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Turn Your Bedroom Into A Scorching Den Of Desire…

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Drive Her Desire, Power Her Passion, SEX, The Love Bucket® | No Comments »

Drive Her Desire

Want your bedroom activities to feel as shiny as a new car?

Want your lovemaking to SIZZLE with erotic hotness each and every time you get together?

Do you want your partner or your next partner to crave you madly? Leaping into your arms the minute they see you?

Here are ideas to create VARIETY in your lovemaking sessions.

Things like a completely new, hotter, more heart-connected way of doing foreplay that isn’t just random touching and tweaking… but a more sensitive, passionate affair.

Or trying out some new, creative sex positions that you’ve never tried before. In fact, the suggestions I gave in one of the articles were my own ideas, and you’ll never find them anywhere else.

Or leveraging your masculine and feminine polarity to turn your bedroom (or any place you’re making love) into a scorching den of desire.  That desire, like the 7 Rings of Desire of The Love Bucket, allow you to Power Her Passion and Drive Her Desire!!!

Or a fun little game you can try with your lover that creates a "safe zone" for both of you to know each other’s deepest, wildest desires, expressing them to each other and trying them out without pressure, or the risk of shame or ridicule.
Here are some great tips from the Bratton’s of Personal Life Media:

Creative Sex Positions (FREE AUDIO) Six positions and exactly how to touch every part of her anatomy to bring her more pleasure than she’s ever imagined.

POLARITY? How to increase your masculine/feminine magnetism. (AUDIO) The more you bring your masculine energy to your relationship, the more your woman can be her feminine self, which makes lovemaking hotter, more intimate and more satisfying.

Why you STINK at "scheduled sex." You already know all the reasons scheduling sex just makes sense. Here is a foreplay strategy for turning scheduled sex from awkward to awesome.

The REAL Reason Guys Everywhere Are Going Soft… ED is one of the seemingly HARDEST problems men have to deal with when it comes to their performance in the bedroom (pun intended). And that’s because…

Intimate and Erotic Play Dates – Checkout a game called Fantasy Fishbowl… because that’s a game we play at sensual parties…

Multi-Orgasmic Lover For Men Opinion Survey – Susan needs your feedback. Get a chance to win your choice of either Keep Her Coming or the Huge Load Super Pack when you complete this opinion survey about Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men. Here are some comments we’ve already received from the survey:


"The most amazing lover I have is open to new experiences, is not jealous, encourages me to have sex with other women, is a massive squirter, loves to cum, loves to please, and has an amazing body (according to my preferences). I can literally have 10 orgasms a day with her, and can stay hard and have multiple orgasms in one session."

"The ability to sense, maintain and grow sexual polarity."

"I think that the "Wham-Bam Thank-You Mam" boys should be taken out behind the shed and Shot! My current Girl Friend, soon to be my wife, didn’t even know what Fore-play was until I showed her. Now our days start with Fore-play including lots of sex, and Fore-play does not stop until we close our eyes at night. I have no worries that she will leave me for another man for better sex, as according to her, this is as good as she ever dreamed it could be."

"Being present, in the moment, willing to contribute to the experience. Willing to kiss before & after sex."

"A great lover indulges in my body, smells me, licks me, explores all of me, and teases all my body, is present with me, looks into my eyes and is conscious of what excites me. We indulge in each other’s pleasure, connection and love. We swirl around in our erotic connection until We orgasm together. We cuddle, we laugh, and caress each other. We feed each other delicious food. We express how wonderful it was the gift we gave each other… We kiss again… and again… and again…"

When was the last time you did this? [video] Fill Your Love Bucket!

Sunday, November 16th, 2014 Posted in Heart, Power Her Passion | No Comments »

When was the last time you did this?

How do you fill your Love Bucket? What do you to to relax, let go, rejuvenate, be silly, get real, and have fun?

Share this with your lover.  It will surely bring a smile!

Break Free Into Bold Intimacy–Now! And Fill The Love Bucket

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 Posted in Attention, Dating, Mating, Relating, Her Love Bucket, Power Her Passion | No Comments »

You deserve passionate, living, thrilling, creative intimacy with a woman – it creates an upward spiral in your life

… and when you fill her love bucket your life will get better, too!


A man of discernment and experience –KNOWS – to love someone is a CONSCIOUS ACTION.

There is a big difference if you are 20 and looking for a woman or 50 and looking for a woman. Experience, maturity, clarity, all affect what kind of woman you will attract into your life.

Love, cherishment – it is a PRACTICE — a practice that you EACH do even when you don’t feel like it. And by practice, I mean filling the love bucket with the actions and filling the desires of the Rings of Desire of The Love Bucket.

Love is a consciously chosen perception.  It is a commitment. And it must go both ways.

Adam, who I wrote about in How to Get a Woman to Do Anything is the creator of The Boldness Code. 

Adam had a fascinating and heart-breaking talk that I will recount, with a very talented and intelligent young man who is around 20 and in a love relationship for almost a year now.

And though he and his girl clearly mean a lot to each other, he finds that every day is like playing that old battery-operated game, Operation.


You make one tiny wrong move and – ANNNNGH! – she cries. Or she flips out.  She gets angry.  She blames you for hurting her.

