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Drop Your Pants Here For Prompt Attention (fills the love bucket??)

September 23rd, 2011 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Drive Her Desire, Power Her Passion, Seduction, SEX, Sherrie Rose Recommends, The Love Bucket®


drive her desire  and drop your pants

Drop Your Pants Here
and You Will Receive Prompt Attention

Guys, wouldn’t it be so easy that all you had to do was follow the sign above to get the kind of attention you want from your wife or girlfriend. But, not so sure if this will fill her love bucket…

Unfortunately, you may have and easy on switch, but a woman is like a slow cooker and it takes time for her to heat up. You need to driver her desire, power her passion and unlock her libido.

If you don’t know about it, the love biochemicals decrease after your first few years or months of hot, frequent, passionate lovemaking. But, the good news is you can rev up her engine and get those love biochemicals surging throught her body again. Shine up her ring of desire… the red-hot ring of desire (that would be the sex ring of desire of the love bucket) and fill her love bucket.. again and again.

She will become more affectionate, more attentive, if you accelerate her turn on when you know just what works for her no matter how long you have been together. Get back in the driver’s seat and drive her desire until she is HOT FOR YOU!

drive her desire  and be a master seducer

Everything You Need To Be A ‘Master Seducer’
=> Seduction Techniques for Men In Relationship
Woo The Woman You Have NOW!


drive her desire or we'll all be chicks
In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks

Can you imagine that there is no polarity between the sexes so sexual tension evaporates (*like the title of this book indicates!). Men, get back in the (benevolent) power position in your relationship. Be the chairman of the relationship. You need to run the sex department in your marriage or relationship otherwise, like this book title suggests, men are doomed.

If you want a better love and sex life with your lady, get the tools and tactics in this great program and drive her desire until she hot, hot, hot.

You may become like one of the guys that says this:

"Things are better sexually than ever before and neither of us continue to be frustrated with this matter…"

I am a high school teacher so I know that if you are able to change lives (even 1 life) for the positive that the gratification you receive from knowing what you’ve done is immeasurable.
I found my way to your website after learning something that devastated me beyond anything imaginable!

After 2 days of pulling my hair out and trying to figure out why she was an emotional wreck, she admitted to me that she realized our sexual problems we had been facing were because she loved me but wasn’t physically attracted to me.
I’ve never been hit with anything so hard in my life!

That brought me to you.

Failure in our marriage was no option.

Without a doubt, I can tell that I have built back up that attraction that we had when we were first together.

Things are better sexually than ever before and neither of us continue to be frustrated with this matter.

I want to THANK YOU with the utmost sincerity and tell you that I don’t want to think about where I (and my marriage) would be without your knowledge.

Or… this…

"…she has this enormous orgasm just as I am ‘about to’ enter, she is wetter than any time I can remember,
she is sooo Hot that I can’t believe it."

We have been married over 30 years and at times I (meaning we) thought that I needed some help.
She loves me, and tells me all of the time, but the sexual tension is not there, and I never realized how important it is.
By the third day I can feel her tension, [a step by step process], she does initiate the action and when it’s time for me to roll her over and give her some relief.
I hear "this magical moan" and she has this enormous orgasm just as I am "about to" enter, she is wetter than any time I can remember, she is sooo Hot that I can’t believe it.
I deliver the "goods" and she is Cumming again and again, and I had figured that (erroneously) that she was not multi orgasmic, (30 years too late).
I am trying to recreate our most recent round of action with something even hotter, I am working on the different levels of communication, who knows what I will find, thanks.

Or …. This….

"…she was all over me!"

I realize now that this Revival System is like my "bible" if you will on correcting my marriage.

I have realized what listened to and everything you and the experts talked about is/was brilliant.

Every moment that I am with her now I am going through things in my head that you have explained.

Another thing that is comforting to me is that you understand everything that I went through (except that you realize that lack of attraction instead of her having to admit it to you). Therefore I knew that it would work.

I keep this in mind also, as I continue to build on the foundation that I have built since this realization. I have changed internally and have begun to think on a greater level.

Without a doubt, I can tell that I have built back up that attraction that we had when we were first together.

Things are better sexually than ever before and neither of us continue to be frustrated with this matter.

I feel like a big percent of husbands go through this problem. Do you think this is a safe assumption?

Looking back, I know that we were on the road to catastrophe if this wouldn’t have happened. It now seems that it is that best thing that could happen to us.

Along that note, I will also tell you that I don’t believe anything that you have talked about is immoral (I am a religious man). We ARE created different and your findings are a breakthrough to me as to how women act and why in many cases.

I want to THANK YOU with the utmost sincerity and tell you that I don’t want to think about where I (and my marriage) would be without your knowledge and taking the time to write it down.


"…We had hours of mind blowing sex for the first time in years this past weekend…"

"I realized after purchasing the program that I was literally creating an atmosphere that was driving my mate away from me. I figured that since we’ve been together for 18 years, I don’t have to do anything special, she’ll always be mine. I realize now, after reading your words and listening to the audio, that I have to create the atmosphere for better relations and sex.

And boy do your techniques work! It’s beginning to feel like the first few months and years we were together. It’s very hard as a man to admit that his thinking is flawed, that you’re doing everything wrong. Your work is really better than therapy or many of the books out there.

I created enough sexual tension that ultimately create a sexual explosion! We had hours of mind blowing sex for the first time in years this past weekend, and it’s all because of your approach and techniques I used.

The philosophy behind your work is much deeper than just sex. It’s a way of life. You really have to work to have a great relationship. Even your lady isn’t aware what you’re doing or isn’t actively participating, the changes you incorporate naturally rub off, and without them actually knowing it, the relationship begins to improve almost immediately!!!

Sherrie Rose Recommends this – click here to see program!

drive her desire to the red carpet

Drive Her Desire with Keys to Unlock Her Libido and
Get the Red Carpet right to the Master Bedroom!


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