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How much do you love your Valentine? Tell us on Facebook

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How much do you love your Valentine? Why not tell us all of the ways?

Last year LOVE by Four Seasons was giving away a USD 2,500 Four Seasons Gift Card to win the Four Seasons Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Tell us on Facebook where you would take your Valentine February 14th, 2012 —and enter to win a USD 2,500 Four Seasons Gift Card! All you had to do was visit the Facebook page to enter, and tell where you will take your loved one if you win, and also what you would do for your perfect romantic getaway.

Now doesn’t that sound like a good way to fill The Love Bucket®?

Four Seasons doesn’t want you to miss 50 Romantic Travel Tips to Go. Read the complete Four Seasons Love Bucket Valentine’s Day giveaway official rules

For more on the Four Seasons of Love to Fill The Love Bucket®, click on THE LOVE BUCKET for a little inspiration.


How much do you love your Valentine? Tell us on Facebook at

Four Seasons of Love–4 Seasons (Fill The Love Bucket)

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The Four Seasons of Love is beyond a Valentine’s Love Fest; it continues monthly and throughout life.  The Four Seasons of Love fills The Love Bucket with dating, intimacy, commitment, and break up and make up love experiences.

The four seasons of weather relate to the four seasons of love. Here’s a quick recap of the Four Seasons of Love.    Click on an image below for details to each article on the Love Bucket Blog.

The Love Bucket Four Seasons of Love
four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-intro1 four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-intro
Four Seasons of Love Intro
four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-season1-part four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-season1
Four Seasons of Love Part 1
four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-season2-part four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-season2
Four Seasons of Love Part 2
four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-season3-part four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-season3
Four Seasons of Love Part 3
four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-season4-part four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-season4
Four Seasons of Love Part 4
four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-seasons-songs four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-four-seasons-of-love-songs
Four Seasons of Love Songs
four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-seasons-celebrate-love four-seasons-of-love-love-bucket-celebrate-love
Four Seasons Celebrate Love

Four Seasons of Love Defined:

DATING – Season 1 of the Four Seasons of Love

INTIMACY – Season 2 of the Four Seasons of Love

COMMITMENT – Season 3 of the Four Seasons of Love

BREAK-UP & MAKE-UP – Season 4 of Four Seasons of Love

Thanks to the Dummies books who are celebrating in March and for kicking off the Four Seasons of Love. Dummies books, “making everything easier.”

Four Seasons of Love celebrates love providing ideas for experiences for couples in the real world and online. The Love Bucket of romance and intimacy gives you and a chance to rekindle the flames of passion… Four Seasons of Love define the four seasons of the lifecycle of love in four parts. Part 1 = Season 1, Part 2 = Season 2, Part 3 = Season 3, Part 4= Season 4

the love bucket her love bucket1 Four Seasons of Love Introduction (Fill The Love Bucket)

Filling "The Love Bucket" & Four Seasons of Love – Celebrate Love!

Saturday, March 10th, 2012 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Dating, Mating, Relating, Romance, The Love Bucket® | 1 Comment »

Four Seasons of Love Celebrates Love with Experiences for Couples Shining Up the 7 Rings of Desires and Filling “The Love Bucket” with Romance and Romantic Ideas.

It has been said before; you don’t need Valentine’s Day for love because love continues through the four seasons from spring to winter and with the Four Seasons of Love. Knowing your lover’s desires makes planning a special couple’s experience easier and more than ever. That is a combination of the Do With and Provisions Rings of Desires of The Love Bucket.


Four Seasons of Love celebrates love providing ideas for experiences for couples in the real world and online. The Love Bucket of romance and intimacy gives you and a chance to rekindle the flames of passion… Four Seasons of Love define the four seasons of the lifecycle of love in four parts. Part1 = Season 1, Part 2 = Season 2, Part 3 = Season 3, Part 4= Season 4

Visit Facebook and dip into “The Love Bucket” for romance tips and ideas for creating “365 Days of Love.” Also online, see the 4 parts of the Four Seasons of Love on the Love Bucket Blog – which has original and curated content to experiences love designed specifically for couples that are unlike anywhere else on the internet  and are based on the concept of The Love Bucket. These fun Love Bucket tips are shared on Twitter throughout the year with the hashtag #LoveBucket.

