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Igniter #5 – Ignite Her With "The Magic Combo"

June 19th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating

Igniter #5 – Ignite Her With "The Magic Combo"

Become a Masterman and Fill Her Love Bucket!

Adam Gilad shares the 5 ways to ignite the spark between you and the women you want in your life. (See Previous #4)

dating 31 experts1 5 Igniters: #4   Ignite Her By "Entering Her Frame"


This kicks off the Ignite the Spark Telesummit – which is HERE and which is FREE starting tomorrow when you register now…


Gentleman, Adam Gilad says:

A lot of guys who are naturally good at math, physics, tech but who are not naturally easeful and social with women think that they need to do one thing:  "show brass balls."

That’s why earlier pick-up techniques took off so quickly – it gave guys who had no inner-dominance a way to "fake" having social value.

And it works!  With bar girls in their 20s.  Which is awesome in its time and place.

But of course, it’s limited.

When you want a woman in her thirties, or a SMART girl in her twenties, say as in a woman who has read The Game – or has heard all the lines before – you need to bring something else.

You need to actually BE of high value – not just have quickie-ways of faking it.

And I have learned that there is a magic combination that women SEE IMMEDIATELY equates to a High Value Man.

Yes.  Brass Balls.  As in, you’re not afraid.  You take the lead.  You stand for your principles.  You are massively trustable. You stand for your self worth and don’t diminish yourself. You have confidence.

But the flip side of that is also essential:  a tender heart.  Women want to be ravished, bless their hearts.  But they also want their hearts to be cherished.  Protected. Tended to.  Spoiled.  They want to be treated like a unique being, "as singular as a flower."

Want to know how to do that?

Of course you do!

Because you want to be wildly successful with women.

Well you’re in luck today, because you can – and because it’s FREE!

I talk about this issue with one of the world’s top matchmakers and also with about a dozen of my favorite, top dating and attraction teachers as part of my 100% FREE "Ignite the Spark" Ultimate Telesummit that I am hosting with top dating attraction teachers in the world starting June 20.  

Come on over and listen in.  I created this for you – it’s FREE and you can register here.

It’s going to be a kick – full of great teachers, lots of laughs and most important, good, hard, USABLE information.

Be there.

Register here.

To Your Best Life,
Adam Gilad

The Love Linguist Recommends Attraction Teachers and the State of Dating.  Become a Masterman and Fill Her Love Bucket!

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