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Do you want her addicted to you?

January 8th, 2013 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Her Love Bucket, Seduction, SEX, The Love Bucket®

Do you want her addicted to you?

Text her.

Send her sexy texts.

The power of texting lies in its addictive pleasures.

One in three people would give up sex rather than give up their mobile phones.

Sex is only one of many daily passions people are willing to forgo (source

To unlock this texting power and use it for your benefit, check out the reasons why mobile phones are so addictive.

What is it about what she gets from her mobile phones, and the role texting plays in her everyday lives, that gives them such power, and drives women to crave a ‘sexy text’ so badly?

It turns out that the same reasons mobile phones are so captivating fall into seven categories. Not the 7 Rings of Desire, but just one of the rings of desire: The Contact Ring of Desire.

sexy texts Love Bucket CONTACT Ring of Desire (thelovebucket)

The addiction to mobile is the b-spot’s instinctual attraction to the 7 categories that can be activated by her Contact Ring of Desire: power of now, surprises, rewards, simplicity, free, fun and prizes.

She is addicted to new and now
The b-spot brain gives priority to new information over old information. She feels compelled to answer or look at her mobile phone when it buzzes even if she is driving on the freeway.  

Her b-spot is hard-wired to crave the new. What is “New” is treated as inherently better.

Why is she addicted to right ‘now’?

Psychologists have long known that the brain has a weakness when it comes to the here and now. 

When it comes to long range planning, human beings are reasonably rational. 

Most people making plans can choose wisely and with logic.  But when it comes to what she would like right now, her willpower collapses and the most exciting option wins. 

Her ability to resist desire in the present shares a frightening similarity to the resolve of an ant. 

In planning mode, she can think ahead and make good decisions, but, in the here and now, her skepticism collapses. This irrationality is compounded because the smartphone is for most people all about new and now information.

One of the primary functions of the smartphone is to constantly alert its user to the availability of new information for immediate consumption – new status update, new text message, application update, incoming call – the phone is effectively a new information input firehouse for the human brain. And a sexy text will start at the top of her mind and ease down into her loins.

You may plan out your sexy texts but she gets it mere seconds. And that turns her on!

You can start getting her hot and excited with the anticipation of what’s to come (and hopefully you will both be coming!).

Switch her b-spot on with a sexy text and this creates a new context in messaging her.

She is addicted to surprises
Part of the huge appeal of mobile phones is their unpredictability. When she hears hers buzz, she has no idea what might be in store for her, and that in turn is massively irresistible and motivating.

A famous experiment found that surprising rewards were three times as motivating as predictable rewards.

Children were asked to draw with crayons. Half were promised candy if the drew, and half were promised nothing. 

All children received candy at the end of the day, half received a predictable reward of candy, half as a surprising reward of candy. 

What happened next is what is important. The researchers watched the children the next day to see what happened. The kids that received the surprising reward spent three times as much time drawing with crayons as those who received the predictable reward.

The mobile phone is a 24/7, all-the-time surprise machine in your pocket, and surprises are often key components of the most successful mobile apps.  What tantalizing tease do you have in store for her in a sexy text?

And sexy text messages to her are like finding hidden digital treasure surprise rewards. Tap into mobile and activate her love biochemicals and the most powerful motivators of sexual behavior.

She is addicted to rewards
The b-spot’s response to a human smile is equivalent to the brains response to 2,000 bars of chocolate.  The Contact Ring of Desire works in conjunction with simple material rewards (Provision Ring of Desire) and often trumps it.

Clearly, the power of mobile phones lies in its ability to connect with her socially, and immediately.  She feels the connection especially if her phone is on vibrate. When she gets her sexy text, she thinks: “He wants me. He thinks I’m sexy. I want him. I want to be with him. Oh… what I like him to do with my body…” It is suggestive “dirty talk” without the talking.

If she is into you, you can be witty, charming or provocative at any time if you follow some sexy texting methods.  Taps into her most primordial needs with a little help.

She’ll become addicted to your sexy texts and literally cannot get enough of them and of you.

She is addicted to simple
If the desire for new, surprising, and sexy has not already made her addicted to you, consider the power of simple. The simpler something is to do, the more likely she is to do it, regardless of the rational costs or benefits.

The key to activating simplicity in with sexy texts revolves almost exclusively around removing friction from activities that were previously harder to accomplish.

Take charge and text her exactly what you are going to do to her step by step… she will fall under your spell. But make her wait in between each step, vary the texts to keep the element of surprise.

She is addicted to free
Remove the obstacles that make her naturally wary. The lack of work or effort on her part, is essentially free, and therefore is irresistible. 

True, free for her means using up some your time to craft a text (or just copy from a list of great sexy texts), but for her, if she just has to show up, she is far more giving of time with you.

With sexy texts, her willingness to spend time with you is profound.  Especially if you are trying to get her back.

Your sexy texts convey she is a priority. She’ll be eager to be with you.  

She is addicted to fun
The love biochemicals are based on the same things that addicts crave. Fun is our heroin.

Fun is its own reward and does not ask for anything in return. It is an immediate reward.

Would you rather being playing Angry Birds or having a sexual tryst with your lover? Add the fun element to your sexy texts.

Sometimes fun is what you need to turn your sexy text into an undeniable turn on.

She is addicted to prizes
While she is addicted to now, rewards, surprising, simple, free and fun, you can also reel her in with an interesting human vice: she hates leaving a task undone. 

This is the b-spot open loop that must be closed. She is compelled to “win her prize” by completing her mission or goal whatever that may be. And if your sexy text is telling a story, you become her happy ending.

Men and particularly women, hate leaving something unfinished that they have already started.

Reeling her in with texts that “tell a story” keeps her curiosity in place and is at the heart of creating the desire that will turn on her Sex Ring of Desire. How you evoke her emotion has her longing for your touch and for you to release her sexual tension into an ultimate climax.

Men that can transform their isolated sexual encounters with their lovers into part of a larger long-term goal (with variations to keep the surprise and curiosity) are tapping into her hard-wired desire to finish what has been activated, even if she did not know she were starting anything. So you open another loop in the b-spot with a text message with more anticipation of a future rendezvous. She will become addicted.

SO WHAT now?

Sexy texts taps into her desire for now, surprises, simple, rewards, free, fun and prizes – desires that our b-spot brain finds irresistible. 

Are you a man that can use these principles in your sexy text messages? If yes, then you are poised to make your lover as addicted to you.

If you have question about how sexy texts can fill her love bucket, check this out.

the love bucket - sexy texts - contact ring of desire

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