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"Open Your Heart To Everyone"

Monday, December 19th, 2016 Posted in The Love Bucket®, The Love Linguist® | No Comments »

Everyone wants in on the holiday cheer… filling THE LOVE BUCKET® and opening hearts.  Open Your Heart to Love.

The company started by Steve Jobs, Apple, hired actor Brad Garrett to play Frankie (Frankenstein) in a heart warming Christmas commercial.


The sweet interaction by a little girl and the singing make this commercial worth the watch.  Enjoy and open your heart for the holidays.

Share The Love Each And Every Day
Open Your Heart To Everyone!

Love and kisses,
The Love Linguist®

Thanking You, My Love, on Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 Posted in The Love Linguist® | No Comments »

Thanking You, My Love, on Thanksgiving, You Fill My Love Bucket!

houghts of you, today, well up in my heart

Happy memories fill me with joy

Appreciation for you runs deep

Nice feelings and experiences abound

Knowing you has made my life better


You are the foundation of so much gratitude

Open the hearts of many with your kind ways

Unconditional love is the greatest thanks of all



10 Things Women Admire About Men

Monday, July 15th, 2013 Posted in Masterman, Mastermen, Sherrie Rose Recommends, The Love Linguist® | No Comments »

10 Things Women Admire About Men

To cultivate your personal power, and to be more attractive to women, and most importantly…

… EFFORTLESSLY inspire women into devotion…

You must develop yourself to be a leader.   Before you fill her love bucket become the man, the MASTERMAN she wants.

Adam Gilad has put together the 10 Leadership lessons that you can apply to amp up your "sexy" – so that women FEEL that SIZZLING masculine center that is your birthright and your "secret sauce" to turn them on…

To be the SOURCE of value that women admire.

Use your Benevolent Power. Be the giver of value and bestow approval.

Be a Masterman. A man with a solid center.  Trustable.  Authentic.  Mighty.

These ideas are to help you cultivate your leadership qualities  – principles drawn from business leadership – that apply to your ability to INSPIRE women into devotion.

Love-dynamics_love bucket1: Say What Matters To You

People are smart.  They can see your b*llshIt.  They can see your masks.  Social media has changed everything. We love authenticity. We loathe falseness.  Speak your truth, because you can’t really hide.  And speak it BOLDLY so it stands out.   When you show up real – online, offline, in your words and actions – you invoke trust.

2: Build Her Loyalty on The Back of Your Passion

You don’t lead by controlling.  You lead by inspiring.  You inspire men to support your life and vision and you attract women to celebrate and get behind you (and under you and on top of you) – when you LIVE YOUR PASSION.  

You can’t inspire women if you don’t inspire yourself first!  Start something you deeply care about – and do it through Meetup, or on Facebook or among your friends – just get it started from your true passionate core.   Passion has it’s own momentum.

3. Take Risks

University studies prove again and again the #1 Attractive Quality men have that women want is "The Bravery Effect."  It’s why women love Formula 1 Drivers, men who do extreme sports, men who quit their jobs and start their own businesses, men who stand up to tyrants and bullies and a**holes. 

You know what’s NOT attractive?  Men who settle.  Men who fall into ruts and live in stasis.  Men who don’t bust out into new territory all the time – in style, in intellect, in spirit, in emotional and personal development.  What’s sexy are men who read voraciously, who attend training workshops, who learn, grow – who are in MOTION.  So meet new people.  Master new skills.  Hone your current skills into excellent.  As sloppy Steve said in the movie "The Tao of Steve" – the key to being attractive is to  "be excellent in front of women."  Cultivate excellence.  Not video game hours.

4. Define Your Own Success

Corner office?  Old crap.

Fancy title?  No one gives a sh*t.

People care about how YOU define yourself. How YOU define your success.

The old day of the man in the gray flannel suit is dead, no matter how sexy Jon Hamm may be. Mad Man does not call us back to an era of climbing the ladder.  It shows how it’s all built on lies and manipulation.  That day is over.

Labor toward excellence and influence, not "social ranking."

You can’t and shouldn’t hide behind a suit, a title, a job description or your past successes.