And because this young man has a kind and caring heart – he is distracted every day, trying to "fix" what he cannot fix.

Loving somebody when you are a young person is not the same as loving somebody as a man of experience.

When young people talk about loving each other, they are talking about an EMOTION.

They are talking about something they FEEL.

An energy.  A strange gravity.  A hormonal stew in the brain and the balls.

If she’s not playing along with you… That is called triage.  That is called therapy. That is called a recipe for your misery.

Don’t Waste Your Affection on The Wrong Girls


Most of the romantic stuff you hear on TV and in popular culture is a lie.

The cult of overblown weddings is a cult of slavery. Adam did not know how to fill the love bucket when he was married. He has two sons so he is not in a protective state over daughters. If you ar divorced, and feeling slightly angry, you may look back at your wedding album and all those drunken slobs and relatives – and think "that" is supposed to remind you of what love is. It’s not.

No matter if you are 20 or 70, you need to fill the love bucket each day. That means daily or at least regular actions to fill the love bucket with a living daily game of playful, engaged one-on-one actions and interaction.

Adam wants to help men, particularly men over 35. He says, screw social rules and customs. They are relics of the past and they are not made for you.

When you don’t cultivate your boldness a man, you’ve sold your freedom for a penny.

The Bold Man creates his own reality.

The Bold Man does not waste his affections on women who are not "in the game" with him, not playing this game of intimacy and passion for mutual growth and evolution.

The Bold Man LOVES to relate, to dig in, to explore what it means to be vulnerable, and true, and in the dirt, and honest and fearless and excruciatingly tender.

The Bold Man is alive to the moment.

And the Bold Woman is thrilled and inspired by him.

Everything’s in motion.

Everything’s vital. Vital, dynamic, pulsing, creative, in-the-moment love and life.

Break Free Into Bold Intimacy – Now with THE BOLDNESS CODE

Boldness TURNS ON women – and when you just start putting the daily techniques and practices I teach you into practice, you will see a change – not only in how women respond to you – but in how you feel about yourself.


Saturday, November 24th, 2012 Posted in Masterman, Mastermen, Power Her Passion | No Comments »


Women want their love bucket filled!

Believe it or not, women are human beings too! And, there is a lot of variety among human beings.  So, not all women want exactly the same things (or the same ways to fill her love bucket).  However, there are some things that are common to most (heterosexual) women.  Once you understand these basic desires, it will help you recognize why men and women sometimes find it difficult to connect.

As humans, we all have basic needs, especially as it pertains to a mate.  But men and women have DIFFERENT basic needs (different ways to fill the love bucket).  We as men place importance on sex, recreational companionship, and attractiveness in a mate.  We also crave admiration from our women.  On the other hand, women place more value on affection, conversation, honesty and openness.  Financial stability and family values are also also huge issues for them.

So, it would stand to reason that there are DIFFERENT traits that attract the opposite sex.  And here’s where we get into trouble.  As men, we THINK that women want someone with a perfect body, a full head of hair, and/or someone who will admire and worship them.  But that is NOT the case.  We have to stop looking at what WE inherently want, and stop projecting that onto the opposite sex.

So, what attracts women?  There is research to support the theory that the way we attract mates is something INHERENT in our genetics.  It’s hard wired.  So, all of the stupid little games that people play are really just that….games.  The good news is, it’s still there.  It may have been over-written by society, social mores, religion, parenting, etc, but it IS still there.  And, as a result, it can be brought to the forefront.

To find these inherent traits, we can take some clues from our cavemen ancestors.  Who was the man who had the pick of the best women in the clan?  It was the ALPHA male.  The one who was leading the hunts.  The one who others looked up to.  The LEADER.  This is the man who displayed CONFIDENCE in his ability to manage his world.  This is about WHO you are and this does “Power Her Passion”.  It is not about what she wants and how she wants her love bucket filled.

Who you are, at it’s most basic level, this is STILL TRUE TODAY.  Notwithstanding a lot of pressure from the media, influence from the feminist movement, Hollywood and other sources, women are STILL attracted to the Alpha male.  Whether or not you have been taught to be "sensitive," cry in movies, or just generally be a wimp, that is NOT what women want.  So, my friend, it is time to SEPARATE what you’ve been told, from who you ARE.  You are a MAN, and that in itself is perfect.  The challenge you have before you is to STEP INTO YOUR MANHOOD.  Be a Masterman!

I assure you, once you work on yourself, and allow your true manhood to come forth, it will be VERY easy to attract women. 

Read More from Jeff here:

How to Love a Woman [Webinar]

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 Posted in Power Her Passion, The Love Bucket® | No Comments »

How to Love a Woman [Webinar] – Fill Her Love Bucket and Power Her Passion!

On this webinar, Graham Phoenix will show showing you how you can transform yourself, your life and your relationship.


Join Graham on this Webinar on:

Thursday Nov 22nd

10:00 pm CET
9:00 pm GMT,
4:00pm EST,
1:00pm PST,
8:00am(Fri) EDT,
10:00am(Fri) NZDT.

Please register for the Webinar by clicking here.

Once you have registered, Graham will send you the details you need to join the Webinar.

This may be just what you need on Thanksgiving!

Recommended by The Love Linguist®


P.S. See videos from Graham here:

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