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Petite, fit, age 35-45, active, non-smoker, darker, exotic


affectionate, supportive, proud of me, emotionally mature


warm, outgoing, down to earth, playful and lighthearted


college degree, interested in culture, world events, likes learning new things, inquisitive


no hangups, willing to initiate on occasion, likes oral sex (both giving and receiving), seductive, willing to dress up (or down) for me


articulate, good writer, sends cards and notes, relays inner feelings well, even tempered, speaks another language, good sense of humor


financially responsible, ambitious, entrepreneurial, generous, honest and ethical, plans for the future, has some real assets, ie-home or condo

Personal Growth

committed to improvement, goes to seminars and lectures, reads books on growth, sees own shortcomings and works on them, challenges me


Believes in G-d, Karma, natural laws of the universe, compassionate towards others less fortunate, respectful of environment and all living things, wants a spiritual connection with me

Interests & Hobbies

travel, music, plays an instrument, loves animals, likes to be athletic, swimming, cycling, hiking, likes movies and plays, likes silly humor, Seinfeld, etc, likes intellectual games like scrabble, crosswords, etc.


Family oriented, has already had children, doesn’t want any more, healthy relationship with kids, ex, parents, etc.  Independent, yet still loyal to our union

=> OK, I think you get the idea.  Take the time to really think about this.  It will make you MUCH more effective as you go out and meet women.  Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, it becomes very easy to spot it.  And, just as important, it becomes MUCH easier to spot the ones that are NOT what you are looking for.  This is important too!


VIZUALIZE what you want daily.  Now there are many ways to do this, but to be most effective, you must truly be able to SEE your target.  So, figure out what this perfect woman of yours looks like.  (NO, it cannot be an ex….get over it!).  Then, do things to put her likeness in front of you as often as possible.

For example, my perfect woman is probably dark, semi-ethnic, slender, late 30s to early 40s.  So, I went to the bookstore, and bought a couple of magazines that had pictures of women that looked like her, and cut them out.  I then pasted them on to my "dream board" that I look at every morning and every night.

I also went to the internet.  Google images is a great place to do this.  I just typed in something like "ethnic 40 year old woman" and I had lots of choices.  I saved a few images to my hard drive.  What’s really cool, is you can now make "mind movies" as a way to visualize and manifest everything you’re looking for.  I was able to incorporate these images into a MIND MOVIE about me finding the woman of my dreams.  Most days, I take a couple minutes in the morning, and a couple of minutes before bed to watch this movie.  It is VERY empowering.

Another thing you can do to visualize is just to stop, think, and meditate.  Close your eyes.  Picture yourself as you want to be….truly successful with women.  Being able to catch and captivate the woman of your dreams.  This will help set the wheels in motion.


OK, you can do all of the planning and visualizing you want, but if you don’t take ACTION, nothing will happen.  This is THE most important step, and this is where most men fall down.  They’d LIKE for things to change in their life, but they take no responsibility for that positive change.  We are going to spend a whole chapter on taking action…the how, the when, the where, and the why.

But now that we’ve identified what WE want, how does that match up with what WOMEN want?  In the next section, we’re going to see why there’s so much trauma surrounding dating.  Men and women don’t really want the same things!  But, there is a way to make it work. 

Via Jeff “Shecky” Schecter from The Experienced Man. Keep reading… here:

Love Bucket List–What Goes On the Love Bucket List?

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The Love Bucket List is what you want to in your “ideal” or “perfect 10” mate.  This can be for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband or wife.   Who do you want to attract?  See the video below to cut to the chase.



It is highly recommended to start with a list.  Not the bucket list of things to do in life before you kick the bucket and die.  The Love Bucket List of attributes, personality traits, character, attitudes, philosophies, cultural background, family ties, physical qualities and more that you would like to attract.

As mentioned in the previous post, Love Bucket List – Dating Attraction Tactics, after making the list for your intended, the next step is to make a list of your own attributes.  Do YOU have what it takes to attract the person of your desire?

So you want to know how to date a perfect 10 ? Here’s what a well-known internet marketing guru has to say about what you need to become to attract your perfect 10.

