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Four Seasons of Love Part 3 (Fill The Love Bucket)

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Four Seasons of Love Part 3

For many people, you would not Fill The Love Bucket unless you were in a committed relationship or married.

Since many relationships are not legal marriages but have a commitment, we are calling Season 3 of the Four Seasons of Love, Commitment.


Here’s a quick recap of the Four Seasons of Love Defined:


DATING – Season 1 of the Four Seasons of Love

INTIMACY – Season 2 of the Four Seasons of Love

COMMITMENT – Season 3 of the Four Seasons of Love

BREAK-UP & MAKE-UP – Season 4 of Four Seasons of Love

Four Seasons of Love celebrates love providing ideas for experiences for couples in the real world and online. The Love Bucket of romance and intimacy gives you and a chance to rekindle the flames of passion… Four Seasons of Love define the four seasons of the lifecycle of love in four parts. Part1 = Season 1, Part 2 = Season 2, Part 3 = Season 3, Part 4= Season 4

The well-known Dummies books have several volumes relating to the four seasons of love.

To honor our friends and authors of the Dummies books we will dedicate the four seasons of love to them.  Here’s some of their sage advice:

Finding Ways to Date Your Mate

Taking the person you share your life with for granted is an easy habit to get into. The fact that you have sex on a semi-regular basis, share a checkbook, and discuss whether or not to paint the living room does not mean that you have license to ignore the romantic quotient of your relationship. No couple should expect to be romantic all of the time; you do have a life that needs your attention. The best way to make sure that you do have some romance in your relationship is to continue to date, just the way you did before you began to shack up.

The definition of a date isn’t set in stone. Part of the dating process centers on the activities you do together. Another part centers on the attitude that you bring to a date. You may dine in the most romantic restaurant in the world, but if one of you can’t stop thinking about the big sales meeting scheduled for the following morning, the date is going to be a washout. On the other hand, sharing even a cold can of soup when a storm knocks out your electricity can be very romantic when the two of you ignore your circumstances and give each other your full concentration.

The morning date in committed relationships

Like any other date, a morning date takes planning. In fact, morning dates may require more planning than others. When you first get up, your creative juices may feel drained. How do you overcome your grogginess? Take the time to prepare. For example, if you want to have a romantic breakfast in bed, prepare a breakfast tray the night before. Set an electric pot to brew coffee so that it’s ready when you wake up. You don’t have to think about what to do when you plan ahead; just follow your own instructions.

Lunch dates in committed relationships

Lunch dates are a great way to keep your romance going during the week. If your offices are close enough to each other, meet somewhere for lunch. You don’t have to meet in a restaurant. Maybe there’s a park at the halfway point where you could brown bag it.

The menu for a lunch date is not critical to its success. Your time is limited; you may find the most convenient meal is to grab a couple of hot dogs from a street vendor. If the weather’s nice, just sharing some unaccustomed sunlight on a workday can seem like a mini-vacation.

Phone dates in committed relationships

If you can’t meet in person, use the phone. You can both find a phone out of the office to ensure some privacy and call each other. You may each have a cell phone — you can call from anywhere you like. If not, see if a conference room or nearby phone booth can offer the privacy you need.

You can keep your voice low and whispery to cultivate intimacy. Your intonations are very different than when you speak to your partner in person, even when your partner is sitting only a few feet away. You’re more likely to say something silly or very personal on the phone than when your mate is in the same room.

Traditional dinner dates in committed relationships

What differentiates a date from just a meal? How much time you spend is one factor. If you linger over each course and don’t mind that the waiter is taking his time bringing you the bill, that means you’re deep in conversation and busy rekindling your romance. Another indicator may be what you order. For example, sharing a bottle of wine puts you in a different mood than drinking mineral water.

Keep in mind that not everybody finds a restaurant the ideal place for a date. The problem may be with diversions at the restaurant. At these types of establishments, your partner may get so involved in what is going on around him or her that full attention is not given to your conversation. If your twosome includes someone who is easily distracted, you’re better off ordering takeout for your romantic dinner dates so that you can get him or her to give you undivided attention.