Be in the moment and be on your bold PATH toward personal excellence, high mission, emotional and sexual evolution and success as you define it in the world.  Make your noble will felt.  Do these things and you will never have to worry about meeting or inspiring women again.  Again, to learn how to accelerate your process toward being eminently attractive to women, learn it all here.

5: Less is More

Want to hear a term women NEVER use?…

"He’s so hot.  He’s the strong, chattery type."

No.  Women like "the strong silent" type.

Men evolved for a million years as hunters.

You don’t catch mastodons by blathering out every thought that sprints through your mind.

Speak powerfully.  Communicate powerfully.  Maintain mystery in who you are.  Do NOT chatter, because that comes off as neediness.  As verbal begging for attention and approval.

Be fascinated by HER.  Get to core of her.  Penetrate past social masks and small talk and be that unusual man that makes a woman feel exquisitely FELT and SEEN.

Find the main idea. Take out extra words. Communicate in a way your followers can hear. Create "tweetable" leadership memories. Communicate to influence.


These are all qualities of the ultimately attractive male. A Masterman.

These are all qualities of Boldness that a Masterman possesses. 


6. Engage and Penetrate in Conversation.

Don’t be shy.  Don’t be embarrassed.  Don’t be a wallflower.

On the other hand, don’t fill up all the space. Don’t be a braggart.  Don’t be a narcissist.

Great men, great leaders don’t bother themselves with small talk.  They don’t get caught up in gossipy little sidelines like a teenage girl.

They are fascinated by ideas, not gossip.  They seek the CORE of a matter, not the surface play.

Learn how to ask "penetrative questions" and to cut the emotional center of a woman in the very moment.  Watch for small signals and shifts. Learn how to offer "impact statements" like Adam teaches in The Boldness Code.

So that she knows you are present with her.  That you are not in your head.  That you are listening to her and processing what she is saying – and what is going on behind her words.

7. Disrupt and Inspire

Back in the caveman days of "pick-up," Mystery got one thing right:  stand out.  He did it with furry hats and magic tricks, but it worked in bars on bar girls.

Think bigger than that.  You are a man.  Not a buffoon.  And not a mouse.

How are you original?  How do you CULTIVATE originality?  How are you not just another "default person" who likes your local sports team, who drinks popular beer, who follows the company line?

Why SHOULD a woman be fascinated by you?

How do you think for yourself? How are you growing?

How are you pushing your edges?

You are here, reading me, which is a great direction.

How also are you growing your depth?  Your intellectual breadth?  Your spiritual expansiveness?  Your sexual mastery?  Your financial savvy?

How are you in MOTION?

A woman wants a bold man – a man who is carving his path through life, not marching in lock step with all the other worker drones.

Don’t "fit in."  The day of the corporate drone is over.

The day of the self-directed man is being born.

8. Be the Source/ Embrace Abundance.

One of the coolest things about this emerging economy is that we are not based on scarcity any more. Information is abundant.  Wisdom is abundant.

That’s why I’m happy to introduce you to other teachers and "gurus” who I feel have something important and valuable to offer you.  I want you to find your right teacher and the other teachers know that the right students will find me.

Be the source of value and wisdom and generosity.  Be the king of your world who abides in abundance and is never cheap with his connections to others, his guidance, even his time and wisdom when asked.  This is NOT the same thing as spending tons of money on women.  No.

Rather you are the source of cool.  The source of value.

Cultivate influence. Share great and helpful ideas.  Mentor women.   Spread the great ideas of others. Put seedlings of your value and worth into the world – and they will grow and come back and offer you fruit.

Often juicy fruit 🙂

And obviously, the only way you be the source of value is to continue to feed your mind and soul.  This is what I do for myself – DAILY.  And what I share with you.  Especially if you are part of my monthly Boldness360 private membership.  This is where we dig into how to be an INSPIRING MAN to women – and to yourself -  in all ways.

9. Seek out People to Challenge You

This is my journey and my life.

When I wanted to learn from David Deida and his workshop was full, I called him and said, "hell, I can produce entire movies, I can produce a workshop on your behalf. If I set it up, will you come?"

And that began two years of working together intimately.

