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Approach “Trigger” Worked 49 Times In A Row On Girls

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Let me lay some truth about "attracting" and "seducing" women.

All the techniques, pickup lines and tricks mean nothing if you’re incessantly unattractive.

And I’m NOT talking about looks here.

You can be an "average-looking" guy and still meet, attract, and arouse gorgeous women you meet in public places.

Heck, you can even be a little on the stocky side and still get laid… (though I still suggest you work your butt off to get in shape for the overflowing benefits you get during sex.)

However, if you’re in terrible shape, have an unpleasant personality or you still have yesterday’s Cheetos dust on your shirt, no amount of "psychological ninja dating tricks" can get a woman to consider going out with you, much less sleep with you.

"Attracting" women boils down to just being a fun and exciting guy. So when a woman sees you, she won’t think you’re creepy.

She’ll consider hanging out with you to see if you’re fun.

She’ll feel that she can surrender to your presence.

Here are some things that Sloane Fox of Personal Life Media would suggest to significantly scale up your "attractiveness level."


#1 Get comfortable talking to women.

Think about it. You’re going to have to talk to her at some point. You might as well get used to having a woman right up in your face.

If all you have are pickup lines, you’re going to crash and burn.

Get yourself to a point where you’re so comfortable chatting and making small talk that you won’t need to think about it.

You can do this by simply approaching women over and over again with the sole purpose of FAILING.

Walk up to a woman and say something stupid on purpose and watch for her reaction. Then get up and brush her off. Rinse and repeat.

Try it. Start with lady friends so you’ll have less pressure. Then in time, work your way up to doing this with women you don’t know… then move up to the 8’s, 9’s and the 10’s.

I know it sounds weird and counter-intuitive, but it’s quite helpful in building up your confidence fast.

Fail on purpose so many times that the thought of failing doesn’t matter anymore. Whatever apprehension or fear of rejection that you might having inside will disintegrate.

This is the REAL secret dating coaches don’t want to tell you. I just saved you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars worth of online dating courses.

You’re welcome.

#2 Look Good. Dress Well. And Have Good Hygiene.

This is pretty obvious, but I still have to say it.

Why? Because I still get emails from guys who still don’t have this down.

They email me asking for help, and when I reach out and dig deeper into their situation, I discover that some of them don’t even shower every day, and some don’t pay any attention to their personal grooming and hygiene.

Not all guys can pull off looking good with messy hair or a bushy beard.

Find a look that works for you and stick to it.

Men in general look unbelievably attractive with a clean-looking haircut and a nice shave. Don’t buy into the current trend of man-buns and beards if you come off looking like Santa Claus in the summer heat.

Big, hairy and sweaty. Uh-uh.

#3 Don’t Be Needy

This also ties in with tip # 1. The more you actually approach women, the more confident you will feel the next time you try it out.

Women notice confidence.

We can smell it in a man.

And this turns us on like crazy.

And if you have my first two tips down, you’ll have less need for approval and attention from a woman you’re trying to attract.

Being needy and always seeking a woman’s approval and attention turns us off in an instant. It annoys us. Always remember polarity.

That’s why when you do approach a woman, don’t try too hard. In fact, you can get away with more by not trying at all.

Here’s a way for guys to get women to chase them

Try this instead of the "old way" where guys like you always had to work hard and put in A LOT of effort into trying to impress us ladies.

(CLEAN VIDEO VERSION) Get Her To Make The First Move <=== Discover The Chase Triggers That Get Women Instantly Hooked On A Man

(DIRTY VIDEO VERSION) Do This And She’ll Chase After You For Sex <=== Drive Her Wild Enough To Lust After You

There are two versions of the video. Both of them talk about "Chase Triggers."

These triggers are powerful. Do not abuse them.

Get Her Chasing You!

5 Igniters: #2 – Ignite Her With Sensual Promise

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5 Igniters: #2 – Ignite Her With Sensual Promise

Adam Gilad shares the 5 ways to ignite the spark between you and the women you want in your life. (See Previous #1)

dating 31 experts1 5 Igniters: #1   Ignite Her With Your Spark


This kicks off the Ignite the Spark Telesummit – which is HERE and which is FREE when you register now…


Every day, women are walking around in these luscious pleasure machines.

Their bodies.

They know how to pleasure themselves – as sales of vibrators, bath salts and body oils prove.

In most cases they would rather be pleasured by you – a man.

How prepared are you to be that man?

In my various programs I give you techniques to put yourself ahead of the pack.  Small things like wear light cashmere when you can – pay attention to the TEXTURE of your clothing.  And big things like go out and take a workshop in erotic massage – or any massage.  Why wouldn’t you?  It’s the kinesthetic equivalent of being a lead guitarist in a hot band.

In Deep Online Attraction, I show you multiple ways of lacing your language with specific words, phrases and subjects to wake up the sleeping sensual minx in women – before she even meets you.  Of lettering her know that you are awake to your senses and that you are ready to take her to some wonderful places.

I talk about this specifically and about other tips as well as part of the 100% FREE Ultimate Telesummit that I am hosting of the top dating attraction teachers in the world starting June 20.  

Come on over and listen in.  I created this for you – it’s FREE and you can register here.

It’s going to be a kick – full of great teachers, lots of laughs and most important, good, hard, USABLE information.

Be there.

Register here.

To Your Best Life,

Adam Gilad

The Love Linguist Recommends Attraction Teachers

The Love Bucket: Relationship Dating Exposed

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The Love Bucket: Relationship Dating Exposed

Some women wonder why they get hit on all the time.  Yes, they are beautiful.  Yes, they are sexy.  Yes, they have an air of confidence and some mystique.