Note: Language Warning in Video

Perfect 10 on Love Bucket List – Who Do YOU Have to Become?

How Not to Say “I Love You”  
You Don’t Need to Be Dying to Write a Love “Bucket List” at 1:56
and more… video approx. 5 min.

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist
Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

sherrie rose lovelinguist thumb Love Bucket List – Dating Attraction Tactics


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image Love Bucket List – Dating Attraction Tactics

youlikethis1 Love Bucket List – Dating Attraction Tactics

The Love Bucket is a registered trademark.  Love Bucket Books™ can be found at


Love Bucket List – Dating Attraction Tactics

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 Posted in Lifestyle, Love Bucket List, Sherrie Rose Recommends, The Love Bucket® | 3 Comments »

Make Your Love Bucket List


If your goal is to attract an incredible partner, spouse, and life mate, Darren Hardy suggests asking yourself this question first:

“Who do I need to become?”

Jim Rohn said, “If you want to have more (goals) you have to become more… Success is something you attract by the person you have become.”

In this case, the success goal is to attract the kind of woman or man you want in your life.

My friend John Socratous posted recently in Facebook:
“A boy spends his time finding a girl to sleep with. A man spends his time looking for a woman worth waking up to for a lifetime. “

That is when a guy has made a decision to go from DFS to DFL and goes through the Shift. [see urban dictionary for definitions DFS, DFL, The Shift and even love bucket list] Unless you are really ready to attract a life partner, you probably won’t be interested in the level of detail you need focus on to imagine and commit the time and get clear on paper. It is an exercise worth your highest attention.

Darren Hardy said that when he understood the idea of “Who do I need to become?” it revolutionized his life and personal growth.

Inside Darren’s book, The Compound Effect, in the chapters: How Goal Setting Actually Works: The Mystery Secret ‘Revealed’ followed by Who You Have To Become, he wrote about attracting the woman of his dreams:

“When I was single and ready to find my mate and get married, I made a long list of traits I desired in the perfect woman (for me). I filled more than forty pages of a journal, front and back, describing her in great detail – her personality, character, her attributes, attitudes, and philosophies about life, even what kind of family and she came from it, including culture and physical make up, down to the texture of her hair. I wrote in depth what our life would be like and what we’d do together. If I had then asked, “What to have to do to find and get this girl?” I might still be on that butterfly chase.

“Instead I looked back at the list and considered whether or not I embodied the same attributes myself.

· Did I have the very qualities I was expecting in her?

· I asked myself, what kind of man is woman like this be looking for?

· Who do I need to become to be attractive to a woman of this substance?

“I filled forty more pages describing all the attributes, qualities, behaviors, attitudes, and characteristics I needed to become myself. Then I went to work on becoming an each those qualities. Guess what? It worked! As if she were peeled off the pages of my journal and appeared in front of me my wife, Georgia, is exactly what I described and ask for, in almost eerie detail. The key was my getting clear on who I’d have to be to attract and keep a woman of her quality, and then doing the work to achieve that.”

Darren tells how he proposed to Georgia in his book, The Compound Effect"I’ve never seen such a smile…Gorgeous…Enough to make an angels heart run wild…" a couple lines from the song with by Boz Scaggs, with the name Georgia. Hear the song in video and read the lyrics, below in this post.

This concept  of “Who do I need to become to be attractive to a woman of this substance?” applies to almost any goal in your life not just attracting a life mate.

Take some time today to make a list of the most important goals in your life. If you’re not ready to make the LOVE BUCKET LIST to attract a life partner, start with goals in other aspects of your life. This idea is to “Go for whole-life success – to create harmony in all aspects of your life: relationships and lifestyle areas such as business, finance, health, well-being, spirituality, and family. The Lifestyle Ring of Desire of the love bucket is about compatibility in your relationship design plan.BucketLifeStyle

So whether you are making your LOVE BUCKET LIST today or a list of other goals, remember, getting clear on what you desire and knowing the person you have to become to attract that situation or person, is the key to success.

