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Hot Red Car to Pick Up Girls

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Do you need a Hot Red Car to Pick Up Girls?

See how this guy does it with a red Ferrari:

She says: “It’s the car!”

Apparently, it is true, the social experiment works: A guy can pick up ladies no matter how he looks if he has a 2013 Red Ferrari Italia 458.

Love Bucket: 7 Rings of Desire, Desire, Desire, Desire, Desire, Desire

Friday, February 10th, 2012 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Attention, Drive Her Desire, Her Love Bucket, Romance, Seduction, SEX | 1 Comment »

Love Bucket: 7 Rings of Desire, Desire, Desire, Desire, Desire, Desire, Desire

Desire is primal on many levels. Desire is what stirs passion.  And women have desires, in fact, seven, 7 Rings of Desire.

Men are aware that women love romance novels that are filled with lust and desire.  Harlequin has a DESIRE series with Desire Titles published for more than 30 years.


The current Desire book spotlights rich, powerful heroes and scandal.  Mixing business with pleasure is great for intrigue.

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss is about a businessman and marriage. The last feather in businessman Devon Carter’s cap would be to enter a business partnership with Copeland Enterprises. But to achieve this he must marry Ashley Carter-the boss’s daughter. Ashley is everything Devon didn’t think he wanted — but she’s about to change his mind.

I am not recommending you read this book or even give it to your lady. It is merely to highlight Desire as a main driver in her desires.  Drive her desire and you’ve harnessed her energy and that energy can be focused on you.

A woman wants her man to be her KING.  Passionate kisses are part of the Desire books for heated reading with steamy and sensual stories. 


Billionaires, dynasties, provocative situations fill the pages of romance novels. Business tension adds to forbidden desire and seduction.

All business, all the time, had made Justin Stern a very confirmed bachelor. Yet one glance at Selena Gonzalez and he knew changes were in order. Perhaps marriage wasn’t in his future, but an affair certainly was.
Never mind that he and Selena were on opposite sides of a deal that could make or break them both. Pretty soon, passion was the top priority. And if Justin could finesse their white-hot attraction into a win for his company, he would—no matter what the cost.

Creating DESIRE has been know to boost business.  The idea behind stealth persuasion and desire has been used in Facebook ads that talk about trashy magazines and sleazy novels.  The Desire novels noted about are romance and passion oriented, not sleazy, but again, it is in the eye of the reader to determine.  Desire for some is a dirty word. 


The 7 Rings of Desire of the Love Bucket are simple yet not easy.  Why?  Because anything worthwhile takes time and attention.  You can have a quickie but sex with seduction is more than one minute.  A deep, fulfilling relationship takes effort and you have to put your heart into it.

DESIRE [d??za??] definition  vb (tr) via free dictionary

1. (Psychology) to wish or long for; crave; want

2. to express a wish or make a request for; ask for


1. (Psychology) a wish or longing; craving

2. an expressed wish; request

3. (Psychology) sexual appetite; lust

Desire From Shakespeare to Mitchell

  1. More giddy in my desires than a monkey —William Shakespeare
  2. Desire had run its course like a long and serious illness —Harvey Swados
  3. Desire … like the hunger for a definite but hard-to-come-by food —Mary Gordon
  4. Desire overtook us like a hot, breaking wave —A. E. Maxwell
  5. Her love bucket holds the 7 desires that a woman wants a man to fill. —Sherrie Rose
  6. Desire … swept over her like a flame —Robin McCorquodale
  7. Dying for … like God for a repentant sinner —Bertold Brecht
  8. My desire for her is so wild I feel as if I’m all liquid —W. P. Kinsella
  9. Worldly desires are like columns of sunshine radiating through a dusty window, nothing tangible, nothing there —Bratzlav Naham
  10. A brief surge of sexual desire that crested and passed like a wave breaking —Paige Mitchell

For Valentine’s Day and any day, remember, "She’s wanting ‘her love bucket’ filled with her top desire."

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist

To Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

sherrie rose lovelinguist thumb Fill Her Love Bucket Give and Receive It’s Easy




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twitter Fill Her Love Bucket Give and Receive It’s Easyyoulikethis1 Fill Her Love Bucket Give and Receive It’s Easy

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Thanks for Filling The Love Bucket!

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Thanks for Filling The Love Bucket!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the “Drive Her Desire” recent promotion that helps “power her passion.”

Here’s to happier, more fulfilled couples, in and out of the bedroom!  Guys, keep filling her love bucket!




Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist
Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

sherrie rose lovelinguist thumb Love Bucket Blog (LOVEMATISM) is on Empire Avenue




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image Love Bucket Blog (LOVEMATISM) is on Empire Avenue

youlikethis1 Love Bucket Blog (LOVEMATISM) is on Empire Avenue


The Love Bucket is a registered trademark.  Love Bucket Books™ can be found at http://lovebucketbook.com


drive-her-desire-sex-ring-of-desire love bucket

Drive Her Desire, Fill Her Love Bucket – if needed Revive Her Drive!

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Drive Her Desire
=> And Your Lady Will Eagerly Want
more sex, more often with you!





Driving is often men’s passion and. “Car love,” men say, “sometimes comes before lady love” because the sound of a throaty V-8 revving can be a turn on! Guys can drive her desire and accelerate her amore throwing you back in the seat–especially when you get on passion road and ride with abandon! The combination of the thrill of a new experience and the joy of running your hands over a classic beauty before you take her for a spin… everyone enjoys the ride.


http://driveherdesire.com/hotdrive her desire hot lips



sex ring of desire drive her desire

To be a Masterman Lover you need to take control of your sex life, especially if it is failing. A hot sex life is the man’s domain to control and master. She will desire you and you will feel walls dissolve and intimacy soar in the upward pleasure spiral. Get her “sex ring of desire” shined up and turned on and fill her love bucket!
Drive Her Desire

drive her desire keys to ignition

Drive Her Desire

Do you lust for more variety in your sex life?


Are you ready to feel like a MAN again when your woman sees you and grabs you passionately?

No matter if you’re drained by rejection or would just like more spontaneity in the bedroom you can ignite her sex drive. It just needs to be turned on.



Unlock Her Lust

drive her desire drive her desire on facebook

Unlock Her Lust

You can get all more frequent, spontaneous sex but something must first be exposed. And you can systematically overcome whatever resistance you may have and heat up desire.

It is your choice – Great sex and love that gets hotter and more intimate.

Or, boredom, frustration, rejection, and blue balls.


Ignite the Intimacy

drive her desire ingite the intimacy

Ignite the Intimacy

Be that couple with deep passion and intimacy that withstands anything life sends your way. Now you know it is possible to have what you deeply desire.

Marital passion and life-long passion in a relationship motivates you sexually and more so with your love and intimacy. A Masterman lover has his own manifesto to awaken your male power to drive her ‘constant’ desire.



Spark Her Sensuality

drive her desire spark the sensuality spark plug

Spark Her Sensuality

When a man is a Masterman Lover, he can lead a woman. He can lead her sexually and sensually so she hits her sexual potential. Then the intimate and infinite pleasure of your bodies can be released.

Arouse her sensuality by understanding and activating a woman’s sexual arousal circuits.

Motivate Her Motor

drive her desire motivate her sexual motor


Motivate Her Motor

Skillfully “motivate” her to get her motor running to drive her desire. You power her passion to stimulate her sexual juices!


When you drive her desire you take what you know and put it to work for you in a simple process that systematically motivates her to revive so your sex life gets refreshed.


If you are a motivated man who has the confidence to try these techniques you’ll find your time is worthwhile.


Refuel the Romance

drive her desire refuel the romance


Refuel the Romance

Discover how to seduce your wife or woman you are in a relationship with using positive female friendly and simple “romance.”

It can be easy and fun for both of you when you romance her first through her heart and her mind. This may be the refresher for a guy to refuel and revive HIS drive to drive her desire.


Rev Up Her Risque

drive her desire rev up her risque


Rev Up Her Risque

When you turn her on again, she’ll be thinking those lustful thoughts. When she glances at you across a crowded room that look will be “come hither” as she smiles coyly at you.

She’ll meet you at the door scantily clad ready to kiss you ‘till you are moaning and groaning.

You’ll know you’ve made serious progress when she drops to her knees half-way up the stairs as she’s dragging you to the bedroom.


So, are you wondering how you get from where you are now to THAT???


Accelerate Her Amore

drive her desire accelerate amore love

Accelerate Her Amore

She wants you to give her the RIGHT kind of attention to accelerate her Amore (love). If sex is rare, it’s time to pull out your inner Masterman and become the Chairman of the Relationship and lead her… right into the bedroom.


In many marriages and relationships, kids, jobs, and life pressures take their toll. Make sure health is in order.




Unleash Her Libido

drive her desire unleash her libido


Unleash Her Libido

Love biochemicals affect libido. Men and women usually don’t match up. One person has more sex drive than the other. It is often the man who is hungrier for sex.

