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CONTACT Ring of Desire 25% never talk #lovebucket

Sunday, May 31st, 2015 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, SEX, The Love Bucket®, The Man Class Series | No Comments »

In a recent New York Times article: “For a majority of undergraduates, beyond the two and a half hours per week in class, contact (with professor) ranges from negligible to nonexistent. ”

It goes on to say: “In their first year, 33 percent of students report that they never talk with professors outside of class, while 42 percent do so only sometimes. Seniors lower that disengagement rate only a bit, with 25 percent never talking to professors, and 40 percent sometimes.

One measure of interest in what professors believe, what wisdom they possess apart from the content of the course, is interaction outside of class. It’s often during incidental conversations held after the bell rings and away from the demands of the syllabus that the transfer of insight begins and a student’s emulation grows. Students email teachers all the time — why walk across campus when you can fire a note from your room? — but those queries are too curt for genuine mentoring. We need face time.”

Any by face time that means interaction in person not the app.

So what does this have to do with the Contact Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket?


It has to do with the type of interaction in the digital realm and the need for real, deep, and soulful contact and connection.

The text or email experience of interaction is NOT a substitute for in-person connection.  There is definitely and time and place for digital contact but it cannot replace in-person connection.   If you are out of proximity with you lover then facetime and skype are great ways to interact until you get together in person. 

Are relationships going the way of the dinosaur?  Are lovers falling in a similar pattern as higher education? “When college is more about career than ideas, when paycheck matters more than wisdom, the role of professors changes…  Sadly, professors pressed for research time don’t want them, either. As a result, most undergraduates never know that stage of development when a learned mind enthralled them and they progressed toward a fuller identity through admiration of and struggle with a role model.”

It is through contact, connection, and conversation that you grow and transform.  What is the role of your partner?  Lover, friend, companion?  How important is your relationship?  Are you investing in relationship riches?  Do you devote the time and attention to grow lovematism?  Are you priorities in the right place?

The Contact Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket is very important.  Do you know how to use it to your advantage?

Many women have the Contact Ring of Desire as one of her top three Rings of Desire of The Love Bucket. It is all in The Man Class Accelerator. If you are a married businessman or entrepreneur or CEO you can learn to unlock (almost) unlimited sex, money and power without having to cheat on your wife or girlfriend, get a divorce, ignore your children, leave your church, self-medicate with drugs or burn off steam and blowing money by partying in Las Vegas. Join The Man Class


7 Rings of Desire of the Love Bucket and “50 Shades of Grey”

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 Posted in The Man Class Series | No Comments »

What Does “50 Shades of Grey” Teach You About Female Desire?

Do you know someone like the main character Christian Grey? An unreasonable fantasy figure – a 27 year-old suave billionaire.

So many of those running around these days, right?

But this is the important part –  author E.L. James has sold over 100 million books… so …

Something IMPORTANT and URGENT is going on….

Is it that women want to be undergo S&M violent sex, get whipped and chained?   No.  Not exactly.

(1) It IS that women are volatile volcanoes of sexual desire.

(2) It IS that women want to feel the dominant hand of a confident CARING masculine leader.

(2) It IS that the female lead character (also a virgin) opened up – and softened – a closed man’s heart in the process.

Which is every woman’s fantasy.

And honestly, one of the best things women can do for us….

Get us to open our hearts and let down our guard.

But only AFTER the really hot sex.


So listen…

Bottom line…

Look at all the women around you…

… at work, at the gym, in the cafes, shopping in little stores…

Women are not getting the dream sex life they want.

But YOU can give it to them.


I’m willing to be that YOU are not getting the sex life you want.

Today I’m going to fix that for you…

What if you could make any woman


You can.

Here’s the truth – women want to be LED.

And you can lead.

“I feel like I’m being seduced by a professional” 

             – Czech girl, aged 20,

               being lowered into bed by Adam

Adam, replied, “You are, and everything I’ve said and done with you tonight has been absolutely authentic”

When you have the exact skills to lead a woman deeply into her sexuality…

A life of deep sexual pleasure and connection is YOURS to own.


Today is the day that changes your

sexual life – if you take action…

===>> Turn any woman into your DREAM LOVER – under your firm, knowing hand right here now.

And step into your new life as a SEXUAL LEADER, turning even the most shy and timid girls into voracious, volcanic, gushing tigresses in bed.

Your dream lover.


In your hands.

In your bed.

In your life.

The Sex Ring of Desire is HOT.

Make no mistake, sex is one of the 7 ways to fill the love bucket.  HOT!!!

The Man Class

The Love Bucket: How Coffee Saved A Marriage

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 Posted in Her Love Bucket, Romance, The Love Bucket®, The Man Class Series | No Comments »

My friend Harlan was a Rabbi and back in the days when did a great deal of counseling he helped people in all situations. Here’s his story on how coffee saved a marriage:

“One day some friends reported that a couple I knew were heading to divorce.  No one was able to talk to the husband. He was determined that it was over.

When I called him on the phone, I asked him to come over. He immediately said, "Rabbi, if this is about the divorce. Forget it."

I told him that I was inviting him over for coffee. If he didn’t want to talk about the divorce, that was his decision and I’d respect it.

