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Make Your Love Bucket List


If your goal is to attract an incredible partner, spouse, and life mate, Darren Hardy suggests asking yourself this question first:

“Who do I need to become?”

Jim Rohn said, “If you want to have more (goals) you have to become more… Success is something you attract by the person you have become.”

In this case, the success goal is to attract the kind of woman or man you want in your life.

My friend John Socratous posted recently in Facebook:
“A boy spends his time finding a girl to sleep with. A man spends his time looking for a woman worth waking up to for a lifetime. “

That is when a guy has made a decision to go from DFS to DFL and goes through the Shift. [see urban dictionary for definitions DFS, DFL, The Shift and even love bucket list] Unless you are really ready to attract a life partner, you probably won’t be interested in the level of detail you need focus on to imagine and commit the time and get clear on paper. It is an exercise worth your highest attention.

Darren Hardy said that when he understood the idea of “Who do I need to become?” it revolutionized his life and personal growth.

Inside Darren’s book, The Compound Effect, in the chapters: How Goal Setting Actually Works: The Mystery Secret ‘Revealed’ followed by Who You Have To Become, he wrote about attracting the woman of his dreams:

“When I was single and ready to find my mate and get married, I made a long list of traits I desired in the perfect woman (for me). I filled more than forty pages of a journal, front and back, describing her in great detail – her personality, character, her attributes, attitudes, and philosophies about life, even what kind of family and she came from it, including culture and physical make up, down to the texture of her hair. I wrote in depth what our life would be like and what we’d do together. If I had then asked, “What to have to do to find and get this girl?” I might still be on that butterfly chase.

“Instead I looked back at the list and considered whether or not I embodied the same attributes myself.

· Did I have the very qualities I was expecting in her?

· I asked myself, what kind of man is woman like this be looking for?

· Who do I need to become to be attractive to a woman of this substance?

“I filled forty more pages describing all the attributes, qualities, behaviors, attitudes, and characteristics I needed to become myself. Then I went to work on becoming an each those qualities. Guess what? It worked! As if she were peeled off the pages of my journal and appeared in front of me my wife, Georgia, is exactly what I described and ask for, in almost eerie detail. The key was my getting clear on who I’d have to be to attract and keep a woman of her quality, and then doing the work to achieve that.”

Darren tells how he proposed to Georgia in his book, The Compound Effect"I’ve never seen such a smile…Gorgeous…Enough to make an angels heart run wild…" a couple lines from the song with by Boz Scaggs, with the name Georgia. Hear the song in video and read the lyrics, below in this post.

This concept  of “Who do I need to become to be attractive to a woman of this substance?” applies to almost any goal in your life not just attracting a life mate.

Take some time today to make a list of the most important goals in your life. If you’re not ready to make the LOVE BUCKET LIST to attract a life partner, start with goals in other aspects of your life. This idea is to “Go for whole-life success – to create harmony in all aspects of your life: relationships and lifestyle areas such as business, finance, health, well-being, spirituality, and family. The Lifestyle Ring of Desire of the love bucket is about compatibility in your relationship design plan.BucketLifeStyle

So whether you are making your LOVE BUCKET LIST today or a list of other goals, remember, getting clear on what you desire and knowing the person you have to become to attract that situation or person, is the key to success.

"Strategy will give you the plan, desire will direct your intention, only heart will carry you through to victory." #ringsofdesire


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GEORGIA song and lyrics by Boz Scaggs


(Boz Scaggs)

I swear I’ve never seen such a smile
Enough to make an angels heart run wild
Your lazy eyes and small town lies
Have got me in your spell
Your drive-in boys and backseat noises
Oh you learned so well
Oh oh oh
So how was I to know
You got me you caught me by now

Your daddy was high the night he dreamed of you
The stars were flying the night that you came through
Christmas in your eyes
Oh what a nice surprise
Oh oh oh
And now I miss you so
But baby
I’m comin’ back to you

We will be together dear
If they ever let me out of here
They will say that its not true
But I did it all for you
Georgia won’t you tell them for me dear

Oooh oooh oooh

Girl I never lived through a night like that
Sure enough
Got your loving where I like it at
Moonlight through the pines
Oh oh oh
But how were we to know
That wasn’t moonlight
They were searchlights
Oh no

We will be together dear
If they ever let me out of here
They will say that its not true
But I did it all for you
Georgia won’t you tell them for me dear

We will be together dear
Oh my dear
If they ever let me out of here

Georgia Lyrics by Boz Scaggs:

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  2. By MJ Schrader on Jun 2, 2011

    Wow, Sherrie, I been thinking about how to attract the RIGHT man this time, and you lay it all out. Perfect timing and thank you for sharing your light and love

  3. By sherrie on Jun 2, 2011

    Thanks, Mj!

    Due to popular demand this will eventually be added to the website, Love Bucket List
    to give you a head start on what to think about and imagine in the person you wish to attract and who you need to become.

    Good Luck!

    The Love Linguist

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