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Filling Your Love Bucket With A Fortune

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Dating, Mating, Relating, Gifts, Her Love Bucket, Lifestyle, Love Dynamics, Lovematism, Romance, Sherrie Rose Recommends, The Love Bucket®, The Love Linguist®, The Man Class Series | No Comments »

Can You Fill Her Love Bucket?

FORTUNE — Operating a successful business is supposed to be a ticket to the good life — but sometimes it comes at a cost. The following Fortune Magazine article is annotated by Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist, with tips to help guys fill the love bucket and understand how to stay in the (benevolent) power position and remain the Chairman of the Relationship, not just the Chairman of the Board.

Story: Stephen Adele was too busy building his $20 million Golden, Colo., nutritional supplements company, iSatori, to spend much time with his wife and three children.

"I would try to compensate by buying her and my family things," he recalls. The cars and jewelry didn’t work, of course, and the couple just got divorced. => If the Provisions Ring of Desire is not one of her priority Rings of Desire of the Love Bucket, no fancy gifts or presents will make woman happy. <= Stephen Adele is now, finally, spending more time with his three daughters. Here’s a little advice that might help you avoid matrimonial discord.

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  • 1. Keep a flexible schedule

You may not be able to work less, but you probably have time to take a few items off your spouse’s to-do list. Brad Dresbach, co-founder of the Columbus branding and marketing firm 42Fish, tackles such daily errands for his family as picking up birthday cakes — relieving stress for his wife, Danielle, who has a much more inflexible corporate job. => This is the DO FOR Ring of Desire of the Love Bucket. Again, if this is not one of her priority rings of desire, hire a personal assistant for these tasks. Check out the 5 Love Dynamics: Acclimating Dynamic which all about the business of living, chores, household, etc.

2. Ration e-mail time

When you’re home, be present. Jeff Booth, CEO of BuildDirect, a 63-employee building materials retailer, has a wife, Kelly, who posts what a great dad he is on Facebook, though he spends 60 hours a week working. He attributes that to shutting off his phone as soon as he gets home so he can enjoy activities with her and their children– instead of checking e-mail poolside. => This is one of those common sense things that both men and women ignore. Giving attention especially when you are in physical proximity is a key to love success. If you are out of town, sweet-nothing voice mails, sexy texts (goes for guys and gals) may give her some attention and fun.

3. Hold family summits

D.J. Rezak, founder of KB Building Services, a commercial cleaning company in Omaha, credits weekly meetings with keeping the family organized and freeing up time for him to spend with his wife, Lisa. The family pauses during Sunday dinners to talk about the week, discuss upcoming plans, and hold an occasional talent show. "It makes it feel like our family is a priority," says Lisa. => Repeat from above – Check out the 5 Love Dynamics: Acclimating Dynamic which all about the business of living, chores, household, etc..

4. Share your interests

It’s easy to get so caught up in your own thing that you ignore your partner’s pursuits. Razor Suleman, CEO of I Love Rewards, a Boston rewards and recognition business with $50 million in sales, tries to avoid that mistake. He joined his wife, Kari, a web developer, at a summit she needed to go to for work. "It was amazing that Razor took an interest in an event that I was excited to attend," she says. "It sparked a dialogue we would not have had otherwise." => This is a great tip starting with the Recognition Ring of Desire and the Do With and Lifestyle Rings of Desire of the Love Bucket. This is a triple win for a man and she’s HAPPY!

The Love Bucket Rings of Desire

5. Schedule regular vacations

Brad Feld, founder of VC firm Foundry Group, started scheduling regular vacations after his wife, Amy Batchelor, almost dumped him for working during an entire weekend trip. They now have one-week vacations each quarter — known as their "Qx vacation." The ground rules? He unplugs completely, giving her his smartphone. "She gives it back the following week," he says. Colleagues work around it, and Feld stays married. => The Do With and Lifestyle Rings of Desire of the Love Bucket are active here. Check out the 5 Love Dynamics on how to the Cultivating Dynamic works to build more lovematism in your relationship.

–Verne Harnish is a Fortune Magazine contributor and the CEO of Gazelles Inc., an executive education firm. Source: http://money.cnn.com/2011/06/27/smallbusiness/business_marriage_balance.fortune/index.htm

There are many ways to fill the love bucket. If you don’t know the details, you can’t drive her desire. Guys, get the man class – The Man Class Accelerator!

Sherrie Rose Recommends The Man Class Accelerator and 5 Love Dynamics

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