When I find someone I want to learn from, I seek them out and put my fat face in front of them, and I bloody well learn.

Seek great mentors.  Even Michael Jordan greeted his new coach Phil Jackson with those immortal words, the words of a true champion, "tell me what to do.  I’m coachable."  Come to my next workshop/playshop in Vegas.  Go to Landmark.  Hang out with people who disagree with you, who refine you. Find people who can make you better and bring you into excellence.   See what you can do for them, how you can serve them.  Grow together Do whatever it takes to jolt yourself into action.  Into growth.  Into the true man and leader you can be.

10. Seek First to Support

What I respect is a colleague who has VALUE to offer and first comes to me and says, "I admire your work.  I stand behind what you stand for with men and women.  I have been working on my own book or program.  But let’s talk about that later.  What can I do to support you in your mission?"

THAT I will listen to.

In conscious entrepreneurship, it’s called being a go-giver, not a go-getter.

To me, it’s called living at the feast.

It’s called being polite, respectful and so full of abundance that you don’t come across as a grabby, needy beggar.

This principle goes for sharing with women just as well.

Generosity of spirit.  It pays back.  Not always.  But enough.

And the important thing is that you develop the generous habits and nature of a true leader….

… and that gives you the NATURAL and EFFORTLESS gravity of a profoundly attractive and inspiring man.

Focus on being the source, not the needy one. Give without expectation.

In all my work, I try hard to give you not on the techniques of how to attract and escalate with women …

But also how to BECOME the MAN who naturally attracts with women – who does not have to work that hard.

With me, you will learn not to SELL YOURSELF – but rather – to BE THE BRAND WOMEN WANT.

If you want to quickest path – download The Boldness Code now.

There are great treasures within – and a new life for you on the other side.

Live Bold.  The accelerated path for you to inspire women is right here <<<<

Master these skills here once and for all, and stand out from other men – not in 20 years from now – but in the first seconds women meet you.

And in every interaction following.

To Your Best and Boldest Life,

The Love Linguist® on behalf of Adam Gilad

p.s. Get The Boldness Code and make this kind of communicative excellence YOURS.

6 Ways Love Dynamics Expand You and Your Relationship

Friday, July 12th, 2013 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Dating, Mating, Relating, Love Dynamics, The Love Bucket®, The Love Linguist® | No Comments »

6 Ways Love Dynamics Can Expand You and Your Relationship

Activating Love Dynamics and filling The Love Bucket are seen below in six (6) common themes that illustrate every great love story comes with greater personal and relationship growth.

love_dynamics_couple1. You’re a better version of yourself. As un-romantic as it sounds, an important pillar of a really good relationship is realizing that yes, you could live without that person. As a love dynamic the acclimating dynamic (which could almost be called co-habitation) can bring out the best or the worst in you. Would you miss them if they went away? Can you handle the dirty socks on the floor? The best kind of love isn’t some engorged Platonic concept that sucks the life out of you and your significant other for its own benefit. Rather, it makes you a better, stronger, more wonderful version of yourself. It’s for this reason that sometimes, when a great relationship ends — even bitterly — you can look back and honestly say to yourself that you don’t regret a single moment, and that you as an individual person grew in a crucial way because of the time you spent together. Even if they don’t last forever, those are always good relationships.

2. You fight fair. And you move on. Relating dynamics come in all forms. A woman shared how her husband abruptly hung up on her after a heated cross-country phone call. She was momentarily stunned. But she waited, and lo and behold, he called back soon after to sheepishly apologize and conclude the discussion, rationally. The absolute truth is that even the strongest relationships feature some periodic fighting, sometimes about petty things like an overflowing laundry basket, sometimes about serious stuff. The key isn’t to avoid these arguments, but to know how to approach them in a mature and reasonable way…a way that nobody is going to regret a few hours later. The most successful partners we know take a moment — as insanely hard as it is! — to take a deep breathe and evaluate their respective positions in an argument, then communicate their feelings, so it can remain a (perhaps heated) discussion instead of turning into a raging, screaming, irreparably scarring experience. Forgiveness helps.

