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Love Bucket: Authentic Relationships and 5 Love Dynamics

January 27th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, Love Dynamics

Authentic Relationships

A recent message received about a “Transformational Course” was entitled Authentic Relationships. Authentic relating fills the love bucket. The art of relating transforms where you are to where you want to be.

It starts with filling your own love bucket so to speak and understanding the 7 Love Dynamics, two of which are personal. Personal love dynamics are your relationship not with another person. Personal love dynamics are love of self and love of God. Some say they are one and the same.

There is a beauty and dignity in all relationships.

Are you finding it?

Or is the joy, the fulfillment of relationships elusive?           

Authentic transformation gives you the experience of new ways of perceiving yourself, others, and your environments, opening you to the simplicity of limitless perception where the magical ways of love are found.

The message went on to describe Authentic Relationships Transformation as an experience that breaks through the blocks that prevent you from experiencing our interconnectedness, helping to heal the illusion of isolation and separation. This transformational experience will provide you with the tools that can help you integrate Authentic Relationships into your lives and covers the following aspects of relationships:

  • The Experience of Authentic Relationships
  • Love and the Infinite Game of Life
  • The Law of Polarity in Relationships
  • Living as Your Authentic Self
  • Divine Delight and
    the Play of Masculine and Feminine
  • Legacy and Lineage:
    Passing on Grace and Consciousness

We are connected to everything in the creation and we exist in connection to everyone and everything else. Our greatest illusion is that we are somehow separated, isolated or hidden from others. That sense of separation is a tool well-wielded by our ego for purposes of defense, control and fear.

Relationships can be just a connection. Or they can be a deeper reflection of your core process as a human being-to fulfill and complete your soul and personality. Experiencing relationships with this sensitivity gives you more perspectives, choices and awareness of the effect of each of your actions.

This sense of Authentic Relationship with yourself and all others requires intuition, depth and caliber.

Heighten your existence. Learn to connect on deep, expanded levels.  Allow intrinsic wisdom to become your guiding force.  Enter a realm of utter & thorough reality — pure, profound and complete.

And in this everlasting newness of relating find constant and consistent happiness. This is a journey of change to let all the brilliance, gentleness and precision of relating be at your command.

Before jumping into the more esoteric relating, start with understanding the 5 Love Dynamics which are the keys to relationships over time no matter how authentic you are. What your transform today is part of a continuum and if you do not know where the love flows you will need to start over again. Get the 5 Love Dynamics today.


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