and i’ve had gmail for literally a few mins..interestin we shall see


Josh Dye's profile photo

Josh Dye  -  I have a Pinterest account that I’ve never used


Chris Scott's profile photo

Chris Scott  -  You know, people all over the world can see that you don’t capitalize. Just saying. You might wanna fix that.

Jeanne Marie Hoffman's profile photo

Jeanne Marie Hoffman  -  Pinterest looks like a giant scrapbooking project…


Michael McGimpsey's profile photo

Michael McGimpsey  -  What happens when there is a Google+ Pinterest meetup


Jason Wagner's profile photo

Jason Wagner  -  reporting as spam and moving on

Chris Scott's profile photo

Chris Scott  -  +Michael McGimpsey The internet implodes.


Lexy Santillan's profile photo

Lexy Santillan  -  love that

Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  Anyone who enjoys G+ more than any other social networking sites are a different breed, regardless of gender.
I saw the layout of Pinterest in my G+ stream. It looked like a picture collage and extremely unappealing so I didn’t bother getting an account there. Besides, as a non-FB user, I thought people were also sharing recipes and "cute" posters/videos on FB. The why do they bother have an additional site to do the same?


Paul Guardino's profile photo

Paul Guardino  -  Pinterest? Who is that?

Rodrigo Mesa's profile photo

Rodrigo Mesa  -  Nixed Pinterest when it req’d FB sing-in. FAIL.

Christine Paluch's profile photo

Christine Paluch  -  +Keely Rowe You are not alone in your boredom with Pinterest.

Kenneth Kusar's profile photo

Kenneth Kusar  -  +Sheree Rensel why are you offended by a statistic? Its not saying anything is wrong with either or the people using either, its just stating the percentage of men vs women on 2 different sites.


Jenn Trunk's profile photo

Jenn Trunk  -  Doesn’t require FB login, and there are quite a few conflicting numbers on gender percentages. Who really cares anyway?

Steve Hall's profile photo

Steve Hall  -  +TIME So what?

Rachel Coleman's profile photo

Rachel Coleman  -  What the hell in Pinterest? Maybe I’m not a girl. Hmm. Boobs, Check. Menstruation, absolutely check. Yep, definitely a girl.

Brandon Golway's profile photo

Brandon Golway  -  My girlfriend is addicted to pinterest!


Sara Mays's profile photo

Sara Mays  -  Just heard of Pinterest yesterday.

Darryl Griffith's profile photo

Darryl Griffith  -  I see no point in it then again I am a dude.

Chaz Walker's profile photo

Chaz Walker  -  +Rachel Coleman Pinterest is like reddit for people who’d rather see it.

Chris Deputy's profile photo

Chris Deputy  -  Never heard of Pinterest until now.

Meilani MacDonald's profile photo

Meilani MacDonald  -  well, now we ladies know where to find the men, haha.
Google+ … the new grocery store / gym / bar, without all the hassle.


Celia Pazos's profile photo

Celia Pazos  -  I’m pretty fond of both…

Sarah Kate Moore's profile photo

Sarah Kate Moore  -  I love ’em both.
Google’s algorithm thinks I’m a male… maybe that’s because of the amount of time I spend on G+. My recent Pinterest usage must really be confusing them.


Kody Baker's profile photo

Kody Baker  -  Wow, never looked at until now. Seems like 95% of the comments are by women! Very curious!!

Juan Chao's profile photo

Juan Chao  -  LMAO Rachel

Louise Loecke's profile photo

Louise Loecke  -  You all do realise it is OK to like both. It is a statistic people, not a decree


Anders Dahl's profile photo

Anders Dahl  -  In UK, Pinterest is more popular with wealthy men:
I signed up for Pinterest a long time ago but didn’t really use it until it got popular recently. While it LOOKS like a mommy/wedding/bake site, it can be anything you want it to be and I use the search a lot to find retro cars, motorcycles or other "manly" things. The problem with Pinterest is the same as with G+, unless you use it and post things you would like to see, it won’t change.


Darlene Cary's profile photo

Darlene Cary  -  Then why do I like Google+ so much better? Yikes!

janay thompson's profile photo

janay thompson  -  ohhhhhhhhhhhhh thats to cutie i whish me and my man can do that:)

Lainey Williams's profile photo

Lainey Williams  -  thats true

Lunar Asylum's profile photo

Lunar Asylum  -  I signed up for it yesterday, pinned a bunch of pics and before I knew it, I had 50 women following me. Strange.


Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  +Darlene Cary Because Google+ has substance.


Trish Pettinati's profile photo

Trish Pettinati  -  Ummm… I think the algorithm is off, just a little bit.

Nick Moore's profile photo

Nick Moore  -  I’m lovin G+ and Pinterest at the minute , nice to have social being fun again, rather than the choke hold and boredom of FB : )

andrea drugay's profile photo

andrea drugay  -  Apples and oranges, IMO.


Pietro Branca's profile photo

Pietro Branca  -  Super-true.

Keiichi Morisato's profile photo

Keiichi Morisato  -  of every 10 people in the world… 5 are the half


WT Gator's profile photo

WT Gator  -  No interest in Pinterest. Female.


Janet Stansfield's profile photo

Janet Stansfield  -  I have absolutely no clue what Pinterest is, nor have I any inclination to find out…

Norma Silva's profile photo

Norma Silva  -  I’m going to have to agree with WT Gator. 🙂

Samia Elsaid's profile photo

Samia Elsaid  -  so what?

Yesterday 12:33

Stephanie Malone's profile photo

Stephanie Malone  -  This is funny because I just looked at Pinterest and said "Nope."


Brian Holt Hawthorne's profile photo

Brian Holt Hawthorne  -  "Pinterest is an online pinboard." Uh, sure. Right. That is supposed to tell me something? So, what the heck is a "pinboard"? What region of the world uses that word? I’ve been a native speaker of American English for 49 years (with one year in the Midlands in England), and this is the first time I’ve heard the word pinboard. When I first saw "pinterest", I figured it was a social network for people who like beer.


Thomas Won's profile photo

Thomas Won  -  what’s a pinterest?

Jake Marquart's profile photo

Jake Marquart  -  hahaha!

Meilani MacDonald's profile photo

Meilani MacDonald  -  I don’t think the post is as irrelevant as some of the other commenters. This is useful info if you are marketing to a specific gender. In my real world (not online) networking groups, I find that the women’s networking groups are more supportive of each other with referrals and helping grow all of our collective businesses than the mixed or male dominated networking groups are. In those instances it’s really more about ‘here I am what can I sell you.’ I’ve gotten far more referrals from the women’s group than the others.


Mitch Hayes's profile photo

Mitch Hayes  -  I spend a lot of time on both. But I do see more women on Pintrest for sure


Hasnain Tayyab's profile photo

Hasnain Tayyab  -  I believe its true. I remember when I joined the beta version, even at that time i noticed this thing That there are more girls than the boys. Secondly Pinterest Niche is more attractive for girls, as compared to boys.

Kerrie Dragon's profile photo

Kerrie Dragon  -  Thanks for clearing that up Priscilla, I’d never even heard of pinterest before this post!! lol

Joanna Santiago's profile photo

Joanna Santiago  -  LOL…

Eric Swearengin's profile photo

Eric Swearengin  -  So many of the pics on G+ are from Pinterest, so I just used Google+ if I want to see what is on Pinterest.

Yesterday 12:38 (edited)

Jon Bakos's profile photo

Jon Bakos  -  Google + has users?


Dawn Groves's profile photo

Dawn Groves  -  Girl here. I prefer g+ for the conversation, people, ideas, tech. Pinterest is an easy storage area for pictures of Iceland. I like my pictures of Iceland.


Jonny Epsilon's profile photo

Jonny Epsilon  -  Today’s Pinterest is tomorrow’s Myspace.


Chris Hoffmann's profile photo

Chris Hoffmann  -  I don’t see the draw of Pinterest yet, though I do have an account. For now, it seems a place to keep a log of interesting things usually created by others. G+, on the other hand, seems to have more folks posting original content and engaging in ‘edgier’ discussions. I’m not sure gender should matter, but someone always manages to reduce it to this, or some other, binary. Btw, I choose G+ right now.

Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  +Jon Bakos No, it’s just us clucking chickens! ;-D


gerrald peterson's profile photo

gerrald peterson  -  FOR SURE

Crystal Rose  -  So Google+ is like a bar and Pinterest is like a bookstore? I like both.


Brian Maloba's profile photo

Brian Maloba  -  happy new year 2012 ok

Yesterday 12:41

Don Bond's profile photo

Don Bond  -  I use both sites…

Rupert Wood's profile photo

Rupert Wood  -  nope +Jon Bakos the hundreds of comments here are all posted by google employees!#Duh


John Ostrum's profile photo

John Ostrum  -  Why does it force one to use timeline view to use it with facebook?

brian m's profile photo

brian m  -  I’ve only found Pinterest useful for storing memorable images of whatever kind; funny, techy, interesting, quirky, etc.
Other than that (and maybe I’m not being imaginative enough) I can’t see any other way guys would really use it. I am sure there are plenty of ways though!
And, not wishing to sound patronising, but I do see it as a useful, shopping list, wish-list for women and for things to talk about. Oh, I like those shoes! etc. Probably why it will be a huge hit for businesses. probably posing as other shoppers/pinners.

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Mackenzie Morgan's profile photo

Mackenzie Morgan  -  I’m on G+ daily, and I see stuff on Pinterest, ya know, once every few weeks when a Google Image search sends me there. And I’m a gal.

Xose Z's profile photo

Xose Z  -  Funny!

Steven Streight's profile photo

Steven Streight  -  Pinterest is a really well organized, high usability site.
It’s a great way to reveal to your fans, customers, followers, clients what books, movies, sales training videos, technology, music bands, etc. you like — and these boards are easy to create and manage. There is nothing essentially "feminine" about it.
Pinterest is just another avenue for demonstrating participation, transparency, self-revelation, and product promotions (low-key).
If some dorky patriarchal male can’t see any marketing or connectivity value in Pinterest, they need to put their video game console down and read a book or something.
Only an insecure dude would scoff at the skyrocketing popularity of Pinterest, and say disrespectful things about females etc.

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Erin Martinelli's profile photo

Erin Martinelli  -  I am with +Maggie Brazeau I use both G+ and Pinterest a lot, but in completely different ways. G+ is for conversation, Pinterest is a way to visually organize everything from recipes, to craft ideas, things I think my kids would like, and things I just like or want to look at later. Pinterest is the online version of sticky notes all over my desk. G+ is for interesting conversation. Talking on Pinterest would be like talking to your bulletin board. :oP

Shixa Ali's profile photo

Shixa Ali  -  +??¢?????? ??
+Take me as I am, or watch me as I go..!!


Rupert Wood's profile photo

Rupert Wood  -  lol +Juan Gaspar welcome to G+ and yup, maybe a high percentage of those who’ve circled+TIME are idiots, and an even higher percentage of those who comment on time articles are idiots. Though you maybe should read some of the more intelligent observations that are scattered through the comments here or you could just decide to write off G+ on this brief visit and go and play with other made up words like ‘pintresting’!

Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  +Juan Gaspar Get off the G+ lawn if you’re here to call people idiots.


TIME's profile photo

TIME  -  Play nice, kids.


Jody White's profile photo

Jody White  -  LOL Very true!

reine toutou's profile photo

reine toutou  -  Pinterest for consuming women/men!


Harvindersingh Anand's profile photo

Harvindersingh Anand  -  Yet to start contacts and use of google+.harvinder

Dennis bechtel's profile photo

Dennis bechtel  -  true.

Matt C's profile photo

Matt C  -  WTF is Pinterest?


Melissa St. Hilaire's profile photo

Melissa St. Hilaire  -  Well, I prefer Twitter & Google+ to Pinterest & Facebook… And so, yet again, I fall into the wrong gender category… I’ll just be over here playing Gears of War…


Nick Chapman's profile photo

Nick Chapman  -  And Men are/Women are arguments are simplistic and dated.


Christoph Schnapp's profile photo

Christoph Schnapp  -  I took a quick look at Pinterest and it’s rather obvious, that it is aimed at women.

Theodore Seeber's profile photo

Theodore Seeber  -  Makes sense to me.

Gus K's profile photo

Gus K  -  Pinterest is visual… men will show up soon enough. Enjoy it while you can, women.

Kunal Yadwadkar's profile photo

Kunal Yadwadkar  -  +Richard Regnier Use the controls on what’s hot to get rid of stuff from your "page".

Caricatures for special events by Brad's profile photo

Caricatures for special events by Brad  -  How to get rid of the annoying what’s hot in your Google+ stream


Marcia Pamela Vargas Ferrel's profile photo

Marcia Pamela Vargas Ferrel  -  LOL I have no idea what is Pinterest :O

Georg Tirebiter's profile photo

Georg Tirebiter  -  i think that’s why pinterest got disinterest from me when I joined then quit. looks like a magazine catalog of women’s interests.

Denise Correia's profile photo

Denise Correia  -  I like both! hmmmm

Steven Streight's profile photo

Steven Streight  -  Amazing how something as cool as Pinterest can bring out the misogyny, patriarchal domineering, and disrespect for women in a man. No wonder they’re so lonely every Friday night. LOL


David Q's profile photo

David Q  -  ever have one of thos IDGAF moments? this one of them
do you have nothing better to write about?


Deena C. Spell's profile photo

Deena C. Spell  -  I’m not on Pinterest…

Alicia Reyes's profile photo

Alicia Reyes  -  Hopefully more females will come around.. I love G+


Ralph de Pagter's profile photo

Ralph de Pagter  -  I’m testing my feminin side

ROCK DINESH's profile photo

ROCK DINESH  -  you r right

Eman Paelmo's profile photo

Eman Paelmo  -  Conclusion: Google. It’s a guy thing. 🙂

A. David's profile photo

A. David  -  Uh-ho, I’m in trouble.

Shoshana Blue's profile photo

Shoshana Blue  -  What? That cant be correct.Oh well, what can we do.I Love G+….. And Herbalife.

Molivia Design's profile photo

Molivia Design  -  What they describe about Google+ is the reason I use it. I have virtually nobody in my friends list on Facebook that knows anything about what I do as far as web development. However, here on Google+, I have a stream so heavy with web development content I WANT to read that I cant keep up with it.
To me, Pintrest is like browsing the ads in the Sunday paper, it’s cool and all when you want to kill time, but it’s not exactly stimulating.


Hawt Geeks's profile photo

Hawt Geeks  -  Sounds legit.

Yesterday 13:10

Katy Davies's profile photo

Katy Davies  -  I have a question to all the G+ women on this thread (ok lads you can jump in too)What advice would you give about how to encourage (entice?) more women onto G+? Why should more women join us on here? Do we really need more mood boards to make it happen?

Jerry Bursztyn's profile photo

Jerry Bursztyn  -  And to think, I have a Pinterest account… just haven’t used it yet.

Laura E.'s profile photo

Laura E.  -  Nope. At least on this end of the keyboard.


Gary Bernatonis's profile photo

Gary Bernatonis  -  Yes and this isn’t filled with farmville invites…


Dianna Tammera S.'s profile photo

Dianna Tammera S.  -  heeey I am a woman and no pinerest here, just took a peak at it looks too girly! no thank you! 😉 lol


Marcia King's profile photo

Marcia King  -  I love Pinterest and Google+!

Vincent Litchard's profile photo

Vincent Litchard  -  Dumb article, from a dumb magazine.


Glenda Linares's profile photo

Glenda Linares  -  Makes sense. I believe it. Everyone I know is still stuck on Facebook.

Gordie Cavill's profile photo

Gordie Cavill  -  Never trust anything that starts with "recent reports" or "recent studies"

Carlos Sanchez's profile photo

Carlos Sanchez  -  from a quick browse of Pinterest, i can say for sure i’m not thoroughly impressed with the types of women that would hang out there much.

Kieran McMillan's profile photo

Kieran McMillan  -  I’m male and from the UK and spend every day on Pinterest! It is a fantastic service. Think of it as a visual scrapbooking tool, and it’s probably more compatible to Twitter than Google+ (in fact I can’t really see any similarity to Google+.
With Pinterest, I’m not interested in seeing what random people are ‘pinning’, just selected friends. Looking at the homepage of Pinterest is like viewing tweets, Google+/Facebook newsfeeds written by random masses (i.e mindless noise you can’t relate to). However, once you find the right people to follow, it becomes a really inspiring and stimulating space. Everyone who dismissed Pinterest without giving it a proper try, I suggest you take another look!