The Love Bucket® is a concept that will spark your unique inspiration when you understand the special rings of desire of your lady’s love bucket.

There are phases and seasons of love and several considerations in the Love Bucket concept.

The LOVE BUCKET includes romantic ideas which you can get for free at FREE ROMANTIC TIPS

The Love Bucket has always been synonymous with romance, and by visiting the love bucket blog you’ll discover Four Seasons of Love articles and you don’t have to wait for February 14th to share love. The concept of a “love bucket” has been used since 2008 for romantic inspiration via unique, Rings of Desire that often suggest getting away to “Romantic Travel Destinations” to local hot spots or luxurious 5 Star Hotels and Resorts. Women want romance and part of that is making plans. A man who plans to take his loved one and on a romantic getaway would be a true Masterman. “I would take my special lady to Casa Laguna for a spa weekend.”

Romance tips and love inspiration are only part of the LOVE BUCKET.  Some men interpret innuendo with the term LOVE BUCKET.

Four Seasons of Love articles provide ideas for “Romantic Days of Love,” starting with dating and more tips every day leading up to the sometimes inevitable break up that can turn into a heart-warming make up and possibly lead to a most romantic wedding proposal. Transform your relationship and discover The Love Bucket and the Four Seasons of Love for unique inspiration.

During the seasons of love and beyond, taking your lover into the bond of lovematism give the experience of transformation of your relationship with your lover’s journey into extraordinary, deep feelings of togetherness.

The 7 Rings of Desire include the day to day as well as romantic getaways to fill the LOVE BUCKET.  You don’t need a destination to fill the love bucket.  Sometimes a simple getaway like a walk in the park shines up the DO WITH Ring of Desire of the Love Bucket.

Filling the Love Bucket does not have to be expensive like a trip around the world.  Men, you can get inspired when you register for THE MAN CLASS whether you are dating, getting ready to propose and planning a night on the town or a romantic evening dining at home with candlelight.

You don’t have to be rich and famous to treat your lady like a queen.

Simply creating the ambience with candles and filling up a bubble bath for your lady can an unparalleled experience if you have more attention waiting when she towels off. Creating couple time can turn your boudoir into an enchanted evening. It is recommended that you make your bedroom into a hideaway retreat with accessories to enhance your lovemaking.

A book of love poems, your special love potion lotion or cocktails and your own style of pillow talk accompanied by a full body massage would most definitely shine up the RED Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket.

When you allocate couple time you can laugh together fill each other’s love buckets of lasting memories of your time together when you are back at work or away.

But the love bucket is not just about romance and making love.

The Love Bucket is for a lifetime of love in a relationship with the ebb and flow of daily living. It is both the small and big things that fill The Love Bucket.

The Love Bucket

The Love Bucket® and the 7 Rings of Desire® are a registered trademarks.

Four Seasons of Love Songs (Fill the Love Bucket)

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Four Seasons of Love Songs Fill The Love Bucket.  Where there is love, there is song.


Here’s a quick recap of the Four Seasons of Love Defined:


DATING – Season 1 of the Four Seasons of Love

Part 1 Article Link – Four Seasons of Love

INTIMACY – Season 2 of the Four Seasons of Love

Part 2 Article Link – Four Seasons of Love

COMMITMENT – Season 3 of the Four Seasons of Love

Part 3 Article Link – Four Seasons of Love

BREAK-UP & MAKE-UP – Season 4 of Four Seasons of Love

Part 4 Article Link – Four Seasons of Love

Four Seasons of Love celebrates love providing ideas for experiences for couples in the real world and online. The Love Bucket of romance and intimacy gives you and a chance to rekindle the flames of passion… Four Seasons of Love define the four seasons of the lifecycle of love in four parts. Part1 = Season 1, Part 2 = Season 2, Part 3 = Season 3, Part 4= Season 4

Rent Musical “Seasons of Love,”  Donna Summer’s “Four Seasons of Love” album, Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons, Avatar Movie, Four Seasons for Love, the famous Vivadi Four Seasons, and so many other artists put love to music to share emotion and desire.

Donna Summer. Share. Tracks; Similar Albums. image. Released: Jun 1994. Label: Island Def Jam.

