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April Fool’s Linger with Facebook Relationship Status Changes

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, Social Dating, The Love Bucket® | No Comments »

April Fool’s Lingers with Facebook Relationship Status Changes (NOT a full Love Bucket)

Facebook Relationship Status… that’s what’ Facebook is all about!


Adryenn Ashley Posted this but one friend spoiled her fun! 🙂 “Yes, April Fool’s Day! 🙂 LOL! Seriously? I live on Facebook, you don’t think you would have seen a hint of a man in my life before this big announcement?”

Followed by: “Yesterday’s April Fool’s joke garnered quite a bit of sympathy but also a few offers to set me up with their friends. Thank you all who were so thoughtful and kind about my broken engagement. I’m sorry to have so distressed you over a joke! Big Hugs!”

Because Facebook Relationship status gets so much attention whenever there is a big change it shows up in all your friend’s news streams.  The more likes, the more comments the longer it says on top of the home page news.

Check out a few previous articles on Facebook Relationship Status:

Love Bucket List: Has Facebook Caused Us To Change Our Dating Patterns?

Love Bucket: In a Relationship, Relationship Status = Love

Love Bucket Updating Facebook Relationship Status

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like the love bucket thumb Love Bucket Updating Facebook Relationship Status

Love Bucket List: Has Facebook Caused Us To Change Our Dating Patterns?

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, Romance, Social Dating | 2 Comments »

Has Facebook Caused You To Change Your Dating Patterns?

Do you have an entry on your love bucket list of a wish for your date to ‘friend you Facebook’ and to change Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship”?  Is your social dating life and relationship life on your love bucket list?

Here’s a Facebook Relationship Status Post and Comments about Facebook and Dating (images and names removed)

Post: Is FACEBOOK a friend or foe in the early stages of a relationship (and why), how can FACEBOOK be used for a higher good? When to "friend" someone you met organically or on a dating site, when to change your relationship status, using Facebook as a background check, stalking a past relationship or even spying on a current date.

Comment 1 facebook can be a very slippery slope when part of romantic relationships in many ways…

33 minutes ago · Like · clip_image0012

Comment 2 one of the biggest deficits I see is it circumvents actual conversations and can result in a lot of projection and assumptions

32 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[1]3

Comment 3 I see nothing wrong with looking at a past or present’s Facebook page. That’s just curiosity. I see a big problem with creating a fake profile and acting in an obsessive manner. A slippery slope indeed.

28 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[2]4

Comment 4 I really hate the relationship status feature….I have hidden mine for now ….waiting for the divorce to happen and plan to fix it in the middle of the night when no one is up LOL! I will never use that feature again. so much on Face Book isn’t real I would hate to use it for any real measure against any future relationship I may have. I try to keep things fun on here, after all, my kid is a "friend" and that helps me tow the line!

28 minutes ago · Like

Comment 5 name – good observations. It can be wonderful as a way to connect initially and ongoing but no way is it, for me, as good as or ato replacement for direct connection voice to voice or especially in person.

27 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[3]1

Comment 6 Auto correct thinks "ato" is a word lol.

26 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[4]1

Comment 7 Just a side note….one thing my ex did do when Yoville (Facebook app) was popular. He did go to my fake "pad" and leave a box of chocolates…..It was nice to know he was thinking about me (then again, he could have been stalking!)

25 minutes ago · Like

Comment 8 I’ve toyed with the idea of telling anyone I’m dating "I will not friend you on facebook, nor will I text back and forth on any "relationship" subject". I might friend them once the relationship is well established, but not in the beginning… too much potential drama.

25 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[5]7

Comment 9 I think it is an excellent platform to launch relationships and from then on it’s not about FACEBOOK at all. It’s fun and that’s all it is….but it does turn us into snoops sometimes.

23 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[6]3

Comment 10 I have a line on my online profile that says "No lateral moves to Facebook or iChat" !!!!!!

19 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[7]2

Comment 11 Plus, my facebook profile is my home… lots and lots of personal information there (including exposure to my children). I’m very selective about who I friend. I also think it can be too much info, too soon when just starting to learn about someone. Best to let some of the life details unfold more gradually…

19 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[8]2

Comment 12 Love it name!!! 🙂

19 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[9]1

Comment 13 Foe when comments with others appear inappropriate…or when there is never a recognition given to a partner, yet the person is definitely on FACEBOOK. It can certainly be used for the higher good when there is still an occasional endearing acknowledgment of your partner….if not just to let people know that your partner is actually important to you.

17 minutes ago · Like

Comment 14 That’s a wee bit hostile name..just don’t say anything about it. You either will or you won’t.

17 minutes ago · Like

Comment 15 If you use your privacy options and blocking option correctly non one will be able to spy on anyone.

16 minutes ago · Like

Comment 16 I think too many people want to "e-maintain" vs. engage. I’m with name, if you want to get to know me, man up and do so in the real world.. 😉

15 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[10]2

Comment 17 Any "drama" that happens is caused by issues that need to be dealt with anyway – facebook just reveals them faster and more blatantly. Better to shine the light on it all I say. You have to really be ready for an intimate relationship though.

14 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[11]4

Comment 18 However, some people don’t deal as well with that bright light but need more baby steps and softer lighting for facing those demons, name. Doesn’t mean they aren’t ready, they just aren’t ready for THAT much exposure so quickly. 😉

12 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[12]1

Comment 19 I would say they’re not quite ready then for an *intimate* relationship but may be well on their way… in a relationship and easing toward intimacy…

6 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[13]1

Comment 20 Nothing wrong with that either…

4 minutes ago · Like · clip_image001[14]1

Comment 11 I never ever friend anyone I am dating– -or potentially dating– on FACEBOOK

3 minutes ago · Like

Comment 22 It is what it us. FACEBOOK is here to stay. What I find interesting is married couples who don’t friend with the spouse. I always thought that was not cool. Having privacy is one thing, but privacy from your primary partner when the rest of the world is allowed to see doesn’t make sense. The spy factor is a bit invasive but then it does allow you to see your potential partner and vice versa being their true selves! If they can’t be trusted, or IF YOU can’t be trusted, it’s gonna reveal itself one way or the other. Why not here?

Love Bucket List: Is Facebook on your love bucket list when dating? Has Facebook Caused You To Change Your Dating Patterns? See previous article on what’s on your Love Bucket List here


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