3. Your sex is more about connection than copulation. Let’s face it, great sex is important. The mating dynamic changes over time as a relationship grows and two lovers explore. Sex isn’t everything where a solid relationship is concerned. Sex is tricky. It’s often loaded with issues of self worth, control, and our deepest inhibitions. And it takes a really special person to not only illuminate the darkest corners of yourself but to expose him or herself, too. A lot of couples put way too much unfair pressure on the quality of their sex lives — every day, partners have their ups and downs, but for some reason sex is always held to a higher standard. Your sexual dynamic will ebb and flow just like everything else, and as long as you’re still intimate and connecting about the various highs and lows of your life, you’re probably in a good place. Maybe you’re both under a lot of pressure at work; one of you is angling for a promotion, the other is facing a stressful deadline. It’s likely that you might go a few weeks — or, gasp!, a few months — without a good romp, but that’s no reason to feel deprived, emotionally or physically. As long as you’re open and honest about your feelings and your needs, your sexy time will inevitably return.

4. Your love is in the details. If you’re always waiting for some sweep-you-off-your-feet moment, or for your significant other to surprise you with that Cartier Love bracelet that will finally prove the relationship’s value, you’ll probably end up disappointed. If the Provisions Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket® is primary to you then you better be with someone who likes to give you gifts. Most good relationships are based on a gradual, almost imperceptible development of trust, comfort, and togetherness that have nothing to do with your Ryan-Gosling-in-The Notebook fantasies. Chances are, when you look back, you’ll have a clearer and more emotionally-charged memory of that random time you both lost it over some stupid joke when you were still half asleep one morning than the time you spent $200 on a "romantic" Valentine’s Day dinner.

5. You’re both changing, and it’s okay. First of all, any long-term relationship will bring change to your life, and if you’re fighting change, it’s probably a sign you’re not ready for a higher level of commitment. No, you shouldn’t give up the person you were before, but you shouldn’t cling to it like a life raft, either (and the same goes for your partner). Once you’ve established that, there’s another important kind of change to look out for, and it happens within the relationship itself. Like personalities, and pretty much everything else on Earth, things change over time. After six years, you probably won’t have the same relationship you did after six months or six weeks. And, that’s a good thing. Since we particularly in Western culture have such an extreme tendency to romanticize early courtship, it’s easy to think that if you’ve lost that particular lovin’ feeling, you’ve lost it all together. That’s just not true. Just as you shouldn’t compare your relationship to others’, you shouldn’t compare it to past versions of itself. (see #1 You’re a better version of yourself. ) If you can look at your love as-is, in the moment, and feel good about it, then you’re doing just fine.

6. You’re happy more than you’re sad or angry. This may sound ridiculously simple, but it’s 100% true. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end as a confidant of a person who’s in the midst of a bad relationship; they complain, they wonder over myriad ‘what ifs’, they say, ‘I wish’ a lot, and spend much of their time waging a debate about how things could always be better. What they want — and it’s a bit harder to find — is the opposite of that. If you find that the majority of your time is spent on the dark side, well, then, you know what to do. When you’re in a fulfilling, happy, grounded relationship, you’re mostly in a good mood. Sure, you’ll have down days, and moments of frustration, and bouts of loneliness, even if you’re coupled up. But mostly, you’re excited about life, your future, and your future with this person. Contrary to popular opinion, the goal of marriage is not happiness. And although happiness is often a very real byproduct of a healthy relationship, marriage has a far more significant purpose in sight. It is designed to pull dysfunction to the surface of our lives, set it on fire and help us grow… again, you become a better version of yourself.

By Lexi Nisita, Christene Barberich with additions from The Love Linguist and Tyler Ward. Source: http://www.relevantmagazine.com Original illustrations that can be pinned on Pinterest by Ammiel Mendoza

What Smart Men Know about Women

Friday, March 8th, 2013 Posted in Her Love Bucket, The Love Linguist® | No Comments »

Smart Men Know…

A good woman can make you feel sexy, strong and able to take on the WORLD!

A good woman is the best cheerleader who encourages and respects you.

Behind every great man is a great woman!

So, since today is International Women’s Day,  go the woman in your life today and fill Her Love Bucket!


The Love Linguist® Recognizes International Women’s Day, March 8, 2013


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