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How To Get Your Ex Back By Filling Her Love Bucket

June 24th, 2011 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Dating, Mating, Relating, The Love Bucket®

stop “How to Get Your Ex Back… Or…
How to STOP Your Break-up
Before It’s Set In Stone”

Dear Friend with Heartache,

I feel for you 100%. I have seen more than one good man lose his girlfriend or worse, a wife, who says, “I want a divorce.” It makes your heart sink and your head spin.

So many men I know started learning about women AFTER they lose the “good one.” After that day, guys start dating again, trying to figure women out… to discover how to keep your woman happy in a relationship… and even… get your ex-girlfriend back if you regret breaking up in the first place.

The reality is, there are four simple steps. It was Vin DiCarlo (who created the dating system, PANDORA’s BOX) which I highly recommend you check out.

With his permission, I’d like to share it with you, right now the steps to get your ex-back. This is from Vin’s point of view with the specifics of the love bucket from me.

It’s pretty simple:

STEP ONE: Agree with the break up

Tell her, “Baby, I didn’t want to say anything, but I honestly believe this is the best decision to make, right now.” And then stop talking. Let her make the next move.

Here’s exactly what’s going to happen:

Instantly, she’ll regret her decision. Because she was expecting a fight. In her mind, you’d fight for her. And when you two finally broke up, it would give her closure. When you agree with her, she thinks YOU may have been unhappy in your relationship as well. This makes her second guess her decision to break up

Which… given the silly, emotional reasons women want to break up with you… is usually enough to stop your breakup BY ITSELF! (You simply talk about your problems until they go away)

Once you’ve agreed to breakup, here’s what you do:

STEP TWO: Cut All Ties

If she decides to go ahead and breakup with you, immediately stop talking to her. (This is the opposite of the Love Bucket Contact Ring of Desire – NO CONTACT!)
Not even a parting text. You want complete silence and here’s why:

When she doesn’t hear from you, she starts to wonder about you. She wonders what you’re up to. She thinks about your future. And… most importantly of all… she remembers all the GOOD TIMES you two had together.

These good thoughts play over and over in her head, until they make her REGRET breaking up with you. Which is the first step towards getting back together. The really great part about this step is, you don’t have to do anything.

You just stay broken up and ignore her. There’s nothing to “mess up.”

You’re going to give her three weeks to three months to sit on her decision. It takes this long because it WORKS. And it works because the bad emotions are dead and gone after three months of silence. So give it some time.

OK. Let’s win your woman back…

STEP THREE: Get To Know Your Woman’s Rings of Desire

Here’s a scary statistic: 100% of ALL relationships fail because there was a lack of communication between the partners. One hundred percent. Here’s the real tragedy: This mistake is EASILY avoidable.

Here’s how:

You may think you know your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. And you did, when your relationship started. That’s the only way you two could have bonded. The trick is: People EVOLVE and CHANGE while they’re in relationships. So the woman you’re dating months or years later is NOT THE SAME WOMAN you started dating.

And when you treat her the same, you create communication problems. Which leads to your breakup.

So the first step towards getting back together is finding out what “type” of woman she is by know what it is that FILLS her LOVE BUCKET. And I’ll tell you HOW to do that in just one second. Because we need to take a look at the final step, first…

STEP FOUR: Make Your Move

Now, it’s time to give her a call and make your move. It’s time to get your woman back. And it’s time to get your relationship back. Luckily for you, this can be EASY as easy can be… if… you do it right…

The trick is the same as step three: You need to know what desires your woman has today by knowing what it is that fills her love bucket. There are 7 Rings of Desire and she desires about three or four of them. Once you know, then, you need to make the right move.

To help you figure out which “type” of woman she is… what’s the first “right move”… and exactly how you’re going to get your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife back into your life, you need to know about the love bucket which is all in The Man Class.


The only “catch” is simple: there’s a LOT of information. And it’s a bit much to take in, all at once. So, The Man Class takes place over four weeks and you can take it at your own pace.


If you’ve lost her for good, then start back at dating and get to know the eight different types of women, when it comes to men, sex and dating by discovering Pandora’s Box and the 3 Magic Questions

Some additional Q&A about Vin and Pandora’s Box

* I don’t want to be a pick-up artist. Can I just use this to find a girlfriend?
* Of course. About 50% of all guys that sign up are simply looking to improve their social skills and meet a compatible girlfriend.

    In addition, finding the exact type of girlfriend requires a few different things:

  a) Meeting and dating a significant number of women
  b) Knowing how to read a person to predict and shape their future behavior
  c) Keeping the power in these relationships so that you can easily transition into an exclusive relationship, if you decide

  And these are all skills you will MASTER (Sherrie calls these men MASTERMEN).

* I don’t want to be one of those sleazy guys in the club – me and my friends go out just to have a good time.
* Right – "sleazy" doesn’t work anyway!

  There’s nothing more annoying than going out to have a good time, with a novice pick-up artist.

  He’ll be approaching and approaching as if he’s not even part of your group, sometimes people will talk to him, sometimes not – it’s truly ineffective and quite annoying to be around.

  But imagine having an invisible skillset that will allow you, while hanging with your friends, create seemingly magic opportunities out of thin air with other women in club. And not only that – but be that guy that makes things happen not only for yourself, but for your friends as well.

* I have read about guys getting called out for using pick-up techniques?
* Yes. It happens when people use a routine-based style and use canned lines instead of creating their own, or instead of having their own style, mimicking well-known gurus.

  Since it all flows directly from your inherent personality (not the persona created by fears, failures and society) but your true personality that has been locked inside for years. The REAL you that can attract women with ease.

* I noticed Vin doesn’t dress all flashy and "peacock"? Why?
* It’s a personal preference. Some schools of thought believe that dressing outrageously will draw attention, and get women to start talking to you.

  In reality, there are many other ways of doing this, without identifying you as a "weird pick up artist".

  Vin prefers to be low-key and anonymous, so that a woman never sees what’s coming.

* Why should I learn from Vin?
* Vin has been in the game from the very beginning – before all the "spin-off" companies, before all the copycats, before the community was even known.

  He was the originator of "Natural Game" and has a truly unique system that has been developed over the course of 6 YEARS.

  In addition, he is the authority when it comes to training professional pick-up artists and is a MASTER of instilling knowledge into even the toughest cases.

  Many men have lost their virginity under Vin’s training, and many men coming in with game have gone on to become professional master pick up artists.

Remember if you want to keep a girl, and not have to go through the heartache of losing her and then trying to get your ex-back, you need to know how to fill her love bucket.  That’s The Man Class!

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