Joey Nguyen's profile photo

Joey Nguyen  -  ni para y eychi!

Dave Grega's profile photo

Dave Grega  -  Given this is Time and it’s spamming a bunch of our feeds, I expect the article to read "Derp derp derpity derp derpistan derp derp." I might read it once Time rises above the intellectual level of derpy derps that spam G+ users.


Edward Denzler's profile photo

Edward Denzler  -  I gave Pinterest a shot, lasted about three days – 3 days was enough cupcakes, shoes, and motivation jpgs that I could handle.

Joey Nguyen's profile photo

Joey Nguyen  -  erre es korakas!

GiGi <3's profile photo

GiGi <3  -  This housewife aka business woman is from Plus. Can’t stand Facebook/Twitter. What’s Pinterest? Quite sure I wouldn’t be interested in it.
Update: Just looked at Pinterest — no interest.

Joey Nguyen's profile photo

Joey Nguyen  -  braccas meas vescimini!

Jeffrey Queen's profile photo

Jeffrey Queen  -  I love BOTH 😀

Vincent Litchard's profile photo

Vincent Litchard  -  Pinterest is attractive to women as its a blogging service to automatically post whenever they eat a Pint of ice cream.


Joey Nguyen's profile photo

Joey Nguyen  -  o harma diaboles!

Genevieve Gates's profile photo

Genevieve Gates  -  You don’t even know what it is but you wouldn’t be interested?

Hannah Lundgren's profile photo

Hannah Lundgren  -  weird

Aryn Kennedy's profile photo

Aryn Kennedy  -  Why would you even compare the two? They’re not at all the same. And, as a female, I have to say that I have no interest in Pinterest. I just don’t care what other people like.


Thor Thunder's profile photo

Thor Thunder  -  +Steven Streight "It’s a great way to reveal to your fans, customers, followers, clients what books, movies, sales training videos, technology, music bands, etc. you like"
Why would I want to do any of those things??! Anything you reveal about yourself has the potential to be used against you, be embarrassing or make people respect you less. You post the "wrong" music, movie etc. Not posting it doesn’t have any downsides. Why in the world would I risk it?? The more you hide the better.
(this does apply to FB, G+ too, but Pinterest has basically no other uses)

marc rodriguez's profile photo

marc rodriguez  -  suit up

Neil Lee's profile photo

Neil Lee  -  Yeah, I use both G+ and Pinterest and like them both – I find Pinterest a good way to share images of all sorts of stuff. I guess you can think of it as a visual Twitter in terms of the immediacy of the sharing, although the content on Pinterest is more interesting IMHO (people seem reluctant to share the image equivalent of "waiting for bus").

Daureena Williams's profile photo

Daureena Williams  -  No I loath Pinterest and I joined n havent been back after 1 day

Yesterday 13:29

Ashley Ahr's profile photo

Ashley Ahr  -  I mean, I use both and I’m a woman. These are both awesome websites that I can enjoy and I feel people of either gender can. It’s all about personal preference, not gender. Honestly, I think all this deciding which gender goes on one more makes people of certain genders not want to go on it and then doesn’t let people enjoy the Webernets to the fullest.


Jason Wells's profile photo

Jason Wells  -  Maybe true now, but I bet both populations will equalize over time.


Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart's profile photo

Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart  -  This would explain why the "This Week in Google" crew don’t like Pinterest! We love it!

Abhisshek Das's profile photo

Abhisshek Das  -  who cares both are awesome product

john tyndall's profile photo

john tyndall  -  Sorry but get it……someone care to explain.

Matthew Smith's profile photo

Matthew Smith  -  I would think that is fairly accurate. I don’t know any men on Pinterest but I don’t know about the Google+ numbers though. I see lots of women on here.

Walter Las's profile photo

Walter Las  -  I’m a social media whore and will try anything at least once. Call me a media swinger.
I’ve been on Pinterest once, because it’s been mentioned by a few photographers but I haven’t really gotten into it.

Renee Moller's profile photo

Renee Moller  -  LMAO! WhatEVER!

Rupert Wood's profile photo

Rupert Wood  -  damn, this made it to what’s hot? maybe time to mute notifications of future comments :s

Dacia Bergeson's profile photo

Dacia Bergeson  -  I personally like both for different reasons. I didn’t even like pinterest the first time that I used it. It appeals more to my homemaking side though, where I can keep a link to something that might be beneficial to cooking, cleaning, or teaching tools for my children. Obviously, that is a more feminine trait. G+ appeals more to my intellectual socializing side. I love all the different articles I am able to read here and different pics people post. They’re totally different. It really is like comparing apples and oranges.

salman abdi-aziz's profile photo

salman abdi-aziz  -  well done (i have no idea was it is about)

Meredith Wiles's profile photo

Meredith Wiles  -  I thought you were the girl in the picture!!!

Chris Moffitt's profile photo

Chris Moffitt  -  Pretty hard hitting, Time. The Daily Show was totally too harsh when they criticized you yesterday for being soft.  Soft Time

Jeff Leger's profile photo

Jeff Leger  -  It’s like fishing with dynamite over on Pinterest. I have about 80 friends on there and exactly one of them is male.


Coco Puff's profile photo

Coco Puff  -  Funny ha

tony holmes's profile photo

tony holmes  -  What the **** pinterest and who cares! [bleeped out]


Danny Davis's profile photo

Danny Davis  -  Do I know you

CMyLawyer's profile photo

CMyLawyer  -  +Walter Las It’s pretty different, much more about photos. It’s like Twitter in that everything’s just kind of out there for you to find no matter who sent it, and in the encouragement of re-posting other people’s content…but it’s the opposite of Twitter because it’s almost no-text instead of almost text-only. Very tricksy!

Marie Murphy's profile photo

Marie Murphy  -  shes ugly and she looks like a vampire.

Steve Kayser's profile photo

Steve Kayser  -  For tight now.

Lilly Calandrello's profile photo

Lilly Calandrello  -  This is not news :/


Janno Jones's profile photo

Janno Jones  -  Not news at all. It’s like when I went to the movies and saw a line for "The Help" and out of about 200 people, there was not one male.


Jason Wells's profile photo

Jason Wells  -  +Lilly Calandrello the days when Time was really about news are long past. Now it’s the Economist.

Pam Grant's profile photo

Pam Grant  -  Hhmnnn … I knew I liked google for some reasons. Thanks guys.

Kenny Rinaldi's profile photo

Kenny Rinaldi  -  I am actually on both pinterest and google+

Stacy Frazer's profile photo

Stacy Frazer  -  wrong


Jack Recht's profile photo

Jack Recht  -  so, what are those 5 guys doing on Pinterest? Have you actually visited the site?

David Q's profile photo

David Q  -  this is why we need -1 buttons too


Joshua Washburn's profile photo

Joshua Washburn  -  I’m not sure I understand what either are for. Is it supposed to be like Facebook?

Baker Kawesa's profile photo

Baker Kawesa  -  +Janno Jones Men already know what happens in "The help".

Karen Holmes's profile photo

Karen Holmes  -  I thought about Pntrst for about 5 seconds and then realized the only way to join was with a fb or tw login. Strike one, two, and no G+ login was strike three. That told me all I needed to know about who uses Pntrst.

Paul Wooding's profile photo

Paul Wooding  -  By all accounts then, Pinterest would make an excellent dating site … for men 🙂


Skye Valadez's profile photo

Skye Valadez  -  @davidQ yup they do


Alexandra Stehman's profile photo

Alexandra Stehman  -  Pinterest? sounds about as fun as spending time in a Joanne’s Crafts store.


Lizzie Warren's profile photo

Lizzie Warren  -  Facebook’s timeline format is going to drive men and women to google plus…..that’s why I’m here now

Yesterday 13:59


Shixa Ali's profile photo

Shixa Ali  -  +??¢?????? ??