Emotional history of abuse and other issues such as cultural taboos, religious shame, lack of knowledge, body issues all affect your sex life and her libido.

Men need a seduction plan that is female-friendly and works in a relationship. When you know how to power her passion you’ll be in the driver’s seat to driver HER desire!


Turn On Her Inner Temptress

drive her desire turn on her temptress

Turn On Her Temptress


Drive her desire and power her passion so she happily becomes your seductive little temptress.


With attention and tenderness, Masterman confidence, stealth techniques to drive her desire, you can rediscover the powerful forces of love between a man and a woman.


You owe it to yourself to revive her drive and get her drive throttling high.


She WILL respond positively to these techniques.


Energize Her Engine

drive her desire sexually turn on energize her engine


Energize Her Engine

Being a Masterman Lover brings out your Alpha Masculinity. This energizes her.


Understanding your male power creates better sexual polarity.


Being in control of yourself, ejaculatory choice, keeps you sustained while she’s riding the wave of pleasure.


Stimulate her b-spot, her brain, and play the mind-games that give you both erotic adventures to keep her engine hot!


Connect at the Crossroads

drive her desire sex love crossroads of connection


Connect at the Crossroads

It is the man who can become a Masterman Lover to revive a woman’s sex drive. If she has a healthy sex drive and you aren’t filling “her love bucket” then she’s probably being wooed by another more Sexually Confident Men who promises to meet her at the intersection of love and sex.

Investing in your love and sex life is a wise move, probably cheaper than date night. Invest in a program that will get you more affection AND sex.



power her passion drive her desire sex love

Power Her Passion


She wants you to power her passion and plug into her! You have the power source to her pleasure

When you seduce your wife or girlfriend precisely the way she wants you to, then you power her passion!




With the right tools you can restructure your love and sex life and recreate the thrill, the excitement, and erotic passion!

Reclaim your power as a man and get in the driver’s seat, recharge her batteries to drive her desire!

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist
Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

sherrie rose lovelinguist thumb Power Her Passion YES! YES! YES! (& Fill Her Love Bucket!) Part 2




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image Power Her Passion YES! YES! YES! (& Fill Her Love Bucket!) Part 2

youlikethis1 Power Her Passion YES! YES! YES! (& Fill Her Love Bucket!) Part 2


The Love Bucket is a registered trademark.  Love Bucket Books™ can be found at http://lovebucketbook.com


P.S. Revive Her Drive – Try it Out, Then Decide

Check out this system because it is going to make easy for you to quickly assess what options you have to create more variety, spontaneity and more passion with your partner. Power her passion and Drive Her Desire!


Tags: Fill Her Love Bucket, Drive Her Desire, Unlock Her Lust,Ignite the Intimacy,Spark Her Sensuality, Motivate Her Motor, Refuel the Romance, Rev Up Her Risqué, Accelerate Her Amore (love), Power Her Passion, Energize Her Engine, Unleash Her Libido, Turn On Her Inner Temptress.

FREE! 4-Question Test To Drive Her Desire (Fill Her Love Bucket)

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FREE! 4-Question Test To Drive Her Desire

“Crave Better Sex, More Often? Want Massive Erotic Experiences With Your Wife Or Girlfriend?”



“The fastest way to generate plenty of satisfying, sensual intimacy that makes her fall in lust with you all over again”

  • A laughably simple way to turn her into a pleasure-seeking device in 24 hours.
  • You won’t believe how responsive she’ll be.
  • How to confidently become a master seducer and increase the quality and quantity of sex you enjoy (even if she rolls her eyes at you now).
  • Discover the 4 simple things you must give her so she will physically CRAVE YOU as a sexual partner.
  • How to OVERCOME the 9 reasons she resists feeling sexual, even when they change day to day.
  • Produce irresistible physical connections so powerful HER BODYWILL BE UNABLE TO RESIST YOU, when you use subtle ‘psycho-emotional’ approaches your woman will absolutely adore.
  • The scientifically proven 4-Step Seduction Plan that literallyREIGNITES HER LIBIDO and your sex life designed exclusively for men IN RELATIONSHIP.

Take the Test – http://driveherdesire.com/test

Drive Her Desire will help fuel her passion so you can unlock her libido and revive her sex drive.  That will certainly help fill her love bucket!

Check out http://DriveHerDesire.com/test

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist
Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

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image Unlock Her Libido, Drive Her Desire, Fill Her Love Bucket!

youlikethis1 Unlock Her Libido, Drive Her Desire, Fill Her Love Bucket!

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