"Strategy will give you the plan, desire will direct your intention, only heart will carry you through to victory." #ringsofdesire


Sherrie Rose Recommends The Compound Effect


Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist
Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

sherrie rose lovelinguist thumb Every Man Should Know How To… Fill Her Love Bucket!




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image Every Man Should Know How To… Fill Her Love Bucket!

youlikethis1 Every Man Should Know How To… Fill Her Love Bucket!


The Love Bucket is a registered trademark.  Love Bucket Books™ can be found at


GEORGIA song and lyrics by Boz Scaggs


(Boz Scaggs)

I swear I’ve never seen such a smile
Enough to make an angels heart run wild
Your lazy eyes and small town lies
Have got me in your spell
Your drive-in boys and backseat noises
Oh you learned so well
Oh oh oh
So how was I to know
You got me you caught me by now

Your daddy was high the night he dreamed of you
The stars were flying the night that you came through
Christmas in your eyes
Oh what a nice surprise
Oh oh oh
And now I miss you so
But baby
I’m comin’ back to you

We will be together dear
If they ever let me out of here
They will say that its not true
But I did it all for you
Georgia won’t you tell them for me dear

Oooh oooh oooh

Girl I never lived through a night like that
Sure enough
Got your loving where I like it at
Moonlight through the pines
Oh oh oh
But how were we to know
That wasn’t moonlight
They were searchlights
Oh no

We will be together dear
If they ever let me out of here
They will say that its not true
But I did it all for you
Georgia won’t you tell them for me dear

We will be together dear
Oh my dear
If they ever let me out of here

Georgia Lyrics by Boz Scaggs:

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (When The Love Bucket Is Half Full)

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or… "How To Leave While You’re In Love"


“I wish one of my relationship expert friends would write a specific article on "How To Leave While You’re In Love". This has been one of the hardest things to do because, right or wrong, I still love him so much. I just had to take a stand for real partnership that I’m committed to having in my life – so choosing to leave may hurt my heart but is a gift to my soul. (someone please write that article, though, ok???)”

=> So to the lovely lady who made this request, here’s your article.

First, know that women more than men are constantly evaluating their intimate relationship. Guys, in general think everything seems good at home: she seems happy, we’re having sex, and she’s not nagging me.

Second, breaking up and leaving rarely happen in a moment. Even though there may be some incident that is the proverbial ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’ there has been in your mind an ongoing database filled with the transgressions of your partner. This is particularly true of women. Often a break-up happens long before the friends and family know of its demise.

So why don’t we “Leave When We’re In Love?"

It is very simple. HOPE DIES LAST.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the human spirit is hope. Hope is defined as, “To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.” Some suggest a connection with the word ‘hop’ with the notion of "leaping in expectation."

In the back of your mind, you are thinking, “I still have hope that we can work things out”.

“I love this person.  I hope he give me what I want. I hope he can fill my love bucket with my desires.”

7ringsofdesire-of-the-love-bucketThe Love Bucket blog is about The Love Bucket®. The 7 Rings of Desire of the love bucket are the things women desire. These desires are related to passion, aspirations, expectations, and wants. To desire is  to long for, a craving, and to feel the want of some object or person. Desire is also about sexual appetite and passion. With each desire comes the hope it will be fulfilled.

(Guys, if you think 7 Rings of Desire are too many, relax.  Every women wants about 3-4 and it is in your power to fill her love bucket!)

When the love bucket is being filled partially, there is hope that it can be filled up and with the unique rings of desire of each woman. The Love Bucket is a concept and as such, the love bucket can be empty but the love bucket never overflows because the love bucket expands to receive more love just like the heart. If the love bucket is not being filled with the specific rings of desire at least 80% of the time, there is disillusionment, discontentment and it is possible that eventually it dries up. If there is SOMETHING in the love bucket, we don’t leave because hope exists.

Is there a solution?

Due to the nature of this page (a request from an aching heart), there are few additional materials that will be added shortly.

Love-bucket-love-bucket-book-com6Look for a link to a free document that has tips for the dating process. That includes what you want on your LOVE BUCKET LIST for your Mr. Right or Ms. Right in your life.