Today A Gal Wrote – “Real Talk: If you hit on me and I am forced to tell you I am not interested, please do not ask why because it puts me in an awkward position to try to position my words so I don’t hurt your feelings. If I answer it diplomatically don’t keep asking more "whys" because THEN I am not accountable for what I say further. Why do people do this? If a guy tells me he is not interested trust me, I am experienced enough to know BETTER than to ask why? Cause I know possibly my feelings are about to be hurt. LOL”

Here is her profile below and photos – very exposing.  Asking for the male with a b-spot brain that is visually stimulated to not notice breasts, skin, and almost nakedness is, well simply ridiculous.

Thoughts of sugar plums and filling her love bucket goes through his head!


With a photo like this a guy just wants to fill her love bucket!

4 Tips 4 Days 7 Ways (Fill Her Love Bucket)

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4 Tips For Keeping A Woman’s Attention on YOU

>NOTE: If you want to start getting a ROCK
SOLID education in how to turn your hit-and- miss,
sometimes in the dog house, don’t have a clue what
she really is saying, experiences with your woman
into consistent, repeatable, MASSIVE success, so
you WIN with her, go here and register for
the class right now:

(and Please share this with at least one man who wants
to boost his love and S*X life today.) Tell a Friend – Thanks!

   Now let’s get to the good stuff…and let me
share with you the BEST ways I have ever seen
to keep a woman focused on you.


To Sherrie,

I’m considering investing in your program, but I
have a question for you before I do. Essentially,
I’m no longer looking to hook up with women left
and right. In fact, I think I’ve met “the one,”
but I’m having trouble making her realize this.
I get the sense that she’s very guarded about
making it a serious relationship.

She’s *very* goal oriented (which I recognize really
turns ME ON about her), and therefore very busy. It
seems she does not have time for me and has little
attention on me.

Will The Man Class help me?


   Right now you are playing what is referred to
as a “losing game”. You have to put the attraction
mechanism in place (didn’t you learn this from the
genius David D.?)

The stakes are just a little higher when you’ve got
your Total 10 woman and want to keep her.

   Part of creating attraction is creating OPEN LOOPS.
Unfinished experiences. Unanswered questions. Give
her something wonder about. Create your own
“cliff hanger” so she must have the next episode of
what you are offering. This is the first tip.

It seems to me you are a bit boring – but you
don’t have to be.

   What happens is must guy start to act “too nice” and
–Pursue -Cling  -Act submissive -Seek approval
– Agree when you don’t want to…

– And turn in a big wuss.

DON’T. This is the second tip.

     It’s distinctly FEMININE in nature. And boring.

   You need to step up the highest position in the
relationship and become THE CHAIRMAN. It is the
benevolent power position. This is a MASCULINE
position. This is the alpha-male position or what
I often call being a MASTERMAN. This is the third tip.
The Chairman who is a Masterman is respected.
The Chairman creates arousal.

   She will probably HOLD BACK until you step up
to your position of power. I’m sure she
WISHES that she could be attracted to you and put
her attention on you. I’ll bet you money – hey,
I actually do with the guarantee I have for my class.

    You need a new perspective on this entire
situation. And you need a new perspective on a
woman’s desire.

   You’re obviously a smart guy, and if you’re asking
the question, you’re ready for change.

   Total transformation.

   And the best part is that you won’t be changing
how you act and just “faking it” or manipulating.
You’ll change how you act because you GET IT.
You’ll GET HER. This is the fourth tip.

YOU’LL FILL HER LOVE BUCKET!!! So learn how to fill
her love bucket with her 7 Rings of Desire. Get it:

   It’s really fantastic to HELP a woman focus her
attention on you, your life, and your wants. She
REALLY WANTS you to make her spin her head towards you,
and only you.

This program will DRAMATICALLY increase your success
with your special “Total 10” lady… I absolutely
guarantee it 100%.

If you’d like to take your success with women
and her happiness to the next level, and as a result
get more of what you want starting with S *X then
go register now for the Accelerator Class.

To get all the details, just go here:

And I’ll talk to you again in a few days…


Your friend,

Sherrie Rose,
The Love Linguist®
Dedicated to Improving Your Love and S*x Life

P.S. Don’t wait any longer. Take action and make changes.
Register for the ACCELERATOR class.  4 days @special price

P.P.S. Please pass on this link to at least one man who wants to boost

his love life today.


Copyright 2010 Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist, The Love Bucket,
7 Rings of Desire, and Everybody Loves Love are registered trademarks.

By reading and accepting this blog post you agree

to all of the following: You understand that this is

simply a set of opinions (and not advice). This is

to be used for entertainment, and not considered

as “professional advice”. You are responsible for

any use of the information in this email, and hold

Sherrie Rose and all members and affiliates harmless
in any claim or event.

Double Your Dating Interview – Sherrie Rose & David DeAngelo

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For all friends of David DeAngelo, you’re in for a treat this month!

David interviewed Sherrie and the interview CD is on its way to you!

DYD-Jan09-Interview-SherrieRose-DavidDeAngeloSherrie reveals the secrets to “Her Love Bucket” in an engaging interview exclusively for the guys who are smart enough to subscribe to David’s monthly interview series.

Special for these smart men, is an offer to participate in THE “MAN CLASS” SERIES which is based on the book, 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket.

Currently, registration for this class is only available to friends of David DeAngelo.  If you are interested on being notified when the next class starts, just head over to and put in your email address to get on the notification list.

Sherrie Rose Recommends: Double Your Dating with David DeAngelo

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