Nontraditional dinner dates in committed relationships

A dinner date usually means that two people get together between about 6 and 9 p.m. to share a meal. However, you may also spend that time together without eating a thing. If you decide that the meal part of the date is not that important, you open up a whole world of possible activities:

· Go for a run, stop at a nearby lake, and watch the sunset or the stars twinkle.

· Take a painting or language class together and stimulate your minds.

· Take in an early movie, when the lines aren’t so long, and dine on buttered popcorn and chocolate-covered raisins.

· Take advantage of the last hours of daylight to work on your garden; then have a salad from the greens you picked in your back yard.

In other words, a nontraditional dinner date means that you set aside your dinner time to do something different together, rather than sit at home, eat leftovers, and watch TV.

Extended dates in committed relationships

How great would it be if you could hop on a plane Friday afternoon and spend the weekend in Paris? Relaxing and being pampered at a 5 star hotel or resort is a great getaway. Such glamorous voyages don’t mix with most people’s budgets. However, you can find less extravagant ways of spending an entire weekend together.

Many people take weekend trips that involve getting into the family vehicle, picking a place on the map a few hours away, and enjoying whatever that community has to offer.

You may also have a particular goal in mind for your trip. If you like to shop for antiques, you could head for areas that have lots of antique dealers. If you want to check out the fall foliage, a nearby state park would be another great weekend destination.

Some trips, like a visit to an orchard to go apple picking, are perfect for sharing with your children. However, your kids should know that some weekend trips are only for mom and dad. Set this precedent early and they won’t howl quite as loudly when you leave them with their grandparents.

Don’t try to pack too much into these long weekends. For a trip to qualify as a date, you need some time to unwind and get close to one another. That closeness is difficult to achieve if you never remove your seat belts.

Here are some additional resources on the Four Seasons of Love at





Thanks to the Dummies books who are celebrating in March and for being part of the Four Seasons of Love. 

Fill The Love Bucket!

the love bucket her love bucket1 Four Seasons of Love Introduction (Fill The Love Bucket)

Four Seasons of Love Part 2 (Fill The Love Bucket)

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, Seduction, SEX, The Love Bucket® | 1 Comment »

Four Seasons of Love Part 2

Some folks say this is good for every one of the Four Seasons of  Love.  Fill The Love Bucket by shining up the rings of desire of your special lady. One of those desires is sex.


Here’s a quick recap of the Four Seasons of Love Defined:


DATING – Season 1 of the Four Seasons of Love

INTIMACY – Season 2 of the Four Seasons of Love

COMMITMENT – Season 3 of the Four Seasons of Love

BREAK-UP & MAKE-UP – Season 4 of Four Seasons of Love

Four Seasons of Love celebrates love providing ideas for experiences for couples in the real world and online. The Love Bucket of romance and intimacy gives you and a chance to rekindle the flames of passion… Four Seasons of Love define the four seasons of the lifecycle of love in four parts. Part1 = Season 1, Part 2 = Season 2, Part 3 = Season 3, Part 4= Season 4

For many relationships, intimacy and commitment go together.  Season 2 of the Four Seasons of Love is intimacy which includes sex but is not limited to sex.  In the Four Seasons of Love there is a close familiarity and friendship, closeness, private connection, and involves physical or emotional intimacy.

In the Four Seasons of Love, the physical intimacy is characterized by romantic passionate love and sexual activity. The term intimacy often refers to is a sexual relationship.

Fortunately, in the Four Seasons of Love, intimacy does not end and traverses several of the Four Seasons of Love. There is a desire to belong and to love which is often satisfied within an intimate relationship.

The well-known Dummies books have several volumes relating to the four seasons of love.

To honor our friends and authors of the Dummies books we will dedicate the four seasons of love to them.  Here’s some of their sage advice:

Have a Sexier, More Exciting Relationship

Use these tips to keep the sexual chemistry alive in your marriage and improve your sex life:

  • · Show your love every day.
  • · Touch each other lovingly and sensuously.
  • · Show and tell your spouse what pleases you.
  • · Let your fantasies run free.
  • · Make time to be alone together.
  • · Play and laugh together.
  • · Make special time for sex.
  • · Become an artful kisser.
  • · Talk sexy to each other.