Benjamin Apelbaum's profile photo

Benjamin Apelbaum  -  yes it is true


Baker Kawesa's profile photo

Baker Kawesa  -  +David Q How can that help make a constructive conversation? Me: I like google+ You: meh!


Michelle Caceres's profile photo

Michelle Caceres  -  No- Stop failing, ask ACCURATE questions 😛


Megan Tabor's profile photo

Megan Tabor  -  theres no way to find the exact percent of the people who use pintrest or who use google+


Sirpa Aggarwal's profile photo

Sirpa Aggarwal  -  Data rings true, but it’s still in flux, like everything else in social media.


Bobby Vance's profile photo

Bobby Vance  -  Bella Thorne! <3


Alexa Schwanbeck's profile photo

Alexa Schwanbeck  – Lame……………………………………………….


Paige Connor's profile photo

Paige Connor  -  kool


Janet C's profile photo

Janet C  -  I like the visual quick at a glance efficient entertainment aspect of pinterest. Less time suck.


Gavin Doughtie's profile photo

Gavin Doughtie  -  Well, +Jill Doughtie is on Pinterest…


Robert Anderson's profile photo

Robert Anderson  -  Maybe we should invite them over for a dance.



Ivette Rosinski's profile photo

Ivette Rosinski  -  Fascinating…


Natalia VG's profile photo

Natalia VG  -  Not true for me! 🙂


Celene D's profile photo

Celene D  -  moar liek +Wanda Kelley blacklist



Jackie How's profile photo

Jackie How  -  A’ news’ article about the ‘number of likes on FB’ ? Oh dear :/



Ericka Iverson's profile photo

Ericka Iverson  -  LOL! :):) that is so funny! and true!!!


Irina Tcherednichenko's profile photo

Irina Tcherednichenko  -  Congrats +TIME , now you know how to spark debate on your page: battle of the sexes + who is the smartest guy/gal.. Now try some serious stuff and let’s see the response 🙂



Trevonn David's profile photo

Trevonn David  -  Pinterest sucks tbh


iPan Baal's profile photo

iPan Baal  -  Why would this appear in my stream unsolicited, I haven’t circled +TIME yet???


Jeremy Hodges's profile photo

Jeremy Hodges  -  HAHA!


Lindsay Scranton's profile photo

Lindsay Scranton  -  I use G+ and Pinterest primarily for my job. Where the customers go, we go.


Mo BounceBaby's profile photo

Mo BounceBaby  -  Interesting since I’d never heard of ‘Pinterest’ until seeing this piece. LOL, guess I’m out of the girly loop again. I think I’ll survive! (Happily in fact)grins



Anders Dahl's profile photo

Anders Dahl  -  +Molivia Design Maybe to you, Pinterest is not worthy of your time. Since it’s a visual resource and not code. Web development doesn’t exactly scream excitement to most people.
I find it amazing, that so many hate Pinterest so easily. Maybe it’s internet fatigue in general? It’s not G+, it’s not trying to be. G+ sure could use some of Pinterest’s traffic right on.
I use both and find Pinterest a resourceful site, since I’m a designer. I mostly joined G+, because of the photographers (that mostly left Flickr)


Emily Hord's profile photo

Emily Hord  -  Love pinterest!

Kahn Knight  -  Makes sense. Nuff said.


ZayLeena SoLeena's profile photo

ZayLeena SoLeena  -  is that bella throne and the nerd geek they are great couple and cody simpson and victoria justice are great couple 🙂 cuz shes pretty than that ugly girl up there


Esa Almoutar's profile photo

Esa Almoutar  -  Why is it the opposite in the uk ?


My Blog Love Greece's profile photo

My Blog Love Greece  -  🙂


Heaven Kincaid's profile photo

Heaven Kincaid  -  I’m a woman who uses Google+. I don’t even know what Pinterest is. o_O



Erin Mullins's profile photo

Erin Mullins  -  Pinterest is what you make of it. I personally love to pin awesome, raunchy stuff I find on imgfave. It’s just easier than starring or saving it all on my comp and organizing it later. All these haterade comments are equivalent to saying G+ blows because you don’t like someone’s profile. Make your own and make it awesome.



Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  +iPan Baal It’s under "What’s Hot" so it appears in your stream. You can click on "What’s Hot" and choose to have NOTHING from there in your stream.


Fridolin Heyer's profile photo

Fridolin Heyer  -  but pinterest is crime, i’m a german, we have strange copyright laws.


Wendy Mann's profile photo

Wendy Mann  -  I use both. Go me! 😉


Anders Dahl's profile photo

Anders Dahl  -  +Esa Almoutar Because they know how to search in UK. 🙂 Pinterest could be everything visual men would want, but they are stubborn. Search for football, motorcycles, cars, fishing… whatever. Instead most complain about the cake, wedding and fashion photos.


Brian Cassidy's profile photo

Brian Cassidy  -  I’m a male and I use Pinterest FAR more than Google+ or Twitter. The only two SM Networks I had personally used were Google+ and Twitter, until I was made Director of New Media for the company where I work and started marketing the company I’m starting. I actually no longer spend very much personal time on SM networks, except for Pinterest. All of my brand/company time is spent on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and some Twitter. Google+ seems to still be too much of a niche and the wrong niche for what I am promoting.
I honestly think Pinterest is the MOST useful website I use.


Meilani MacDonald's profile photo

Meilani MacDonald  -  hmmm maybe I should post a pic to G+ while wearing my "I fight like a girl" World of Warcraft t-shirt to battle the gendercasting.



Fitness 2000's profile photo

Fitness 2000  -  Pinterest is really fun. Lots of tasty recipes. 🙂


Essy K.'s profile photo

Essy K.  -  Haha, high five, Meilani!


Amanda Patrizi's profile photo

Amanda Patrizi  -  It’s simply an argument on personal preference. These two sites are used for very different purposes. With categories like sports, outdoors, men’s apparel, cars & motorcycles, geek, films & books, there’s no reason why any guy shouldn’t just give Pinterest a shot. You follow who you want and pin what you want, there’s so much out there. I use G+ for the conversation and Pinterest for the pictures.



Todd Bloom's profile photo

Todd Bloom  -  Funny, I thought tumbleweeds were from Google+.



Tsuda Shoken's profile photo

Tsuda Shoken  -  To meet nice girls, Is to use #Pinterestbetter than #Matching Sites? #joke



Brea Agostino's profile photo

Brea Agostino  -  wht a lie


ken ryu's profile photo

ken ryu  -  2/3 of omegle are male and the rest are pretending to be female.



Traci Loudin's profile photo

Traci Loudin  -  But men are the gender that’s more visual-oriented… Hmmm.



Shien Kuma's profile photo

Shien Kuma  -  Thats correct.


Scott Willsey's profile photo

Scott Willsey  -  I can believe the part about google+ being more heavily male, there’s such a vibe of alpha-geek-church-of-google on g+ that it drives me nuts.



Melinda Gonzalez's profile photo

Melinda Gonzalez  -  Amen +Erin Mullins. I have and love both G+ and Pinterest. Comic information, make up tips, funny meme pics, recipes, shopping… I currently use both for all of the above. Any social media, within its own constraints, is what you make of it.


Parker Tulloss's profile photo

Parker Tulloss  -  okwerd


April Dunleavy's profile photo

April Dunleavy  -  I’ve just started at Google+ at the urging of a male member of my household…gotta check out Pinterest


Cheyanna Carver's profile photo

Cheyanna Carver  -  lol i don’t know if any of this is true????


Nora Buchalter-Qudus's profile photo

Nora Buchalter-Qudus  -  Alas I do not know this Pinterest you speak of.


Jake Seiler's profile photo

Jake Seiler  -  my anus is so soggy



Sabeena LoBello's profile photo

Sabeena LoBello  -  I get a vibe of alpha, beta, gamma and delta geeks on here, +Scott Willsey . ?


Mandy Rollins's profile photo

Mandy Rollins  -  LOL


Sandy Spence's profile photo

Sandy Spence  -  Pinterest? Never heard of it! How many of these sites are there?? You’d almost think this was a sales pitch for it!


Nandlal Shah's profile photo

Nandlal Shah  -  +Tsuda Shoken or other way around? Brainy girls of "pinterest" should be "g-plussing" to meet nerdy boys?



