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Gabe Fills Sara’s Love Bucket with Surprise Proposal and Engagement Treasure Hunt!

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Gabe Strom Fills Sara Tremurici’s Love Bucket on August 3rd with Surprise Proposal and Engagement Treasure Hunt!


At 9:00 AM Friday morning, a dozen roses were delivered to Sara’s office with a hand drawn "Treasure Map" including burnt edges and all. Attached to the treasure map was specific instructions that said that a black Town car would pick her up at exactly 5:00PM that night and take her to Secret Location #1.  Love Bucket starting to expand.

Upon arriving to the entrance of "Northerly Island Chicago" (aka Secret location #1) Sara was to follow the treasure map to "X Marks the Spot" where she would receive her treasure. Gabe had arranged for his good friend and the best photographer in Chicago, Matthew Bowie, to hide in the bushes to photograph the entire event. (hence, these amazing photographs!)   Love Bucket expanding even more.


After finding the spot, Gabe nervously walked her down the beach…… proposed on one knee and she said "Yes!"


They then began the celebration with a beach picnic complete with champagne, chocolate and fresh fruit. After enjoying the picnic they were driven to Navy Pier where Surprise #2 was waiting – the “Chicago Ferris Wheel!

After enjoying both of our 1st ride on the Ferris Wheel they were then escorted to a surprise dinner with reservations at a swanky French restaurant they had been wanting to go to called "Nellcote." (Surprise #3).  Sara’s Love Bucket has probably not expanded to receive so much love in one day in her whole life!

The rest as they say, is "History". Gabe says: “This was the result of 4 months of planning and tons of nerves. SO thank you to all our friends and family. We love you all and can’t wait to celebrate with you next spring.”
More details on the wedding date to come:)

P.S.  Gabe and Sara promptly updated their Facebook Relationship status and updated their cover photos with the great photos taken by Matthew Bowie.


A Little Background on Gabe Strom

I met Gabe online, on Twitter, in May 2009. At the time he was living in Chicago. We connected on Facebook and he sent me a couple videos in the message system. He is truly the most honest, down-to-earth, straight-shooter of a Masterman.

I am proud to say Gabe Strom is a friend and recommend his social media services.


Gabe moved west and we met in person the spring of 2010. He was part of an entrepreneurial experiment, called Unstrappd. There were tons of YouTube episodes of Unstrappd which are now all gone. After that project disbanded, about a year later, Gabe’s heart strings for Sara kept pulling him back to Chicago. In fact, he wrote about it in a blog post…it’s about a girl… and the lady needs some lovin.  

May their union be blessed! Congratulations!

Sherrie Rose Recommends Falling in Love and Proposing!

Score a Touchdown and WIN BIG When You Fill Her Love Bucket

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Score a Touchdown For 24 Hours

February is a busy and short month. Valentine’s almost here and the month wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the SUPER BOWL.

Touchdowns. Winning. Football is a contact sport.

Get that touchdown in the bedroom game day and every day

Physical touch is part of the Contact Ring of Desire of the Love Bucket. The right touch will open a woman up to you.

Touch is one of the hottest rings of desire. Observation is key because we often show our desires in a way that reflects how we like to receive love. The platinum rule of love is give love the way the other person wants to receive love.

When you know how to “fill her love bucket” then you can reduce the amount of time you spend on activities that leave you wondering why your efforts aren’t appreciated. Every woman has her unique combination of desires to express and receive love.

Things are bound to go more smoothly, more of the time and your can ignite more sparks of passion for hotter intimacy. Fill her love bucket and her desire they way she wants so you WIN with her.

Score Touchdown here: http://ReachOutandiTouchSomeone.com
for a special 24 hour offer – You WIN!

photo ESPN


The Love Bucket, Love Dynamics, and Holiday Love

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The Love Bucket, Love Dynamics, and Holiday Love

What kind of love do you have in your life?

The holiday season is a time when you want your love bucket filled with LOVE. If you have a wonderful woman in your life, she definitely wants her love bucket filled.  It is a family oriented time with dinners, parties and images that the media creates and holiday music playing everywhere.

What kind of love do you have in your life that makes you happy or cringe?  As a single man you may have lost your last girlfriend because you did not know how to fill her love bucket. 

You may make make fun of your ex-girlfriends in a playful way like the post below. “To all my ex-girlfriends who send me holiday cards w/pictures of their kids… I get it.. you messed up.”

This was funny enough to get over 70 people to like the post and more than 50 people to make a comment.  That’s because some part of this rings true to everyone.  Mainly, who is happy enough to have a family and children during the holiday season and who needs to use a little sarcasm to poke fun at the ex-girlfriend who “messed up.” 


If you are a man who’s not like Drew (who works out daily and sports 6-pack abs) but you are still a loveable gorilla, there is hope for you.  Remember, there is someone for everyone in the love dynamics starting with dating.


If love is what you want this holiday season, check out the 5 Love Dynamics.


Go from Dating to Cultivating and pay attention to the in between dynamics like the Sexual Dynamics!

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist

Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

sherrie rose lovelinguist thumb Love Bucket: 7 Rings of Desire




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The best way to fill her love bucket is to discover the 5 Love Dynamics that will lead you to Great Love, Sex, and Life!


Unlock Her Libido, Drive Her Desire, Fill Her Love Bucket!

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Unlock Her Libido, Drive Her Desire, Fill Her Love Bucket!

Get The 4 Keys …Turn On Her Sex Drive!

If your woman has been physically distancing herself from you a bit lately, drive-her-desire-com-blonde-womanthere’s a very SIMPLE REASON.

When you find out WHY, you’ll instantly see that it’s NO WONDER she pulled away.

You will totally get this…

(No matter where you are NOW in your relationship.)

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Drive Her Desire will help fuel her passion so you can unlock her libido and revive her sex drive.  That will certainly help fill her love bucket!

Check out http://DriveHerDesire.com

Sherrie Rose
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Fuel Her Passion, Drive Her Desire & Fill Her Love Bucket!

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Fuel Her Passion & Fill Her Love Bucket!

Hot Heart Flames Fuels Passion Fills Love Bucket

Filling The Love Bucket® is all about keeping the passion fires burning to grown love and keep the “Sex Ring of Desire” HOT!

If you need to fuel her passion and her sex drive…

If you need the keys to unlock her libido, then you owe it to yourself to discover how to “DRIVE HER DESIRE” and turn her back on!



Check out http://DriveHerDesire.com

This is intended for MEN – Drive Her Desire is Exclusively for Married Men or Men in Relationship.


Drive Her Desire will help fuel her passion so you can unlock her libido and revive her sex drive.  That will certainly help fill her love bucket!

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Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist
Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

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image Lovemaking Recommended Resources (to fill the love bucket!)

youlikethis1 Lovemaking Recommended Resources (to fill the love bucket!)


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