Try altering time, place and technique to further beat the bedroom boredom.



Be daring and create a sense of sexual excitement

Acting out fantasies can be a rich and exciting experience for couples. Once you’ve shared an experience, you’re likely to feel more comfortable with your fantasy lives and extend your repertoire further. If you do want to act out a fantasy, make sure that your partner is comfortable with the idea.

Playing grown-up games can also bring passion back to your sex life, and can increase feelings of trust and intimacy. Try:

  • Buying a blindfold
  • Adding sexy twists to classic games like hide and seek
  • Buying a commercial sex game
  • Staging fun play fights
  • Engaging in role playing



Maintain a sexual connection with your partner

If you’re working all day or busy raising a family, you may find that you stop seeing your partner as a lover. Maintaining a sexual connection will help you keep a sense of sexuality outside of the bedroom. Try:

  • Sending saucy text messages during the day.
  • Saying “I fancy you”, or paying an unexpected, sexually loaded compliment
  • Being physically bolder with affection

Create sexual space to arouse your senses

Think about creating an environment that appeals to each of your five senses in order to maximize the sensual experience.

  • Sight: Soft lightning and candlelight in particular can be very romantic and can cast exciting shadows in a room. Think about colours which excite you. Try swapping the bed linen for something sexy
  • Sound: Playing music can help to get you in the mood. Think about what kind of music makes you feel sexy, or calm and chilled.
  • Smell: Your partner’s favorite scent, or favorite aromatherapy oil can get your pulse racing. Lavender aids relaxation, ylang ylang can boost sensuality, or choose sandalwood to boost your sexual energy.
  • Taste: The link between food and sexual desire is well known. Foods which are said to contain aphrodisiac properties include strawberries, asparagus, chocolate, oysters, saffron and lettuce.
  • Touch: Your skin is the biggest sensory organ you have, yet it’s often forgotten about. Interesting textures such as silk, fur, feather and satin can help you rekindle a passion for touch and feel.

ALTER the romantic initiation “rules”

If sex has become a bit routine, try spicing things up by initiating sex in new ways:

  • Romantic and tender: This could start with a romantic supper, or massage, or any gesture which says ‘I love you’.
  • Brazen and bold: Try a sexy, direct statement or physical come-on which is straight to the point and says ‘I want you’.
  • Urgent and frenzied: The tempo is quickly upped after the usual hug and kiss
  • Daring and erotic: Turn up the volume by dressing sexily or performing a strip-tease for your partner.


Thanks to the Dummies books who are celebrating in March and for being part of the Four Seasons of Love.

Intimate relationships may start with season 1, dating, of the Four Seasons of Love and involve the physical and sexual attraction by one person to another, liking and loving, romantic feelings, and sexual relationships.

Season 3 of the Four Seasons of Love coming next.

Erogenous Zones Female Orgasm Explained

Four Seasons of Love Part 1 ( Fill The Love Bucket)

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Four Seasons of Love Part 1

To begin to fill The Love Bucket, in most cases you start with dating.

Here’s a quick recap of the Four Seasons of Love Defined:


DATING – Season 1 of the Four Seasons of Love

INTIMACY – Season 2 of the Four Seasons of Love

COMMITMENT – Season 3 of the Four Seasons of Love

BREAK-UP & MAKE-UP – Season 4 of Four Seasons of Love

The 5 Love Dynamics starts with dating.  Check out the free intro by clicking on the image.

FINAL INTRO 5 Love Dynamics INTRO Love Bucket Interview: Successful Dating Dynamics

Thanks to the Dummies books who are celebrating in March and for kicking off the Four Seasons of Love. Here’s some of their sage advice:

Flirting Tips for Dating

When you’re on a date, flirting is a delightful way to make your date — and you, for that matter — feel irresistible and tingly all over. The point of flirting with your date is interest; that’s why it’s so alluring. Here are some flirting do’s and don’ts:

· Use your whole body. Lean forward, make eye contact, smile, bend your knees a bit, and relax your hands and arms. Make very, very sure your breath is very, very sweet: no onions, garlic, coffee, or ciggy in the recent past.