Spring Affair
audio 8:30
Four Seasons Of Love

Summer Fever
audio 8:04
Four Seasons Of Love

Autumn Changes
audio 5:29
Four Seasons Of Love

Winter Melody
audio 6:28
Four Seasons Of Love

The Love Bucket

Four Seasons of Love Part 4 (Fill The Love Bucket)

Thursday, March 8th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, The Love Bucket® | 1 Comment »

Four Seasons of Love Part 4


The Love Bucket is all about fulfilling desire. Sometimes that desire wanes to the point of break-up. Four Seasons of Love is how The Love Bucket gets empty.


The four seasons of love can include “nasty weather” with bleak, blustery and sometimes very frigid moments. Like a hurricane or tornado there can be destruction leaving nothing behind.

Here’s a quick recap of the Four Seasons of Love

Four Seasons of Love Defined:


DATING – Season 1 of the Four Seasons of Love

INTIMACY – Season 2 of the Four Seasons of Love

COMMITMENT – Season 3 of the Four Seasons of Love

BREAK-UP & MAKE-UP – Season 4 of Four Seasons of Love

Four Seasons of Love celebrates love providing ideas for experiences for couples in the real world and online. The Love Bucket of romance and intimacy gives you and a chance to rekindle the flames of passion… Four Seasons of Love define the four seasons of the lifecycle of love in four parts. Part1 = Season 1, Part 2 = Season 2, Part 3 = Season 3, Part 4= Season 4

For marriage, it can simply be a loves spat or it can end in divorce. Many times a fight helps clear the air so you can make up.  Hot make-up sex is a well known experience.


The well-known Dummies books have several volumes relating to the four seasons of love.

To honor our friends and authors of the Dummies books we will dedicate the four seasons of love to them.  Here’s some of their sage advice:

Basic Divorce Decisions

Important and difficult decisions have to be made when you’re working out the terms of your divorce, especially if minor children are involved. Basic conditions of your divorce that need to be decided on are

· Who will have physical custody of your children?

· Who will have legal custody of your children?

· If you will have sole or primary child custody of your children, what visitation rights will their other parent have?

· Will you prepare a parenting plan? If so, what will it include?

· Which parent will pay child support, how much will the payments be, and when will the payments end?

· Who will pay for your health insurance and your children’s health coverage — you or your spouse?

· How will you handle child-related expenses like private school tuition, tutoring, after-school activities, summer camp, and so on?

· How will you and your spouse share the cost of your children’s college educations or enrollment in a trade or career school?

· Which of you is going to claim your children as income tax exemptions?

· Will you or your spouse pay the other spousal support (also known as alimony)?

· How much will those support payments be?

· How long will the spousal support payments continue?

· What are your marital assets and marital debts?

· What percentage of the value of your marital assets is each of you entitled to?

· What portion of the property and debts will each of you take from your marriage?


The Four Seasons of Love can hold the air of finality if your partner dies.  Yes, this season of love can be filled with insecurity and distraught.

Grieving the Death of Your Partner

When you lose your spouse through death, you obviously get no say-so in the matter. This lack of control and utter helplessness is in strong contrast to the loss of a spouse through divorce, which, though it may be unavoidable, is still an act of will rather than a loss of control over one’s destiny.

Lack of control is the salient factor in the profound loss of any loved one. In the death of a spouse, however, you face the loss of someone you specifically chose to be with and whom fate saw fit to take from you.

Dating Break-Ups

Breaking up with less pain
The relationship isn’t working for you. It really is the end. Breaking up is as important a skill as any other part of dating. It’s not fair to just disappear without a word. The world’s too small a place, and you’re too big a person, so don’t even think about it. Now the goal is to end it with the minimum blood loss, nastiness, and pain. When you finally decide to make the break, how do you actually go about doing it?

Avoid blame
The first temptation to be avoided is the need to blame somebody or something. Because there are only the two of you, it’s logical that you will decide, heroically of course, to make it all your fault, even though you know it’s not true: "You’re too good for someone like me," "I don’t deserve you," — both of which mean you want out now. Or you could blame your partner: "You never loved me enough," "You cared more about your work than you did me," "You’ve never really gotten over your first love," "You’ve put on weight, lost hair, gotten moody. . . ." Yada, yada, yada.