Jannik Lindquist's profile photo

Jannik Lindquist  -  If all the women are on Pinterest and all the men are on G+ – who’s then the 800 million on Facebook? On the internet, no one knows you are a dog…



Mary Alice Madaris's profile photo

Mary Alice Madaris  -  It is known.


Charles Plaine's profile photo

Charles Plaine  -  interesting


Tambria Moore's profile photo

Tambria Moore  -  I think Pinterest, for which I also have an account, is for I-only-read-Playboy/girl-for-the-centerfold reader-type and G+ is for I-only-read-Playboy/girl-for-the-articles type



Sherrie Rose's profile photo

Sherrie Rose  -  Don’t tell the women that I am on G+ (long before Pinterest!) Much better tech stuff on G+ 🙂#likesup +Likes UP


Aleta Curry's profile photo

Aleta Curry  -  Sigh. +Laine Hagan the problem is the usual misleading headline and oversimplified copy to sell a story.
A certain demographic of American women prefer spending time on Pinterest. In the U.S. For now….



Nimrat Randhawa's profile photo

Nimrat Randhawa  -  Sooooo TRUE!!!!


simon o's profile photo

simon o  -  When I first started using Pinterest I though I was the only guy on it. I guess it’s just what you "pin" that matters.


Kelly Jean Conard's profile photo

Kelly Jean Conard  -  Nope, Female Google+ user and do not have a Pinterest account.



Paul Berti's profile photo

Paul Berti  -  only the hardcore geeks use g+


Owl Jones's profile photo

Owl Jones  -  You missed it – Sportsmen are from Google+ #googleplus4anglers and girly girls are from Pinterest. I keep begging my hunting and fishing friends to infiltrate Pinterest before I start pinning fingernails, cheesecake and exercise routines!



casey taylor's profile photo

casey taylor  -  is this true well of corse it is

Yesterday 15:33

casey taylor's profile photo

casey taylor  -  🙂

Yesterday 15:34

Ana Lanari's profile photo

Ana Lanari  -  I’m from both!



Trudy Connor's profile photo

Trudy Connor  -  I started here tried pinterest this week.


Barbara Newson's profile photo

Barbara Newson  -  I don’t see that…


matthew diiorio's profile photo

matthew diiorio  -  meet someone without websites idiots


Jay G's profile photo

Jay G  -  google is from men and men from women ..and women and men need only google …:)


Bhoomi Patel's profile photo

Bhoomi Patel  -  I think it is pretty!


Nathan Arre's profile photo

Nathan Arre  -  i know right…


Kendrick Snyder's profile photo

Kendrick Snyder  -  Yeah, you guys suck. That story about the puppies sucked. TELL ME ABOUT THE SAD EUROPEAN MAN!!!!!


Irina Tcherednichenko's profile photo

Irina Tcherednichenko  -  After reading all comments, I think I will form "women only" circle ….


Kevin Labianco's profile photo

Kevin Labianco  -  Pinterest and G+ is like comparing apples to oranges…


Kate Downs's profile photo

Kate Downs  -  Pinterest seems like digital scrapbooking to me. No thanks.


Peter Holsberg's profile photo

Peter Holsberg  -  +Kevin Labianco Or Apples to PCs.


Enrique Villarreal's profile photo

Enrique Villarreal  -  Pinterst’s layout looks so unorganized so it makes sense


Amy Garrett's profile photo

Amy Garrett  -  Pinterest bores me, I like G+…. I’m a woman….



Julia Weeks's profile photo

Julia Weeks  -  All I can say is that I’m still trying to figure out both.


Jessica Meyer's profile photo

Jessica Meyer  -  i don’t even know what Pinterest is and i’m here.. so.. 😉


Connie Hammond's profile photo

Connie Hammond  -  Pinterest needs to update their categories…too female, IMHO. (wallpaper, colors, babies…). Fine for creating my "dream life" board, but not so great for managing biz accts.


Holly Gallagher's profile photo

Holly Gallagher  -  Why can’t I share this on Face Book? Oh, well back to pinning….


Anders Dahl's profile photo

Anders Dahl  -  +Connie Hammond You might be right about that. It’s still a new site and adding new categories should be too much trouble. If Pinterest plays their cards right, they can become really huge. Supposedly they already are making $, how much is G+ making?



Anders Dahl's profile photo

Anders Dahl  -  Everybody should read this blog post before they write Pinterest off. It’s a wake up call to the male "social network gurus" of the world. 🙂



Ty Rosenow's profile photo

Ty Rosenow  -  I see the concept of Pinterest and I think it is suppose to appeal to females only demographic. Personally, I actually go to a real bulletin board to look at events, ride shares, and other important information not how to bake a cake, look at babies, play dress up dolls, etc.


Jonathan Orosco's profile photo

Jonathan Orosco  -  Damn another stereotype that is based on facts. I should go drink some beer and weep into my code. 😀


Bearie Bearie's profile photo

Bearie Bearie  -  I have used both.


Lingkanmbene G's profile photo

Lingkanmbene G  -  No. I’m a woman, I only have G+ profile, don’t know a thing about Pinterest, and I live.



Tuula Salonen's profile photo

Tuula Salonen  -  never heard of Pinterest O.o


Lin Lin's profile photo

Lin Lin  -  Wait. Google+ and Pinterest were in the 1950s?


georgia CEE's profile photo

georgia CEE  -  ya whats pinterest?


Stb Hernández's profile photo

Stb Hernández  -  Lol, this is the new campaign to promote Pinterest!? Google+ has SPYW and hangout to mention a few of its strong points; what does Pinterest offer!?



Joseph Anthony's profile photo

Joseph Anthony  -  Pinterest? I guess I am a man. Never visited that sight once in my life.


Sarah Jackson's profile photo

Sarah Jackson  -  Not true I’m on G+ and my boyfriend is on pinterest


Diamond Patterson's profile photo

Diamond Patterson  -  I no thats right


Isidro Rivera's profile photo

Isidro Rivera  -  I like both. Don’t understand.



faith brookes's profile photo

faith brookes  -  so very true!!


Hjalti Leifsson's profile photo

Hjalti Leifsson  -  Get this "hot on google+" shit off my stream.
This shit is sub-tabloid.


Michael M's profile photo

Michael M  -  "not us" doesn’t mean "not true"
anyways, i wonder if this has anything to do with it:


Bos Eriko Reyes's profile photo

Bos Eriko Reyes  -  What exactly is pinterest?


Novina W's profile photo

Novina W  -  i’m not a man and i’d been on G+ since day 2 of G+ time.



Branka Jovanovi?'s profile photo

Branka Jovanovi?  -  minus –


Christian Thompson's profile photo

Christian Thompson  -  true dat


Derrick Whittet's profile photo

Derrick Whittet  -  Pinterest? Wtf?


Richard Grey's profile photo

Richard Grey  -  Pinterest is pretty cool. It made for pictures. You can post, share and view pics.


Isabela Ferrer's profile photo

Isabela Ferrer  -  wow…


Sandra Anderson's profile photo

Sandra Anderson  -  I dunno… it seems more like 2/3 of Google+ users are librarians… 🙂 All of us trying to stay ahead of the social networking curve.

Yesterday 17:00

Roni McCall's profile photo

Roni McCall  -  I’m sure they took you and your boyfriend into account when they published these numbers.


Ben garrod's profile photo

Ben garrod  -  Who is that woman in the picture?


Dave Rachor's profile photo

Dave Rachor  -  no way ? why is that ? can we meet n da muddle ?


Nitin Raikar's profile photo

Nitin Raikar  -  Facebook, yes I can understand women posting heaps of pics to make ppl jealous and feel good about their own lives. But Pininterest, I dont get it.



Lorraine Lo's profile photo

Lorraine Lo  -  Pine what? I’m a Women from G+…. is that count?


Kat Zantow's profile photo

Kat Zantow  -  Pinterest…that sounds suspiciously like P[erson of] Interest. I can only conclude that 83% of users signed up for Pinterest in hopes of seeing Jim Caviezel kicking ass.


