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Gabe Fills Sara’s Love Bucket with Surprise Proposal and Engagement Treasure Hunt!

Thursday, August 16th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, Heart, Her Love Bucket, Masterman, Mastermen, Romance, The Love Bucket® | No Comments »

Gabe Strom Fills Sara Tremurici’s Love Bucket on August 3rd with Surprise Proposal and Engagement Treasure Hunt!


At 9:00 AM Friday morning, a dozen roses were delivered to Sara’s office with a hand drawn "Treasure Map" including burnt edges and all. Attached to the treasure map was specific instructions that said that a black Town car would pick her up at exactly 5:00PM that night and take her to Secret Location #1.  Love Bucket starting to expand.

Upon arriving to the entrance of "Northerly Island Chicago" (aka Secret location #1) Sara was to follow the treasure map to "X Marks the Spot" where she would receive her treasure. Gabe had arranged for his good friend and the best photographer in Chicago, Matthew Bowie, to hide in the bushes to photograph the entire event. (hence, these amazing photographs!)   Love Bucket expanding even more.


After finding the spot, Gabe nervously walked her down the beach…… proposed on one knee and she said "Yes!"


They then began the celebration with a beach picnic complete with champagne, chocolate and fresh fruit. After enjoying the picnic they were driven to Navy Pier where Surprise #2 was waiting – the “Chicago Ferris Wheel!

After enjoying both of our 1st ride on the Ferris Wheel they were then escorted to a surprise dinner with reservations at a swanky French restaurant they had been wanting to go to called "Nellcote." (Surprise #3).  Sara’s Love Bucket has probably not expanded to receive so much love in one day in her whole life!

The rest as they say, is "History". Gabe says: “This was the result of 4 months of planning and tons of nerves. SO thank you to all our friends and family. We love you all and can’t wait to celebrate with you next spring.”
More details on the wedding date to come:)

P.S.  Gabe and Sara promptly updated their Facebook Relationship status and updated their cover photos with the great photos taken by Matthew Bowie.


A Little Background on Gabe Strom

I met Gabe online, on Twitter, in May 2009. At the time he was living in Chicago. We connected on Facebook and he sent me a couple videos in the message system. He is truly the most honest, down-to-earth, straight-shooter of a Masterman.

I am proud to say Gabe Strom is a friend and recommend his social media services.


Gabe moved west and we met in person the spring of 2010. He was part of an entrepreneurial experiment, called Unstrappd. There were tons of YouTube episodes of Unstrappd which are now all gone. After that project disbanded, about a year later, Gabe’s heart strings for Sara kept pulling him back to Chicago. In fact, he wrote about it in a blog post…it’s about a girl… and the lady needs some lovin.  

May their union be blessed! Congratulations!

Sherrie Rose Recommends Falling in Love and Proposing!

Love Bucket Portal Proposal

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Masterman, Mastermen, Power Her Passion | No Comments »

Love Bucket Proposal Portal Proposal

One way to fill the LOVE BUCKET !! Congrats!

Casey McKinnon, bride-to-be, originally shared this on Google Plus:

Hey G+!

Last night +Rudy Jahchan, my amazing boyfriend of 7 years, asked me to marry him using an Atari video cartridge he coded himself to be like my favorite video game Portal!

It was really sweet, and here’s the video… the first part is me trying out the video game, and the actual proposal starts at around 6:18. 🙂

The annotations in the video are by Rudy.  His heart was pounding! Love the engagement ring! 


(and on Valentine’s Day!)

Rudy writes on his YouTube video: “My love LOVES her Atari 2600 and the game Portal. So I thought why not use both to pop the big question? Here’s the game in action and the moment in question…”

Casey, may Rudy fill your love bucket with love and your special desires!  Rudy, you power her passion and now you are a MASTERMAN!

What Your Valentine’s Day Gift Says About You [infographic]


Love Bucket: Marriage Proposal with Internet Memes

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Love Bucket: Marriage Proposal with Internet Memes

Meme Proposal | Tim * Audrey from Crazy Monkey Studio on Vimeo.

Tim used the Love Actually style flip cards sprinkled with perfect beats and pauses of classic Internet memes (complete with the requisite cat with big eyes). Tim was nervous and flipped the cards outside the window.

Tim got his friends to document the whole proposal as he flipped placards to show Audrey his true intentions. “Will you marry me?”

Audrey said YES!

And since the Love Actually scene has Christmas music we’re adding it for your viewing pleasure:

May your Christmas and your love life be filled with every blessing and happiness.

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist

Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

sherrie rose lovelinguist thumb Love Bucket: Male Sexual Exclusivity Linked to Higher IQ


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The best way to fill her love bucket is to discover the 5 Love Dynamics that will lead you to Great Love, Sex, and Life!

endslide Love Bucket: Male Sexual Exclusivity Linked to Higher IQ

11/11/11 Fills the Love Bucket with a Marriage Proposal

Friday, November 11th, 2011 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Dating, Mating, Relating, Lovematism, Romance, The Love Bucket® | No Comments »

11/11/11 Fills the Love Bucket – Daniel Proposes to Estella at 11:11 and she says “YES!” Beautiful Marriage Proposal

The excitement of sharing your news is broadcast in public (one of the considerations of the love bucket) on social media.  Immediately responses and congratulations pour in to support the happy couple on they way towards matrimony.






The Love Linguist wishes the happy couple much lovematism, excitement and happiness together!

Best Wishes, womanbucket1
Sherrie Rose
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