You don’t need to fall into either trap. All you have to do to be dignified is to be specific about your feelings without laying blame. It doesn’t matter in the long run whose fault it is, and avoiding blame spares you both a lot of pain.

To avoid the blame game, try saying, "I feel . . ." rather than "You are . . ." and no, it isn’t okay to say, "I feel you’re a rat." This approach is okay only if you follow up with something about yourself, like, "I feel neglected when you work weekend after weekend." (Of course, if you had been able to say this when you were feeling it, the relationship might not be beyond redemption at this point.) If you’re specific now, at least both of you can look at the data as dispassionately as possible rather than feeling that either of you failed.

Don’t ask why
When a relationship is over, the "why" is less relevant than the "how" — how are we both going to walk away and be able to live our lives without scars or regrets? Sometimes, a perfectly good relationship is a perfectly good relationship only for a while. That doesn’t mean it was bad, only that it wasn’t long-term.

If the two of you are specific, you’ll know what went wrong and what, perhaps, either of you could do differently next time. The why may be lost in the mists of time or be a proper subject for therapy, but when you’re going your separate ways, getting stuck in the past feels incredibly painful. And the why is in the past, often clouded and sometimes unknowable. When you’re reduced to asking why, you’re both sunk, and there are no comforting reasons to be had.

After the breakup
Now you’re broken up. You’ve gone through the first hard part, the misery has ended, but another kind of misery is about to begin: the unhappiness of doubt, the "did I do the right thing" second-guessing. The aftermath of a breakup can be one huge pity party (allow yourself only 24 to 36 hours of tears) or it can be productive.

Look for patterns
If this isn’t your first breakup, take this opportunity to privately examine whether your relationships are following a pattern, beginning with your first love in second grade who hit you with the teeter-totter.

Do you pick unavailable people and then feel neglected when they’re unavailable? Do you need to be in control all the time or else you feel anxious? Do you take care of people and then get angry when they don’t take care of you, even though you’ve set yourself up as the caretaker (which is really just a variation on being a control freak)?

Looking for patterns is a really good thing to do for yourself because most people get involved again eventually (and, usually, much too soon, before they’ve sorted out the last disaster). You’ll most likely want to get involved again, too, and knowing your patterns may help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Talking to your ex about the patterns you see in yourself isn’t very productive. And puh-leeeze, under no circumstances, point out the patterns you see in your ex’s behavior. You’re not the parent or the therapist, and no matter how keen your insight, your remarks will be viewed as self-serving. So keep those pearls of "wisdom" for a hundred years from now when you’re the best of friends, and even then, swallow them.

Accept that many things don’t last forever
Just because a relationship doesn’t last forever doesn’t mean it’s not good. Unfortunately, many of us feel that if it doesn’t last as long as we wanted or expected it to, then somebody must be to blame, someone has to pay, and it wasn’t a good relationship at all.

Remember that it takes a while to get to know someone, and even perfectly nice people can find that there’s no chemistry after some time passes. Therefore, the relationship wasn’t bad or a failure, and neither party has to be the bad guy or at fault. The only perspective by which you can evaluate if the relationship made any sense or was a good investment of your time is with time.

If you think of every experience as being tuition in the school of life and love, then you can understand that some tuition is higher than others, and some classes are more fun or stick with you longer, or teach you more than others. But it’s only after time passes that you gain the perspective to see which things you really benefited from.

Always look forward
It is humanly impossible to go backward in a relationship. After you know that someone can be both kind and smart, you’ll never settle for one without the other again. Therefore, every breakup is an opportunity to go forward, and, after a while, you may even be able to say thank you to the one who gave you your walking papers, even though it felt awful at the time.




Making UP after a Fight or Break UP

You can get back together after a break up.  Read earlier article entitled Want To Get Your Ex Back? (WARNING)

When there is a break-up, the love bucket is broken! You’ll have repair the broken holes in The Love Bucket. The Love Bucket is a concept so it is the areas in your relationship that have been neglected,  avoided, mistreated, ignored or abandoned that need attention.

Click the broken love bucket image to see you can use a modern approach to get your ex back.

love bucket broken Want To Get Your Ex Back? (WARNING)


Love Bucket Thoughts:

Share your thoughts on the Four Seasons of Love on The Love Bucket page on Facebook, here:

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