When he came for coffee I began talking to him about the coffee I was serving.


"This coffee is Kona coffee from Hawaii. It’s one of the most expensive coffees in the world.  It’s taste is out of this world.

But if you go into a supermarket and pick up a jar of coffee, it sure doesn’t taste like this. In fact, instant coffee barely tastes like anything.

Even the coffee in the can doesn’t taste anything like this."

My guest interrupted, "Rabbi, this is the best coffee I ever had! How did you make it?"

I answered: "First, as soon as I get the beans, they go into a freezer in an airtight container. I measure out the exact portion I need and then grind them fresh right before brewing them. The sound you heard when you entered was me grinding the coffee.

Then I pour the coffee into a non-bleached filter and wait for the coffee to drip through. The coffee is so good, most people prefer to drink it black without adding cream or sugar."

My friend said, "Who would have thought so much effort went in to making a good cup of coffee?"

I said to him, "Anything that’s worth it takes an investment in time and effort. Instant is never worth it."

He smiled at me from across the table. 

In a few days I heard he proposed counseling to his wife. He told her: "Anything that’s worth it takes and investment in time and effort."

= end story =

Now the story is true and it shows the husband wanted an instant solution or he would give up (leaving the marriage).

The Rabbi in his infinite wisdom showed him the merits, details, etc. of the more detailed approach. ( example: Making really good coffee.)  The husband realized that instant solutions don’t work.

So what does this have to do with The Love Bucket?  Everything. 

But before I get into the details, this is a true story about the Rabbi and the coffee.  His name is Harlan Kilstein and he is a master storyteller and copywriter.  He is also known as a Jedi master and when he speaks live on stage he sometimes wears the Jedi master costume to wow the crowds. 


Now, back to The Love Bucket. The program based on the secrets of her love bucket is called The Man Class Series.

The Man Class takes place over the course of 30 days.  Could this program be completed in less than one week? Yes, definitely!  But then there would be no time to apply what you learned to fill your lady’s love bucket.  You need the 30 days to become a REAL Masterman!

You see, men are like microwaves who want instant solutions.  Women are like slow cookers who need to simmer and develop flavor. 

Your romantic approach can not be just fast and furious. You need to take time to develop the ambiance, warm her up, get her juicy and turn off her b-spot and turn her on.  Some say you can turn her on faster but at the same time they say the most important part is what precedes it and that is exactly what filling the love bucket is all about.

So check out The Man Class Series. and discover what it takes to fill her love bucket so YOU WIN and SHE’S SATISFIED!


Love Bucket: The Only Pick-Up Line You’ll Ever Need

Saturday, February 18th, 2012 Posted in Attention, Dating, Mating, Relating, The Man Class Series | No Comments »

In The Man Class Accelerator, there is an awesome interview with Stephen Nash, known as Playboy in the book, The Game.

Now, The Man Class is not simply about dating and picking up women.  In fact, The Man Class is about keeping a good woman happy and filling her love bucket.

Valentine’s is over and the pressure is off, so to speak, but dating continues.  You have to meet her first to fill her love bucket.

To begin dating, a guy needs to have a great conversation starter or pick up line. Your opener is important.  It is the way that you give and get her attention.

Stephen has one that he says works about 90% of the  time.  He said that he grew so weary of the mass amounts of pick up lines and gimmicks that he developed a very simple, elegant and smooth way of approaching women in any/all circumstances.  The following is in Stephen’s own words:

“I noticed you from across the cafe and I had to risk complete embarrassment to meet you. 
My name is Stephen.”

That’s it.


Why does it work so well? 

A few reasons:

1) You aren’t overtly hitting on her.  All you say is that you “noticed” her which always piques her interest.  Inevitably, she will reply to your statement with “Well, what did you notice?” (so, be ready for that).

2) You pace the reality of this being slightly awkward and different when you say “risk complete embarrassment”.  She will relax when you say this as it confirms to her that you are aware that this is not the norm.

3) You tell her your name, which is polite WHILE patting yourself on the back a bit by honoring the fact that this is a “risk”.

Does this phrase automatically insure that you get a date with her?  Of course not.  But it does guarantee that you get a conversation with her around 90% of the time.  Women respond to direct, romantic gestures very well…if you do this technique, you will see what I mean.

Being direct conveys a lot of REALLY GOOD things to women.  And, I have found that this technique is the only romantic pick up line that isn’t terribly cheesy and that truly, actually works.

Try it!


And here’s a list of places to meet women that does not include a bar or club:

1. Seminars/Events

2. Dog Parks

3. Concerts

4. Home Depot

5. Plane or Train Travel

6. Online Chat and Networking

7. Sporting Events

8. 8 at 8 Dinner Party for 8 Strangers

Checkout  This site also lists modern pickup lines if you think you need more ammunition than Stephen Nash’s solid one above.

1. “Hey, I love your shoes (or handbag, or coat, etc.)!” Who doesn’t love being complimented?! This is an easy, non-awkward way to start conversation and get brownie points at the same time.

