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Filling the Love Bucket @ Coffee Bean + Tea Leaf

October 20th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, The Love Bucket®


Today, I am playing solo in a beautiful coastal city while the “brains” are masterminding.


It was a little overcast so I stopped in to get a cup of hot mint tea and get connected. It was time to write an article for The Love Bucket Blog.


I was sitting at nice corner table and beside me were two lounge chairs waiting for the next patron. Suddenly there was a flurry of activity with people filling up the empty chairs. Soon, across from me was a gorgeous woman, sitting alone.

In short measure, a very attentive man arrived with drinks. He left and came back a couple of times, each time softly kissing the beautiful woman on the lips.

The attraction between them was MAGNETIC! Instead of sitting in the comfortable lounge chair, the gentleman sat on the stool right beside her. He definitely wanted to be close to her.

Their conversation was lively and she was beaming a beautiful smile. They were like the Coffee Bean + Tea Leaf, different yet complimentary. Everyone around could feel their love attraction. It was so uplifting.

I walked over and asked if I may have a moment with them. They were gracious and inviting and spoke with me. I told them I wanted to write a Love Bucket blog post about them. They were slightly embarrassed by agreed. They didn’t want their photo taken, as they said it was “too early” – that’s why the photo above has empty chairs. As promised, I’ll keep their anonymity.

They met two weeks ago and he lives in a different city. He has a job offer that will bring him closer. They both are involved in careers in sports and looked very fit.

I asked what they would be doing together NEXT weekend and he immediately volunteered that he knows she likes wine and they would be doing a wine tasting. Her eyes lit up at the suggestion. He said that TODAY he was trying to convince her to shake her current time obligations but she was committed. He did say that he wanted to see her later in the evening and she nodded in agreement.

I shared with them the concept of lovematism. They loved it! For sure they were feeling massive attraction towards one another in more than one of the four aspects of lovematism.

Young, fresh vibrant love is such a delight to witness. Thank you for letting me share your story on the love bucket blog!


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