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Defining ‘Love’ In Different Ways

December 30th, 2016 Posted in Lovematism, The Love Bucket®

What is the definition of love?

Love is the most profound emotion we experience as humans. Did you know that 72% of people believe in love at first sight? The tricky thing about love is that we can feel it in a variety of different states–when we’re happy, sad, angry, confused or excited–and our attitudes about love can range from affectionate. Did you know that88% of Americans state love as being the top reason they choose to get married? It is very easy to acknowledge that the idea of love plays a pretty big role in our lives.

The ancient Greeks used seven words to define the different states of love we may experience:

  • Natural Affection (Storge)
  • Friendship (Philia)
  • Self-Love (Philautia)
  • Flirting (Ludus)
  • Sexual And Erotica (Eros)
  • Committed, Married Love (Pragma)
  • Unconditional, Divine Love (Agape)

Though there are many different kinds of love to experience, the romantic and affectionate expression of love is what, on some level, we’re all seeking. The reason being that the majority of us find fulfillment through the comfort of a deeply committed and romantic relationship.  And, fulfillment is all about filling The Love Bucket®

The Need For A Definition of Love… enter Lovematism

Love takes on different forms, and there are four that shine the brightest. We can each experience love in our own way, which is why defining the term ‘love’ is so complicated. Our culture makes us curious to know how others perceive love so we can determine how our love stacks up against that definition. Think about it: if you say you’re in love with someone, but your friends or family don’t see the chemistry, they may respond with “can’t see the love angle.” So what, exactly, is love?

Love is an overused word for many things: I love my dog. I love my shoes. I love my car. Love is used for many situations.  How do you define something so uncontrollable and versatile?

What is Love? Sexual Dynamics in Lovematism
Chemistry is the physical attraction – sexual magnetism. From the scientific point of view, love is a powerful and permanent neurological condition. Love is chemistry, and it’s not something you can necessarily control. When you feel true love, the brain can release a whole set of chemicals, allowing you to experience it in different expressions. There is a difference between lust and love. Lust is a temporary desire fueled by an increased release of testosterone and estrogen–it lasts for a short time, then you stabilize, and it’s gone.

What is Love? Passion in Lovematism

Emotional connection of two lovers that has the sparks of passion keep the emotional rhythm and hearts beating together. This is sharing happiness, joy, fun of romance, caring, and compassion. There is a heartfelt love vibration, a coherent connection and you resonant together. There is a commitment to the relationship that lasts and is far beyond being dedicated actual relationship itself because the connection is so strong.

What is Love? Soul Mates in Lovematism
Whether you go to church or have a religious practice, some people direct their love toward God, or celebrities, and we can hold love for our neighbors, country and objects outside the relationship. It is through your shared experience of what you believe God to be that together you constantly work to develop and nurture this aspect of your relationship. When it comes to spirit, the soul mate connection is sort of a threesome.

What is Love? Sapiosexual Attraction in Lovematism
Lovematism represents the passionate bond of lovers. It is not just that you finds intelligence to be a sexually attractive quality but that you are enamored by the way your lover thinks, what they talk about, and how their mind works. This is not necessary intelligence in being book-smart but the way YOUR lover thinks, talks, and views the world. You must sync up mentally to have a deep connection.

Why Lovematism as the better definition of Love?
Lovematism embraces the four aspects that keeps the bond (think: embrace) with our lover. You need at least two of these aspects to have a relationship. If you have three it gets stronger. When you have all four you can weather most any storm and rise up to enjoy every sunrise together. Lovematism is the bond on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Lovematism fills The Love Bucket® in so many ways.


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