Roni Gershon's profile photo

Roni Gershon  -  NOTT!!


candy sakai's profile photo

candy sakai  -  case by case


Angel Angel's profile photo

Angel Angel  -  I know what site I’m joining! Lol


Rev Fr R.D. White II's profile photo

Rev Fr R.D. White II  -  don’t mix fractions with percentages… it’s rude. This should say "66.66% of Google+ users are male." (or some approximation thereof)


Rev Fr R.D. White II's profile photo

Rev Fr R.D. White II  -  lol


The Artisan Jewelry's profile photo

The Artisan Jewelry  -  I haven’t used Pinterest at all…


Linda Stacy's profile photo

Linda Stacy  -  True.


Rich Anderson's profile photo

Rich Anderson  -  Pinterest ? what are you telling me, there’s something else I need to join. I’ll never leave the house now.



Mary J Bruno's profile photo

Mary J Bruno  -  This woman finds no interest whatsover on pinterest. I’m there and haven’t found anything to hold me for more than 5 minutes.



Davidlee Willson's profile photo

Davidlee Willson  -  Pinterest isn’t a fluffy social network ..or a self inflating geek fight board. Pinterest is one of the best production tools on the Internet. Lot of dumb people on here who miss that Google+ could learn a lot from Pinterest.



Jacob Kloutier's profile photo

Jacob Kloutier  -  At +Alissa Huntsman Funny post.


Steeping Tea's profile photo

Steeping Tea  -  I don’t use pinterest, facebook, or twitter. Google+ > everything else.


The Skin Clinic, Inc.'s profile photo

The Skin Clinic, Inc.  -  Pinterest is pretty awesome. 🙂


love beads 2011's profile photo

love beads 2011  -  OMG, I haven’t used pinterest before.


Kathi Rabil's profile photo

Kathi Rabil  -  +Katy Davies My argument to encourage more women to come to G+ is BECAUSE the conversations here are deeper and more mature. Wouldn’t you agree?


Rory Triscuit's profile photo

Rory Triscuit  -  I signed up for Pinterest and still have yet to use it…


CaroleL May's profile photo

CaroleL May  -  Very true!


Kathi Rabil's profile photo

Kathi Rabil  -  +Meilani MacDonald love you def of G+! LOL


Alexann Zahara's profile photo

Alexann Zahara  -
Anyway, I’ve never heard of Pinterest in my life, and I’m female. Google+ is awesome, but I’m still bummed Buzz is gone.


Irina Tcherednichenko's profile photo

Irina Tcherednichenko  -  Ladies, I just circled all 121 of us who participated in the discussion into a circle "Women Only’. Don’t feel obligated to circle me back ( some of you already did, thanks). Full sharing or just one-directional communication are OK in any case. It’s just a a good feeling to know that there are so many women on G+, that we are diverse and interesting people…..


Rebecca Raven's profile photo

Rebecca Raven  -  What a doughy pantload.


Mindy Antonchak's profile photo

Mindy Antonchak  -  I think it’s more men are from Reddit, women are from Pinterest, but G+ is for everyone. I’m on all three.


John Reef's profile photo

John Reef  -  True!


Kathi Rabil's profile photo

Kathi Rabil  -  I am here (on Google Plus) because I want to be here, not because I’m a man and not because I’m technically inclined. I like the community here and I feel comfortable here. I don’t like others telling me what to do and I don’t usually do something just because everyone else is doing it! I don’t like being told what to do. I like to make my own choices. I think I am like most people. We have a heart AND a brain for the same reason–to make choices! And most of the adults I know make choices based on what we like, not because we’ve been told we "should."


Nate Nate's profile photo

Nate Nate  -  is that person in the picture really a guy?

Laurel Johnson's profile photo

Laurel Johnson  -  I was on G+ before I was on Pinterest, I use them for different reasons. I am also still on FB, because that is where alot of my friends and family prefer to hangout. Let’s not forget instagram;)

Sara Smith  -  me 2 !!!!!! this is kinda sexist.

Naomi Perez's profile photo

Naomi Perez  -  omg! you look so different

Kathy McQueen's profile photo

Kathy McQueen  -  Yes Sara I agree!

Zach Harper's profile photo

Zach Harper  -  eh. Pinterest, Google+, facebook, myspace, livejournal, diaspora- who cares? I use the best one, and those who don’t, don’t. we all have the right to be wrong!
(slightly joking)

David Hermann's profile photo

David Hermann  -  In the uk more men use pinterest ..

Misha Dainiak's profile photo

Misha Dainiak  -  I’ve never even been to Pinterest, because the description sounded dull. G+, on the other hand, seemed like a pretty cool place to be 🙂


Jessica Fitzsimmons's profile photo

Jessica Fitzsimmons  -  Honestly i use twitter more than anything, i just got my iphone im very mobile so i try to use social networking on the go, so until now i couldnt use pintrest

Stina Stein's profile photo

Stina Stein  -  WTF is Pinterest?


Nikhil Srinivasan's profile photo

Nikhil Srinivasan  -  Lollz

Owl Jones's profile photo

Owl Jones  -  A secret club where women swap pics of high-caloric food, exercise equipment and fancy fingernails. Oh, and text pics of clever/funny/odd/witty sayings. It’s all the rage. It just needs more pics of fish and deer. 🙂

Stina Stein's profile photo

Stina Stein  -  Ah, google told me after I asked it, looks stupid. Like scrap-booking.


Stacey Dineen's profile photo

Stacey Dineen  -  LOL G+ is a sausagefest. Quelle surprise.


C Blair's profile photo

C Blair  -  i use both 😉

Bj Novack's profile photo

Bj Novack  -  I looked at Pinterest once, and found I wasn’t Pinterested.
But then I’ve been a geekgrrl and motorhead most of my life . . .

Azoil Strigidae's profile photo

Azoil Strigidae  -  they shouldn’t have reported that. Now all the men are going to join Pinterest.


Ben Spencer's profile photo

Ben Spencer  -  Thats one way to look at it!


Paige Thompson's profile photo

Paige Thompson  -  Ew time magazine? Seriously? Im gonna go bathe in hand sanitizer now

Ryen Sadeque's profile photo

Ryen Sadeque  -  lol


Dominic DeWolfe's profile photo

Dominic DeWolfe  -  My wife tried to get me into Pinterest, but I didn’t get it…oh and I’m a software engineer..

Eva Mari Tagudina's profile photo

Eva Mari Tagudina  -  uhuhhh.

Samantha Seegers's profile photo

Samantha Seegers  -  I def see more men on Google+….. but I have to say about a lot of chicks dominating Facebook….. hence the drama :/


Paul Lukitsch's profile photo

Paul Lukitsch  -  Maybe we could organize a cotillion.

Jeremy Self's profile photo

Jeremy Self  -  I’ve never been to Pinterest. The first time I saw it mentioned was in a (female) friend’s Tweet. Talking about what clothes or jewelry she’d like to have. Uhm…so why would I want to visit?

Bill LaBrie's profile photo

Bill LaBrie  -  So that’s why it smells like socks in here.


Esteban Contreras's profile photo

Esteban Contreras  -  That’s what they say.

Donald Teed's profile photo

Donald Teed  -  Just saw Pinterest for the first time tonight. Topics are like: clothing, jewelry, weddings, envious legs or tummy, cute animals and bits of simple wisdoms like the benefits of unconditional love. It’s all about "things I want"… "I want that tummy", "I want those boots", "I want that cute dog". If I want to hear that I can listen to a 5 year old in the real world. I like it here at G+, where most have climbed up past that step on the ladder of the hierarchy of needs.


Hannah Durham's profile photo

Hannah Durham  -  I’m a Girl… but I don’t know many other girls on google+, so I guess it’s kinda true… kind…

Mohd Pirduan's profile photo

Mohd Pirduan  -  I was suprised to find this post. I thought i was the only one thinking that Pinterest is more for ladies but others thinks the same too.
Glad that i am not abnormal.

Janet Kragen's profile photo

Janet Kragen  -  Hey, I’m a grandmother on Google+. I guess that makes me an outlier!
No surprise, eh?


Frank Cuenca's profile photo

Frank Cuenca  -  Yes, it is true.

Heather Daune's profile photo

Heather Daune  -  I guess I’m a guy. I tried Pinterest and lasted all of 5 minutes before deactivating the account.


