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Four Seasons of Love Part 2 (Fill The Love Bucket)

March 6th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, Seduction, SEX, The Love Bucket®

Four Seasons of Love Part 2

Some folks say this is good for every one of the Four Seasons of  Love.  Fill The Love Bucket by shining up the rings of desire of your special lady. One of those desires is sex.


Here’s a quick recap of the Four Seasons of Love Defined:


DATING – Season 1 of the Four Seasons of Love

INTIMACY – Season 2 of the Four Seasons of Love

COMMITMENT – Season 3 of the Four Seasons of Love

BREAK-UP & MAKE-UP – Season 4 of Four Seasons of Love

Four Seasons of Love celebrates love providing ideas for experiences for couples in the real world and online. The Love Bucket of romance and intimacy gives you and a chance to rekindle the flames of passion… Four Seasons of Love define the four seasons of the lifecycle of love in four parts. Part1 = Season 1, Part 2 = Season 2, Part 3 = Season 3, Part 4= Season 4

For many relationships, intimacy and commitment go together.  Season 2 of the Four Seasons of Love is intimacy which includes sex but is not limited to sex.  In the Four Seasons of Love there is a close familiarity and friendship, closeness, private connection, and involves physical or emotional intimacy.

In the Four Seasons of Love, the physical intimacy is characterized by romantic passionate love and sexual activity. The term intimacy often refers to is a sexual relationship.

Fortunately, in the Four Seasons of Love, intimacy does not end and traverses several of the Four Seasons of Love. There is a desire to belong and to love which is often satisfied within an intimate relationship.

The well-known Dummies books have several volumes relating to the four seasons of love.

To honor our friends and authors of the Dummies books we will dedicate the four seasons of love to them.  Here’s some of their sage advice:

Have a Sexier, More Exciting Relationship

Use these tips to keep the sexual chemistry alive in your marriage and improve your sex life:

  • · Show your love every day.
  • · Touch each other lovingly and sensuously.
  • · Show and tell your spouse what pleases you.
  • · Let your fantasies run free.
  • · Make time to be alone together.
  • · Play and laugh together.
  • · Make special time for sex.
  • · Become an artful kisser.
  • · Talk sexy to each other.

Try altering time, place and technique to further beat the bedroom boredom.



Be daring and create a sense of sexual excitement

Acting out fantasies can be a rich and exciting experience for couples. Once you’ve shared an experience, you’re likely to feel more comfortable with your fantasy lives and extend your repertoire further. If you do want to act out a fantasy, make sure that your partner is comfortable with the idea.

Playing grown-up games can also bring passion back to your sex life, and can increase feelings of trust and intimacy. Try:

  • Buying a blindfold
  • Adding sexy twists to classic games like hide and seek
  • Buying a commercial sex game
  • Staging fun play fights
  • Engaging in role playing



Maintain a sexual connection with your partner

If you’re working all day or busy raising a family, you may find that you stop seeing your partner as a lover. Maintaining a sexual connection will help you keep a sense of sexuality outside of the bedroom. Try:

  • Sending saucy text messages during the day.
  • Saying “I fancy you”, or paying an unexpected, sexually loaded compliment
  • Being physically bolder with affection

Create sexual space to arouse your senses

Think about creating an environment that appeals to each of your five senses in order to maximize the sensual experience.

  • Sight: Soft lightning and candlelight in particular can be very romantic and can cast exciting shadows in a room. Think about colours which excite you. Try swapping the bed linen for something sexy
  • Sound: Playing music can help to get you in the mood. Think about what kind of music makes you feel sexy, or calm and chilled.
  • Smell: Your partner’s favorite scent, or favorite aromatherapy oil can get your pulse racing. Lavender aids relaxation, ylang ylang can boost sensuality, or choose sandalwood to boost your sexual energy.
  • Taste: The link between food and sexual desire is well known. Foods which are said to contain aphrodisiac properties include strawberries, asparagus, chocolate, oysters, saffron and lettuce.
  • Touch: Your skin is the biggest sensory organ you have, yet it’s often forgotten about. Interesting textures such as silk, fur, feather and satin can help you rekindle a passion for touch and feel.

ALTER the romantic initiation “rules”

If sex has become a bit routine, try spicing things up by initiating sex in new ways:

  • Romantic and tender: This could start with a romantic supper, or massage, or any gesture which says ‘I love you’.
  • Brazen and bold: Try a sexy, direct statement or physical come-on which is straight to the point and says ‘I want you’.
  • Urgent and frenzied: The tempo is quickly upped after the usual hug and kiss
  • Daring and erotic: Turn up the volume by dressing sexily or performing a strip-tease for your partner.


Thanks to the Dummies books who are celebrating in March and for being part of the Four Seasons of Love.

Intimate relationships may start with season 1, dating, of the Four Seasons of Love and involve the physical and sexual attraction by one person to another, liking and loving, romantic feelings, and sexual relationships.

Season 3 of the Four Seasons of Love coming next.

Erogenous Zones Female Orgasm Explained

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