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How to Get a Woman to Do Anything

March 20th, 2013 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, Masterman, Mastermen

How to Get a Woman to Do Anything

You see her across the room. 

She’s leggy.  Charming.  Perfect teeth.  Adorable.  Seemingly open and friendly – and available…

She looks up. Your eyes meet…
Now what?
How do you go from that first "look" – to (2) an easy, natural and sexually charged conversation to (3) a sweet first kiss to (4) breathless "take-me" surrender?

Hey – it’s a GREAT question.

The answer – natural law.

What do I mean by that?
It’s not what you think.  It’s not,  "be the alpha gorilla" and drag her into the bushes.

Rather, as men, as men who succeed in the world, as men who take ourselves seriously, who take our lives seriously, who are committed to evolve and become more powerful, more confident…
… we gather our ideas and our knowledge from more sophisticated sources.

The psychology of influence is a fascinating study and makes you a smarter and more effective man.   As the writer of this guest post, I must tell you that I read everything I can — and I test what I read.

This week, I’ve been reading a book on how to change behavior recommended by the CEOs of Hasbro, McKesson, Cessna, Allergan and the Chief of Staff of the US Army – among others.  The book is "What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Get Even More Successful" – by Marshall Goldsmith.  Marshall is one of the top presenters at the annual WBECS Summit.   And I’ve been studying it, looking for even more lessons to share with the guys who are in my Boldness Code 60 Day Transformation Program.  And I want to tell you something that struck me… because it makes all the difference with women.

… and it is the heart of the kind of Boldness I teach.

If you remember from our Teaching Webinar on Boldness – I showed you how BOLDNESS is "the ability to make your will felt in the world."    And not just your will – but your will without apology and without domineering.

In fact, with no attachment at all and no dependency at all on other people’s reaction or approval.

Boldness is internal freedom and the ability to – in the moment – act, speak and follow through based solely on your desire to make your will felt.

That kind of freedom – demonstrated in word, body and action – electrifies women.

Now – there are two kinds of boldness.

1. Shitty boldness hurts people. Leaves them scarred for life.
2. The kind of Boldness I teach in the course in "Ennobling Boldness" – the kind of strong, internal freedom that INSPIRES women to want to be with you.  To see in the first 10 seconds that YOU are that unusual man who stands out from the crowd and can take them for an exciting ride.

Goldsmith says in his book – really a primer for CEOs and other highly successful men – that "natural law" trumps everything…

"The only natural law I’ve witnessed in three decades of observing successful people’s efforts to become more successful is this:  People will do something – including changing their behavior – only if it can be demonstrated that doing so in their own best interests as defined by their own values."

Here’s what I want you to know about Boldness and why this course will give you what you need to use to succeed with woman in an entirely new way.

When you meet women…

To reframe this statement above – every woman is tuned to the same radio station:  "WIIFM" – "what’s in it for me."

When you approach women with a "needy" attitude of trying to "get" something from her ( a number, her approval) rather than with an empowered, self-contained attitude of "giving" – she will immediately be attuned to the truth that you are the one with the power, the gifts, the overflow – and she’ll be more receptive to you.  It’s a simple shift but a crucial one.  You can do this with one phrase – properly delivered.

I show you – how at those 5 make-or-break moments with women – those moments where they decide to "f" you or forget you – that you must, must, must demonstrate that you are 100% comfortable in your sexual body – as a sexual being.  As men and women we are sexual beings – and to embody that without shame  – through speech, touch, breathing, stance, how you take up space – is a SCREAMING indication to her that you are either likely to give her a great sexual experience or not. 

Her sexual experience is "in her best self-interests" as Goldsmith would word it.  So if she doesn’t FEEL that likelihood from you, she’s not going to "change her behavior" and go home with you.  Or even take you seriously.

If your body is telling her that you’re out for yourself – she’ll turn off.  If you are trying to out "display" her, she will turn off.   A woman wants to know that you will take her beyond her inhibitions into the blissful land of surrender and release.

Bold men do that.  Polite men don’t.  Make sure she feels which one you are right away.  A bold man is a Masterman.

Goldsmith important adds that last phrase.  You can’t – and shouldn’t  – try to make anyone take actions against their values.  What you CAN do is reveal to them that the repressed, withheld, constricted habits they are clinging to are not actually their values…

.. that sexual repression, self-denial and timidity are in fact tyrannical codes of decaying cultural norms designed to control and destroy women’s freedom and independence…
You want to inspire women to change their values, free their values and learn to "love what the soft animal of their bodies" already love.
If you don’t take the lead – you are cheating her of the very pleasure of possessing a life and a body in this delicious world.
Do you want to be the bold man that can lead her into pleasure and happiness, release and surrender, joy and freedom?

If so  – you’d better know how to do that for yourself.

… and be the man who is FREE inside, TRUTHFUL outside and SIZZLING with the sexuality of boldness in body, mind, speech and touch.
… or…
… you can continue to try to "trick" or "manipulate"  or "nice" woman into your bed.

This isn’t just about meeting women
This is about living the life you actually want to live.

Register Now HERE.    <—-Registrations CLOSE on THURSDAY at 6PM
And join me, Adam Gilad, for 60 Days of BOLD BADASSERY, starting March 21. Be one of the Mastermen who experiences
… and genuine spiritual freedom.

Maybe for the first time in your life.
Join Me Here – and know exactly what to say and what to do with women everywhere you go!
There’s absolutely zero risk for you.

To Your Bold Life,


P.S.  Being Bold is definitely one way that creates attraction and leads to you filling her love bucket!

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