Johanna Marianne Roorda's profile photo

Johanna Marianne Roorda  -  Me too +Heather Daune, never had an account on P.
Happy to be on G+ most of the time

Krista Vezain's profile photo

Krista Vezain  -  I don’t even know what Pinterest is.

Hannah Grimm's profile photo

Hannah Grimm  -  Nope, not true.

Abhijeet Gandhi's profile photo

Abhijeet Gandhi  -  True That.

Diane Kistner's profile photo

Diane Kistner  -  I always knew I was a man…


Eric Hung's profile photo

Eric Hung  -  good to know … hahaha

Sonja Miller Williams's profile photo

Sonja Miller Williams  -  Ha ha +Diane Kistner I have been here for a while and just heard of Pinterest. Pfft they put me in line to get an invite. I wont hold my breath but it does look cool.


gerede dasein's profile photo

gerede dasein  -  His shirt matches her hammock.

William Mills's profile photo

William Mills  -  Yay!! That means more chics for me on Pinterest! Oh wait, there’s no way to contact them or them me. Dammit!

Frank Pages's profile photo

Frank Pages  -  I have the inpression that most of the people on Google+ now are intelligent and interesting. I hope it stays that way, and all the morons continue to stay on facebook.


yogee Kumariya's profile photo

yogee Kumariya  -  hi

Arpit Rawat's profile photo

Arpit Rawat  -  haha.

Kirsten Wingerd's profile photo

Kirsten Wingerd  -  +Frank Pages most of the active users seem to be. However the exceptions are more vocal and twice as immature as the undesirables on Facebook.

tickets's profile photo

tickets  -  From what I understand Pinterest might have some problems coming up with tracking behavior for sale. Looks friendly but might be scary.


deva korra's profile photo

deva korra  -  what a style

Lisa Edwards's profile photo

Lisa Edwards  -  HI.

Ryan Newell's profile photo

Ryan Newell  -  Seems to be the trend. +Adam Ward are you on Google+ at all?

So Tech's profile photo

So Tech  -  LOL..I think its so true!!

Arif Kamal's profile photo

Arif Kamal  -  My oh my… I never thought of that; I am from Google+…

Edison Low's profile photo

Edison Low  -  I’m on both. Both are better than Facebook if you ask me.


Door Designer's profile photo

Door Designer  -  I’m also an equal opportunist user. I often use both concurrently.

Kaushlendra Shahi's profile photo

Kaushlendra Shahi  -  hi…………….

kunchala lakshmi ramana anand's profile photo

kunchala lakshmi ramana anand  -  hi


ameen khan's profile photo

ameen khan  -  hi how ru all

Sant Kumar's profile photo

Sant Kumar  -  yes may be

Archna Travels's profile photo

Archna Travels  -  ok

rohit gaikwad's profile photo

rohit gaikwad  -  can we become friends

albin francis's profile photo

albin francis  -  hai……….


Jelsing Basumatary's profile photo

Jelsing Basumatary  -  hai freint…

rohit gaikwad's profile photo

rohit gaikwad  -  hello

Giselle Diaz Campagna's profile photo

Giselle Diaz Campagna  -  Finally…the G+ dudefest explained.

Mujahid Ali's profile photo

Mujahid Ali  -  very nice …………………………….same you

Mathew Callaghan's profile photo

Mathew Callaghan  -  Great now I know where to go if I am single.


Anthony Bernard Ouwendyk's profile photo

Anthony Bernard Ouwendyk  -  Hmmm, very very Pinteresting. No Googling the girls now.


attaullah shahwani's profile photo

attaullah shahwani  -  HI


Chris Abraham's profile photo

Chris Abraham  -  That’s pretty obvious… I am glad scientists and statisticians are still vocal members… this is as shocking as "Recent reports claim that 83% of Knitting’s users are female while two-thirds of WoW users are male." — shocking!


Brill Pappin's profile photo

Brill Pappin  -  This makes so much sense! No wonder my wife keeps talking about something I’ve never heard of.


Mike McKoy's profile photo

Mike McKoy  -  dope

Kelly Hobbs's profile photo

Kelly Hobbs  -  i am of the one-third!! 🙂

Moses Verdin's profile photo

Moses Verdin  -  Awesome picture lol NEEERRRDDSSS!!!

james eskele's profile photo

james eskele  -  I tried Pinterest. It’s like Magazine.
I just had to see. For this photo, and I was clicking.
This is why women like Pinterest better.


Mark Zhang's profile photo

Mark Zhang  -  Google+Pinterest=Love

ANIL GANGAWANE's profile photo

ANIL GANGAWANE  -  hi i am anil

Yesterday 23:50

tohid dj tohid's profile photo

tohid dj tohid  -  u……….

Sunil yadav's profile photo

Sunil yadav  -  or bhai sahab thik ho

Kumar Saurav's profile photo

Kumar Saurav  -  yes wht abt u

Dan Coleman's profile photo

Dan Coleman  -  Doing my bit to man up pinterest

Richard Altman's profile photo

Richard Altman  -  i’m going to pin this article


Krasi Dimitrova's profile photo

Krasi Dimitrova  -  Thanks, now I am using Pinterest as well 🙂

Candice Rachel Canlas's profile photo

Candice Rachel Canlas  -  Hmm, I don’t even know what Pinterest is.

Jemy Tang's profile photo

Jemy Tang  -  I hope Google’s CEO married with Facebook’s CEO.


Rama Krishna's profile photo

Rama Krishna  -  iam big boy


Justin Rosselet's profile photo

Justin Rosselet  -  I’m sure this article will change those numbers once the males read it. 😉


SREE D's profile photo

SREE D  -  exactly!


hannah stagg's profile photo

hannah stagg  -  hello


Reece Messenger's profile photo

Reece Messenger  -  hello

Steve Seah's profile photo

Steve Seah  -  hehehehhehee

Mukesh Khatri's profile photo

Mukesh Khatri  -  yaya


Hannalee Cepada's profile photo

Hannalee Cepada  -  COOL

Rashid Ahamed's profile photo

Rashid Ahamed  -  Nice Couples………………. Good Match for Each Others

Suresh Mishra's profile photo

Suresh Mishra  -  Women are more materialistic than men!

Sawrav Mishra's profile photo

Sawrav Mishra  -  perfect

Molly Zatko's profile photo

Molly Zatko  -  what about facebook


Suniel K's profile photo

Suniel K  -  All clowns!

kent crisostomo's profile photo

kent crisostomo  -  what is that facebook ?..

Ario Bintang Koesalamwardi's profile photo

Ario Bintang Koesalamwardi  -  and annoying teens are from facebook


ROSHAN CHHETRI Roxy's profile photo

ROSHAN CHHETRI Roxy  -  cute lokking girl,hw cn i cntct u ha

muttley ashworth's profile photo

muttley ashworth  -  what about facebook. ?

Jacob Rodgers's profile photo

Jacob Rodgers  -  Facebook? What’s that? 😛


Nike Mardiana Marbun's profile photo

Nike Mardiana Marbun  -  i agree, pinterest is more interesting for girl than google plus.

Mohammad Zarifkar's profile photo

Mohammad Zarifkar  -  That’s y we men r here…

Jim Ward-Nichols's profile photo

Jim Ward-Nichols  -  Yes!

Juan Anzola's profile photo

Juan Anzola  -  hmm. No wonder…

Jesse Crook's profile photo

Jesse Crook  -  I got on Pinterest, And was immediately over run by pink.

W Chang's profile photo

W Chang  -  Really? I go to GOOGLE+ only. 😛

Aaron Ingebrigtsen's profile photo

Aaron Ingebrigtsen  -  What’s Pinterest?


Norman Stott's profile photo

Norman Stott  -  In a related story, shortly after the posting of this article Google+ experienced a massive drop in subscribers in the single male category. "All the girls are over there! C’mon!"


P.S. The Love Bucket on Pinterest

63 Ways to Build Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem (and fill the love bucket)

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 Posted in Love Dipolomat, Love Dynamics, Masterman, Mastermen, The Love Bucket® | No Comments »


63 Ways to Build Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Steve Errey of wrote this inspiring post I wanted to share with my Love Bucket Blog readers whose aim is to become Mastermen and Love Diplomats:

Confidence is a tool you can use in your everyday life to do all kinds of cool stuff, not least to stop second-guessing yourself, manage your fears and become able to do more of the things that really matter to you.