· Make eye contact. Looking someone in the eyes is very alluring. And it makes your date feel like he or she has your undivided attention, which is as it should be.

· Smile, don’t smirk. Smile openly and sincerely — it’s irresistible.

· Pay attention. No looking like you’re trying to remember if you fed the cat.

· Lighten up; don’t bulldoze. Telling your date she or he is incredibly hot isn’t flirting; it’s steering your dating experience directly into a mountain.

· Focus on your partner, not yourself. Make your date feel as though every word is a pearl of wisdom.

· Enjoy yourself. Fun is the flirter’s playground. And once you’re having fun, it’s easy to get others to play.

Using Technology Wisely When You’re Dating

Our lives are defined by technology, and the dating scene certainly has changed because of it. The Internet, social networking sites, and cell phones are ubiquitous, but you have to use each of them with caution when you’re meeting potential dates and going on dates. Here are some hints:

· Use common sense when posting information about yourself online. Your home address, photos of yourself when you were drunk and half-dressed, and your sexual fantasies have no place on the Internet. Censor yourself, or you’ll live to regret it.

· Whether you meet a potential date online or in real life, do not Google that person or search for more information about him or her on social networking sites. If you meet on Facebook, obviously the info he or she has posted in the Facebook profile is fair game. But if you meet at school, don’t assume that you have license to check out this person’s online profiles. Take the time to get to know your potential date in real life so you don’t make any assumptions based on what’s posted online.

· Don’t make a potential date your Facebook “friend” just yet. Doing so can create feelings of jealousy and a sense of over-familiarity that can doom a relationship before it starts.

· Don’t badmouth your exes online. Any potential date can see that information and will feel pretty confident that you’d do the same thing if he or she ever crossed you.

· If you’re hoping for a relationship, avoid long-distance connections online. If the person you’re chatting with online lives more than 25 miles away from you, the two of you simply can’t see each other often enough to have a stable relationship.

· Avoid online “shopping.” If you meet someone you’re interested in, give yourself a chance to get to know this person before trolling for more potential dates. The online dating pool is huge, but you’ll never head in the direction of a relationship if you’re constantly checking out who else is available.

· When you’re on a date, turn off your cell phone. Yes, you read that right! Give your date your complete attention, and don’t you dare sneak in some texting while your date isn’t looking.

· After a date, don’t text your date repeatedly hoping for confirmation that the date went well.You wouldn’t call this person again and again, would you? (Would you?) Have some confidence in yourself, and give your date some breathing room.

· Keep your work life and your love life completely separate. That means no dating at work, but it also means to leave your office computer out of your online dating adventures. You don’t want to lose your job while you’re looking for love.

How to Ask for a First Date

Asking for a first date can be intimidating, but it’s not the end of the world if the answer is no. To better the chances of getting a yes when you ask for a first date, stay flexible, keep things light, and use these tips:

  • Ask for a Wednesday or Thursday night. Never ask for a first date for a Friday or Saturday night (too big as date nights) or Monday (everyone hates Mondays).
  • Offer a specific opportunity (as well as alternative days). If you say, “Would you like to go out sometime?” you leave yourself absolutely no way out if the person says no, and if the answer is yes,you still have to ask the person out.
  • Offer options. Options can include the day, time, activity, and transportation. Options make you sound organized without being rigid.
  • Ask for a first date a week to ten days in advance (but you can break this rule with impunity as the need arises).
  • Go for it when you’re having a good day. You’re cuter when you’re happy, and self-confidence is sexy.
  • Think KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetie). All you want to do here is send a clear, gentle, but important message: I’d like to spend some time getting to know you better. Are you interested?

Here are more Dummies book resources for dating:



Four Seasons of Love celebrates love providing ideas for experiences for couples in the real world and online. The Love Bucket of romance and intimacy gives you and a chance to rekindle the flames of passion… Four Seasons of Love define the four seasons of the lifecycle of love in four parts. Part1 = Season 1, Part 2 = Season 2, Part 3 = Season 3, Part 4= Season 4

In the end, it is all about filling The Love Bucket
and satisfying desire again and again.

endslide The Love Bucket Trademark, Pinterest, and Endearment


Four Seasons of Love Part 2 coming up next.

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