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Sex, Frequency, and The "Big Five" that Fill Her Love Bucket

May 26th, 2016 Posted in SEX, The Love Bucket®

What are The "Big Five" that Fill Her Love Bucket® when it comes to sex? Researchers use the “big five” tool which is a set of personality traits including 1) openness, 2) conscientiousness, 3) extraversion, 4) agreeableness, 5) and neuroticism to make the determination.


Together these five traits can map ways we think, feel, and behave — because in addition to our sex life, personality plays a hand in our life span and another Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket®, the Lifestyle Ring of Desire®

A study conducted at Florida State University psychological researchers examines the link between couples’ personalities and how often they have sex after getting married. While certain personality traits (agreeableness, openness) among wives were shown to be strong predictors of sexual frequency within a marriage, the same could not be said for husbands.

“No prior research has examined the association between partners’ big five traits and daily reports of sexual activity so we were hesitant to make specific predictions. It was somewhat surprising, however, that husbands’ big five did not predict couples’ sexual frequency,” says Dr. Andrea Meltzer.

Meltzer and her colleague, Dr. James McNulty, collected data from 278 newlywed heterosexual couples who had been married less than six months at the time of the study. In addition to taking a psychological examination that assessed the personalities of both husband and wife, each couple also kept a 14-day journal documenting their marital life, including how often they had sex. The Journal of Research in Personality article is Who is Having More and Better Sex? The Big Five as Predictors of Sex In Marriage.

The findings revealed that couples who had been married less than six months had sex an average of three to four times over the 14-day period. Although there was no link between husbands’ personality traits and how often the couple was intimate, higher levels of agreeableness among wives led to more frequent sex. Openness among wives also seemed to be a predictor of a more frequent sex life.

Someone’s sexual satisfaction seems to have no connection to the personality of that person’s spouse. On the other hand, both husbands and wives with low levels of neuroticism reported being more satisfied with their sex lives. And high levels of openness was also a stronger predictor of sexual dissatisfaction, but only among husbands.

The big five personality traits have been implicated in other aspects of both our physical and mental health. For example, people who score higher on neuroticism also tend to suffer from negative moods that lead to irritability, anxiety, and depression as opposed to people on the other end of the spectrum who have more emotional stability.

Being conscientious, on the other hand, could end up preventing a myriad of negative health complications by reducing the amount of stress that comes into our lives. Past research has shown that neuroticism leads to a release of the stress hormone cortisol, which can take its toll on our immune system. This has led to higher rates of heart disease among neurotic people.

What your own score? Find out your score on the big five Personality Test here.  The test consists of fifty items that you must rate on how true they are about you on a five point scale where 1=Disagree, 3=Neutral and 5=Agree. It takes most people 3-8 minutes to complete.

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