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Love Bucket: Valentine’s Day WARNING (and Free Gift)

February 13th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, Drive Her Desire, Her Love Bucket, Power Her Passion, The Love Bucket®

This just in from Mike Fiore . . .
Valentine’s Day WARNING – What Not to do

Message to Men:

Valentine’s day is tomorrow and I want to make sure you don’t make a huge mistake . . .

See, a lot of guys think what women really want for Valentine’s day are flowers and candy and expensive dinners and pieces of jewelry that cost as much as your car (hope you have  cheap car.)

But what women REALLY want for Valentine’s day (and EVERY day) is to KNOW how you really feel about her.

Honestly, I [Mike] think of flower and candy and all that BS as "romantic methadone."


If a woman doesn’t feel truly loved and adored then she gets "bitchy" and "demanding" and wants you to spend a bunch of money on her.

But REAL romance is cheap.


If you really want her to swoon (and get out of the romantic dog house you’ll get into if you don’t do anything at all) you need to bring her down the "golden path" of romance . . .

That means teasing her . . .

Seducing her . . .

Making her feel like the most special woman in the world . . .

And to me the EASIEST way to do that is

To Fill Her Love Bucket.

End of Mike’s letter.

Actually Mike wants you to send her a text message. Mike is great and smart and he is a copywriter. Wordsmith. He calls himself “Moneyfingers” as he types cash comes out of his keyboard.

But words are not enough. As The Love Linguist, words are very important. They are very important to me. But if words were so important, then why are there so many messages that state:
“Actions speak louder than words”





Mike thinks the right words are like crack to women. And to some women words work magic. Definitely try it and check out Mike’s texting program video–


The good news is that sending a text does show you are putting in effort. But, if it is out of character for you’re and you use the “magic texts” prewritten for you… it may backfire.

Texting is certainly the easy way to go.

A Valentine’s gift will be given to the first 10 guys who response. The Man Class is yours FREE! Follow the instructions in the image.


Some women have a very tarnished recognition ring of desire and words, being one form of recognition might work wonders. Also using the contact ring desire when you are OUT of proximity using a cell phone and TEXT can get her motor running. You can hide behind the text and let her know how you really feel if you haven’t done it for a while. Text messages can break down her low self esteem and give you something to play with in a back and forth banter that can make her feel like a queen.

LoveBucketDoWith-RingofDesire (6)

But if you are in close physical proximity, toss the text and look her straight in the eyes. Tell her that she is loved. Take action and hold her. And also, DO something together which is the DO WITH ring of desire. Or if she has been wanting you to do something for her then shine up her DO FOR ring of desire. Fill her love bucket with her top desires.  Power her passion and drive her desire.

And if words of love are what she wants, a hand written love letter or love card will speak volumes over a text message. Text messages used in combination with an anticipated card or gift may get you VERY lucky!

Now, I fully know that a woman’s BIG erogenous zone is her mind – her “B-SPOT” brain. Mike says a text might get you laid too =-) But knowing her combination of top desires, the 3-4 Rings of Desire of her love bucket will get her juices flowing for sure!

Show her you love her by knowing her rings of desire and shine the ones that mean the most to her.

And get your free romantic tips here:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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