It seems that everything gets clearer in hindsight. But, you can start over and there is a way to have a relationship that is more in alignment from the start. When you start dating again you can see who’s out there and it important to  figure out more of what you want.

And remember, nobody is 100% perfect, but ask yourself what you truly want in your next relationship, and what can you do without? Breaking up is hard to do, but it happens all the time. Whether you meet up with your ex again, in this lifetime, or the next, be kind to yourself and to the one you loved. 

Second, get clarity on your Relationship Design Plan. There is often a mismatch in how you both see your common goal and therefore you’ll be out of alignment. Having a “real partnership” means you have expressed to one another your relationship plan – whether a simple or grand design – no secrets or reading minds. Communication is key. This is the time for vulnerability and honesty. When you navigate to love’s true north defined by your common goal of your relationship design plan, you will be able to course correct when needed and your love bucket will continue to be filled. You may find that you do not need to break up because you simply need to make a few adjustments to your Relationship Design Plan. A little knowledge goes a long way.

Third, you may be found yourself in a Relationship by DefaultWell, not exactly found, kinda wished yourself into or possibly tried to fit a “square peg into a round hole.”  The yellow, pink, red warning flags were there from the beginning but you just chose to ignore them.   Often this will be highlighted when someone cheats because that is not the relationship they really are meant to be in for their highest good and greatest potential.

Last, it is so important to feel you have the basis of the enduring bond of lovematism. Lovematism is such an amazing connection and intimate bond of two lovers.

Bond of Lovematism Connections

Soul Connection: Practices, like praying or meditation. Spiritual philosophies or way of living. Karma or soul purpose to be together. Soul connection of two lovers.

Mindset Connection: Attitudes, perceptions, tastes, approaches, subject matter of conversation, ways of thinking, levels of consciousness, and appealing to the imagination, intelligence and intellisense of the mind. Mind connection of two lovers.

Sex Connection: Sexual dimension of physical chemistry, attraction, and energy. Sexual connection of two lovers.

Emotion Connection: Sharing happiness, joy, fun of romance, caring, and compassion. Heartfelt love vibration, coherence and resonance. Emotional connection of two lovers.



Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist
Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

sherrie rose lovelinguist thumb 14 Tenses of Love   How to Identify If Your Love Is Intense Enough to Fill the Love Bucket!




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image 14 Tenses of Love   How to Identify If Your Love Is Intense Enough to Fill the Love Bucket!

youlikethis1 14 Tenses of Love   How to Identify If Your Love Is Intense Enough to Fill the Love Bucket!


The Love Bucket is a registered trademark.  Love Bucket Books™ can be found at


Another gift … in the form of a poem

How to Leave When You Still Love

by Mayana Blank on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 2:43pm

When you know in your heart what is right

And the circumstances seem wrong

When you know in your heart that the love you feel

Is not enough to balance the situation

You continue to love

and then you love more

and then you realize you must love you first.

When you know in your heart what you want

And the relationship falls short

You know that the soul of the one you love

Will always be within you

You continue to love

and then you love more

and then you realize you must love you first.

Leaving when you love someone is a hard thing to do

But staying when you know that leaving is better

Will harm the relationship so much more

That goings the thing to do

You continue to love

and then you love more

and then you realize you must love you first.

Loving yourself first and best seems to be the hardest test

that humans endure while living in form

We think it is selfish or egoic or wrong

But really its the right thing to do

You continue to love

and then you love more

and then you realize you must love you first.

When you love you first you meet your own needs

You know who you are and why you are here

You take care of your body, mind, spirit and soul

and then you love others more.

You continue to love

and then you love more

and then you realize you must love you first.

So I love me first and most and best

and then I love you and you and you

my heart is true and pure and free

and then I love others more.

Mother Mary told me as I walked away

That I could never leave anyone behind

She said that we would weave our lives in and out

In a way most beautiful and sublime

The Love Bucket®, 7 Rings of Desire®, Everybody Loves Love®, Sherrie Rose®, The Love Linguist®, Nagging to Naked™ are trademarks of company formerly known as The Love System LLC.© 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Disclaimers