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Myths About Marriage & Relationships

June 13th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, The Love Linguist®


The Love Linguist Shares Alex’s Myths About Marriage & Relationships:

From The Allman Report:

I got some serious blow-back from a lot of disappointed readers about the cost of working with me one-on-one.

One thing that is clear to me is that I’ve hit a nerve, and a lot of you really want to create the kind of sexual/romantic/intimate relationships that I’m talking about.

The ugly myth around marriage/relationships is that it requires COMPROMISE…

Most people think that a committed relationship means putting a death sentence on your sex life.

Most people think that marriage means giving up adventure, giving up important parts of how you most enjoy expressing yourself to fit in with the way your mate needs you to be.

Most people think that relationships are more work than they are fun, more "cage" than they are "playground" …but that’s just the price you pay for security and family.

Most people think that "COMPROMISE" is a very "nice" word and that it is a GOOD THING.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

When love, intimacy, and authentic connection are entered into fearlessly, there is never a need to compromise.

And I mean NO COMPROMISE ON ANYTHING in your relationship.

If you’re married, you might be shaking your head and saying, "you just don’t understand MY relationship."

I understand why you might feel that way, but I KNOW about a path less traveled where you get to live in your highest, uncompromising truth – emotionally, sexually, and at your deepest identity level – and your partnership with your spouse will be even stronger.

There is a path that enables your sex life to get better and better over time, and even allows you to use your deep sexual connection to un-earth your deepest fears and have breakthroughs in your most deeply hidden "shadow issues"

that will make you more powerful in every aspect of your life.

That’s what a relationship CAN be.

Your spouse/lover knows better than anyone alive how to trigger your worst hot-buttons to get you angry.

Imagine for a moment what would happen if they were trained to use that knowledge to get you turned on, to elevate you, to FREE you into becoming the person you most want to become.

Life is uncompromisingly finite. Like all good parties, it ends much earlier than we want it to.

Given that simple fact, I hope you won’t settle for believing the myth.

***Here’s one of the many email complaints I got regarding my new 25K coaching program***

Dear Alex, while i understand requesting a [a lot of money] down may help a commitment to see things through and often people will respond to this, i think its crap for those of us who are committed and and more than willing just because you would require more than my house and car!

I read all your info aswell as a few others, practice and continue to work on my self and self awareness. I am committed to having a completely loving authentic lasting relationship with my man. I believe its a sadness for many that simply because of cash we are excluded.


When I decided I wanted to take on some clients for some deep and personalized 1-on-1 work, I knew that, no matter what, a whole lot of people were going to be disappointed.

I have an entire business to run, products to create, newsletters to write, media appearances, and much more… and, of course, I will never be willing to neglect my own life and relationship.

So I decided to limit this opportunity to only

4 couples for the year who I will work with regularly across a year to completely transform their lives and get them to reach their most extraordinary goals.

The best way I know to make sure I end up with only the most serious and committed individuals is to charge a lot of money.

There are probably other ways to ensure commitment, but this one is easy, and there are two other important factors:

1) It’s worth it. It’s frankly cheap for the results that will be delivered.

Making love work is the master key to a happy life. People spend far more to get far less.

2) Because this is going to be a serious commitment of my time and energy, time I will be taking away from more lucrative portions of my business (I earn more on product launches than I will on this), the price is also a matter of practicality for me.


My COMMITMENT TO YOU is that during the course of working with the couples who can afford to work with me one-on-one, I will be recording the high-level insights and learnings that make the biggest differences, and I will ultimately make these ideas available to ALL of my readers as an affordable, recorded program.

My purpose is to help as many people as possible achieve EPIC, magical, and uncompromising relationships.

And even though this particular program will have to exclude many, I am constantly working to bring my best to serve YOU and everyone who is serious about love.

For Passion,

Alex Allman for


Feel free to message: “The Love Linguist” on Facebook (confidentially) about creating the kind of relationship: 
sexual/romantic/intimate that you know is truly possible.

(It won’t cost you $25K… like Alex’s coaching.)

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