2. “Hi, I would love to get you a drink.” Perfect for when you spot someone in a bar setting. It’s simple and direct. Try not to sound cheesy…it’s pretty easy with this one. And PLEASE, take “no” for an answer. Persistence is not the key here, it just weirds people out and makes everyone uncomfortable.

3. “What kind of dog is that?” Everyone loves talking about their little pal. It shows you’re interested and instantly gives you something to talk about. As e-Harmony says, if you’re feeling brave/witty, add “Does he/she have a phone number?”

4. “Are you single?” I agree, this sounds scary and forward. But after working for a matchmaker, and actually USING this line in real life, I can assure you it’s not as awkward as you might think. If you ask with your most charming smile and maybe even with a little laugh (like you know this is very direct, but you’re going for it!) then if the answer is “no,” most people will be impressed with your straightforward approach.

5. “Nice to meet you, I’m ____ and you’re beautiful!” With a lot of people, flattery will get you everywhere. This approach is again, very direct, but could also brighten someone’s day and your chances of grabbing a date.

7. “How much does a polar bear weight? Enough to break the ice!” This classic, marginally cheesy pickup line is actually pretty sweet and funny. Who doesn’t enjoy a joke? This can show you don’t take yourself TOO seriously, which in the dating world is definitely a plus.

8. “Excuse me, but you have something on your face,” (when she goes to wipe it off stop her and say) “No, no leave it. It’s beauty.” Ok, this actually made me laugh out loud. Yes, it’s super cheesy, but if a cutie came up to me and said this, I don’t think I could resist. Actually, I might start using this. Watch out, boys!

Basically, most of these fun and direct pickup lines are a great way to start the conversation and involve that person you’ve been eyeing.


How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Text and Tweet the Ways

Friday, February 17th, 2012 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Her Love Bucket, Romance, Seduction, SEX, The Love Bucket®, The Man Class Series | No Comments »

Valentine’s may be over but dating and love are always hot topics.

If you’ve dated online, then you probably experienced being asked out via text message. digital-love
If you use Twitter, you may have sent a 140-character declaration of love. Compared with a sonnet on perfumed parchment, it doesn’t seem very romantic.

Mobile-tapping tweets, texts, facebook, and the latest pinterest, keep hands busy but not with a pen.

When was the last time you picked up a pen wrote out a letter by hand? And when was the last time you sent someone a love letter?

And who needs Shakespearean declarations of love anyway? If Juliet had Googled Romeo, she would have found out he was a Montague and avoided all the big fuss.

Looking for your Romeo? The boom in Internet dating means there are more fish in the sea than ever before. Plenty of Fish is a popular, free dating site. For those too busy for the singles scene, online dating is a welcome shortcut, especially when profiles and photos let you be choosy about your choices.

Before you even go on your first date, you can Google and Facebook your potential love to your heart’s content to make sure she’s not hiding any skeletons. Technology just cuts out the small talk, letting you know if your partner is the right one for you.

So once a potential Juliet is found, what’s the way to a modern woman’s heart? Try her cell phone. And if you are in a relationship, you can spice up your love life with hot texts (GUYS, click here for more on Text Love Now)


If they’re correctly organized, text messages are like stacks of love letters tied with ribbon — only now they’re searchable.

Paul Walker, 25, used texts to create the perfect anniversary gift for his girlfriend, Elizabeth. He created a calendar that tracked the chronology of their relationship, using only their text messages.

As he was making the calendar, Walker, who lives in Brooklyn, converted his chats with her into a text document — 1,200 pages long. Though the mass of messages was intimidating, the finished calendar showed the arc of their relationship. "It ended up creating a rather emotional thing," says Walker. And an overjoyed girlfriend => Definitely filling her love bucket showing her his dedication with the time, effort, and love infused into such a project

The Love Bucket

Texting technology helps not just the enamored though. If a romance goes sour, your smartphone or iPhone can take all the effort out of writing a Dear John letter. We all know someone who’s been dumped via text message.couples-texting

Especially in the case of breakups, it’s tough to draw the line between efficient and impersonal communication. The key seems to lie in balancing your online and off-line relationship. It is not surprising that texting, tweets,  and social media may lead to break-ups, because often text messages are misinterpreted. If you do want to get your ex back, then you can try text your ex back and reunite that uses a lot of the right psychology.

In the age of texting, old-fashioned romance may seem as antiquated as Old English. Excerpts From Time.


Smart marketers are using the texting angle to tap your deepest emotions. Perhaps technology can smooth the course of true love, whether it helps find it, nurture it or, fix it, and, if need be, end it.

With dating, because texting and online relationships make a days-old relationship seem more intimate or because they numerous texts increases anticipation.

Text and tweet to your hearts content and hopefully you’ll get the reply you want!

With a relationship, the frequency of texts (frequency being one of the considerations of the love bucket) coupled with the RIGHT message can fill the love bucket and shine up the Contact Ring of Desire that will lead to other rings of desire of THE LOVE BUCKET.

Yes, in the end it gets back to The Love Bucket.  If the text or tweet does not fill the love bucket, try a different Ring of Desire. There are 7 Rings of Desire and your special lady has three or four top desires.  Find out what they are in The Man Class Accelerator.

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist

Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

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