But not many people realize that their self-confidence works just like a muscle – it grows in response to the level of performance required of it.  Either you use it or you lose it.  That’s why I’ve given you 63 ways to grow your confidence so that you can become a giant.

  • Learning is a Good Thing, so sign up for that evening class and enjoy it.
  • Get out of your own head by asking your partner or best friend what you can do for them today.
  • Hit the gym.  The physiological effects will leave you feeling great.
  • Go to a networking event and focus on how you can be helpful to other people rather than being nervous about your own stuff.
  • Get crystal clear on the things that truly matter to you.  If they’re not in your life, you need to bring them in.
  • Write a list of the things you’re tolerating and putting up with in your life, then write down how you can remove, minimize or diminish each one.
  • Look at a great win or success you’ve experienced and give yourself credit for your part in it.  Recognizing your achievements is not egotistical, it’s healthy.
  • Next time you’re at a social event, don’t just stick with the people you know – go and have a conversation with someone you don’t know and you never know what – or who – you’ll discover.
  • Next time you talk yourself out of doing something (a party invite, a challenging project or whatever else), say ‘What the Hey’ and go do it anyway.
  • Do one thing each day that makes you smile (on the inside or on the outside).
  • Look for the patterns of thought that take you to a place where you start second-guessing or over-thinking.  Now imagine that your best friend went through exactly the same thought process and ended up holding themselves back – what would you want to say to them?
  • Ask out that girl or guy you fancy the pants off (only if you’re single, don’t want to get you into trouble).
  • You have to keep your mind well fed, so write a list of 20 things that keeps your mind feeling nourished and make sure you’re giving them room in your life.
  • Stop playing different roles and squeezing yourself into boxes based on what you think people expect you to act like.
  • Learn to catch yourself every single time you tell yourself that you can’t have, won’t get or aren’t good enough to get what you want.
  • Take yourself off auto-pilot – make deliberate decisions on what really matters to you.
  • Next time you come up against a risk or a challenge, listen to what you tell yourself and look for a way that that inner dialog can be improved.  Ask yourself, “What would make this easier?”
  • Scared of looking silly? You and everyone else.  It’s no biggie so don’t let it stop you.  Say it with me – “It just doesn’t matter.
  • Don’t think for a second that you can’t be confident.  There are already loads of things you do with natural self-confidence, you just have to notice them and get familiar with how it feels.  Look for the things you do where the question of whether you’re confident enough never arises.
  • Listen to your doubts but be ready to make deliberate decisions once you’ve heard them.  Sometimes your doubts are there to let you know what you need to prepare for, so you can use them to your benefit as you move forwards.
  • Think of a time when it felt like a whole bank of switches in your head flicked to the on position and you were firing on all cylinders.  What were you doing and what’s the reason it felt so great?
  • You’ve got a whole bunch of out-dated rules that determine what you do, don’t do, should do and shouldn’t do.  These rules limit your thinking and limit your behavior.  Tear up your rule book and notice how free you are to make great decisions.
  • Do you get annoyed with yourself because you didn’t make the most of something or stepped back form an opportunity?  Don’t beat yourself up because that’s just going to make you feel worse.  Instead, be brutally honest and ask yourself what you gained from the situation and what you lost out on.  Based on this win/lose balance, what’s a different choice you can make next time?
  • If you’d already done everything in life you’d have no need to be scared.  Don’t ever think that being scared means you’re not confident, it simply means you’re going somewhere new.
  • If there’s someone in your life who puts you down or makes you feel small, you owe it to yourself to let them know that you expect something different from now on.  You deserve better.
  • Flirt.  It’s a harmless way to play around with connecting with people and having fun.
  • Reveal a little bit of the real you in a relationship that might feel like it’s in a rut.
  • Acknowledge and welcome all of your experiences – the good stuff as well as the bad stuff.  It’s all equally valid and hiding things away because you don’t like them is just creating conflict.
  • Always recognize that you’re more than a match for any situation you might find yourself in, no matter how tough the going gets.
  • Don’t get swept up in the drama of what’s happening right now, look for more useful ways of engaging with what happens in your life.
  • Don’t automatically give in to the instant pay-off – it often means you’re selling yourself short.
  • When you feel like stamping your foot and yelling “I deserve better than this!”, take a step back and say “I can BE better than this.
  • Confidence sometimes means admitting you’re wrong – always be ready to hold your hands up and change your mind.
  • Trust your instincts.  They know what they’re talking about.
  • Fear is a way of letting you know that you’re about to stretch yourself and grow your confidence.  That’s a good thing, so use it to take yourself forwards rather than run away.
  • Imagine you’re visited by a successful, confident, attractive and vibrant version of you from the future, a version of you who’s everything you hope to be.  What do they want to tell you?
  • Don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself – sometimes the most confident thing to do is ask for help.
  • Take a chance on something tomorrow.  Anything, big or small, just take a chance.
  • You need to be around people who make you feel like YOU, so spend more time with the people who support and encourage you and less with those who undermine you.
  • Stop struggling against the things you don’t like in your life – create a congruent environment around you that flows and allows you to be you.
  • No man’s an island, and you need to be a part of the world you around to feel confident.  What can you participate in that’s important to you?
  • Forget the pro’s and con’s – do something bold in the face of your challenges and fears.
  • Work on developing the skills you need to win at the things that matter to you.  What can you practice that would radically improve your chances of winning?
  • The body is a mirror for the mind, so shifting your body into a confident state can have surprising results.
  • Don’t get disheartened or demotivated when you get to 90% with something you’re working on – push through and you’ll see that the last 10% is where the magic happens.
  • Keep comparing yourself to others?  Stop it, don’t try to validate yourself through comparison – you’re just peachy as you are.
  • Put your head above the parapet at work and speak up if there’s something you think could be improved or if you have an idea you think has legs.
  • If there’s something you’ve been struggling to understand for a while, stop trying to understand it.  Accept it just as it is, fully and wholly.
  • Shy with new people?  Not a problem, there’s nothing wrong with being shy and it doesn’t mean you’re not confident.  Just don’t overthink it, start beating yourself up or thinking you’re less than because you’re shy – the more you think like that the worse it gets.
  • Your environment directly impacts your self-perception, so if you’re surrounded by clutter, paperwork and rubbish put a morning aside to clean up your stuff and get organized.
  • Write yourself a list of the amazing things you’d love to do in your life, and make a start by simply looking into the first one or two things that leap out at you.
  • Don’t make your happiness or self-worth dependent on being in a relationship or being validated by someone else.  Find your inherent value first, and your relationships and confidence will be immeasurably better.  (additional note: Fill Your Own Love Bucket First!
  • Your strengths can be used to overcome any of your weaknesses.  We all have weaknesses but they only undermine your confidence if you let them.
  • The longer you leave that big thing on your to-do list the more it’ll drain you and the bigger it’ll seem – get it done and free yourself up.
  • What golden threads, themes, patterns and passions have always been in your life?  If those things aren’t present in your life right now, you need to shift your priorities.
  • Your body image does matter, because if you have a bad relationship with your body you won’t be feeling confident in yourself.  Get trim if you need to, just make sure you get along with your body.
  • Being confident is an ongoing process.  It isn’t a goal or an end-point that you reach and then stop.  Keep playing to the best of your ability and your confidence will always be there to support you.
  • Try a new path.  The well-trodden paths of your life can easily turn from familiarity to apathy and disconnection.  A new path wakes you up.
  • Don’t say “Yes” to taking on a task simply because you don’t want to rock the boat – you can politely decline requests you can’t meet and don’t need to create an excuse for it.
  • Look at the people you respect who seem confident – don’t copy them, but identify what it is they do differently that conveys confidence and what you can learn from it.
  • Make a plan to do something, then make deliberate choices to follow through.  Seeing progress gives you important self-reinforcement.
  • When you feel yourself focusing inwards and becoming paralyzed with doubt or fear, switch to focusing outwards at what you can engage and interact with.
  • Still beating yourself up for failing or screwing up? It might not be a barrel of laughs but it’s not going to help you get through it.  Much better to recognize that everything, whether it turns out or not, is how you practice living a rich life.

    Source:  Steve Errey

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