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Igniter #5 – Ignite Her With "The Magic Combo"

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating | 1 Comment »

Igniter #5 – Ignite Her With "The Magic Combo"

Become a Masterman and Fill Her Love Bucket!

Adam Gilad shares the 5 ways to ignite the spark between you and the women you want in your life. (See Previous #4)

dating 31 experts1 5 Igniters: #4   Ignite Her By "Entering Her Frame"


This kicks off the Ignite the Spark Telesummit – which is HERE and which is FREE starting tomorrow when you register now…


Gentleman, Adam Gilad says:

A lot of guys who are naturally good at math, physics, tech but who are not naturally easeful and social with women think that they need to do one thing:  "show brass balls."

That’s why earlier pick-up techniques took off so quickly – it gave guys who had no inner-dominance a way to "fake" having social value.

And it works!  With bar girls in their 20s.  Which is awesome in its time and place.

But of course, it’s limited.

When you want a woman in her thirties, or a SMART girl in her twenties, say as in a woman who has read The Game – or has heard all the lines before – you need to bring something else.

You need to actually BE of high value – not just have quickie-ways of faking it.

And I have learned that there is a magic combination that women SEE IMMEDIATELY equates to a High Value Man.

Yes.  Brass Balls.  As in, you’re not afraid.  You take the lead.  You stand for your principles.  You are massively trustable. You stand for your self worth and don’t diminish yourself. You have confidence.

But the flip side of that is also essential:  a tender heart.  Women want to be ravished, bless their hearts.  But they also want their hearts to be cherished.  Protected. Tended to.  Spoiled.  They want to be treated like a unique being, "as singular as a flower."

Want to know how to do that?

Of course you do!

Because you want to be wildly successful with women.

Well you’re in luck today, because you can – and because it’s FREE!

I talk about this issue with one of the world’s top matchmakers and also with about a dozen of my favorite, top dating and attraction teachers as part of my 100% FREE "Ignite the Spark" Ultimate Telesummit that I am hosting with top dating attraction teachers in the world starting June 20.  

Come on over and listen in.  I created this for you – it’s FREE and you can register here.

It’s going to be a kick – full of great teachers, lots of laughs and most important, good, hard, USABLE information.

Be there.

Register here.

To Your Best Life,
Adam Gilad

The Love Linguist Recommends Attraction Teachers and the State of Dating.  Become a Masterman and Fill Her Love Bucket!

Love Bucket Portal Proposal

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Masterman, Mastermen, Power Her Passion | No Comments »

Love Bucket Proposal Portal Proposal

One way to fill the LOVE BUCKET !! Congrats!

Casey McKinnon, bride-to-be, originally shared this on Google Plus:

Hey G+!

Last night +Rudy Jahchan, my amazing boyfriend of 7 years, asked me to marry him using an Atari video cartridge he coded himself to be like my favorite video game Portal!

It was really sweet, and here’s the video… the first part is me trying out the video game, and the actual proposal starts at around 6:18. 🙂

The annotations in the video are by Rudy.  His heart was pounding! Love the engagement ring! 


(and on Valentine’s Day!)

Rudy writes on his YouTube video: “My love LOVES her Atari 2600 and the game Portal. So I thought why not use both to pop the big question? Here’s the game in action and the moment in question…”

Casey, may Rudy fill your love bucket with love and your special desires!  Rudy, you power her passion and now you are a MASTERMAN!

What Your Valentine’s Day Gift Says About You [infographic]


Love Bucket: In a Relationship, Relationship Status = Love

Friday, December 30th, 2011 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Dating, Mating, Relating, Masterman, Mastermen, Romance, The Love Bucket® | 2 Comments »

Love Bucket: In a Relationship, Relationship Status = Love


Hearts, dates, and the relationship status, “in a relationship” on facebook is one of the life events that gets everybody talking.  And even more so when it is the guy to posts this photo and adds it to his facebook timeline live event.   That fills her love bucket!  A proclamation of love is him claiming her as his. 


A proclamation of love is him claiming her as his.  He recognizes her and shines up the Love Bucket’s Recognition Ring of Desire with his public proclamation of love.

Here’s what the friends say as he takes this bold move in a public form (some men would never publicly state their love for a woman)

  • Kyle T. Garrett …this is that someone for me who walked into my life and made me realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

  • Brad Davies yeah buddy, congrats…. great way to start the new year

  • Kyle T. Garrett thanks a bunch Brad, it sure is:)

  • Tim Chedester Well deserved Kyle !

  • Kyle T. Garrett thank you very much Tim, she’s the one for me:)

  • Styers Watkins Congratulations to both of you and God bless!

  • Kyle T. Garrett really appreciate that Styers! 🙂

  • David B. Davis Six years later and I still feel the goose bumps and butterflies. 🙂 So I can definitely relate! Congratulations Kyle! 🙂

  • Alex Guillen congrats Kyle! 🙂

  • Christine McLeod They say "you just KNOW" and that was absolutely true with my husband JP – we met through a friend, spent a day skiing our hearts out and by that night I just "knew" I had found my soulmate. No weirdness, just comfortable, familiar and safe- your instinct kicks in and it feels like this is the person you have been waiting your whole life for : )

  • ‘Dave Dorian’ LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Kyle T. Garrett

    i love hearing that David, that’s so awesome! congrats to you and yours!! ..i’m super committed to creating that same kind of relationship where the magic moments never end:)  ..thank you so much Alex! ..and WOW, Christine, you absolutely …See More

  • Kyle T. Garrett me too ‘Dave! haha 😀

  • ‘Dave Dorian’ You don’t know what your made of until you fall in love

  • Sherrie Rose Smiles that say *LOVE*

  • Kyle T. Garrett they sure do Sherrie:):)


  • Blake Ashley Fergus OMG so cute!! 🙂

Kyle speaks from the heart when he writes: “She’s the one for me.”  Relationship status = love   A true Masterman has the courage to share his feelings because he is secure in himself and has emotional intellisense.

May your New Year and your love life be filled with every blessing and happiness.

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist

Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

sherrie rose lovelinguist thumb Love Bucket: Marriage Proposal with Internet Memes


Follow @SherrieRose on Twitter and you’ll get a Direct Message with bonus link for a free Love Bucket Book™

twitter Love Bucket: Marriage Proposal with Internet Memesyoulikethis1 Love Bucket: Marriage Proposal with Internet Memes

The Love Bucket is a registered trademark.  Love Bucket Books™ can be found at


The best way to fill her love bucket is to discover the 5 Love Dynamics that will lead you to Great Love, Sex, and Life!

endslide Love Bucket: Great Love Sex and Life!

The Love Bucket Concept #lovebucket

Monday, February 1st, 2010 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Her Love Bucket, Masterman, Mastermen, The Love Bucket®, The Man Class Series | 3 Comments »

The Love Bucket Concept

The Love Bucket is a concept.  Yes, there are images of love buckets with multi-colored rings (rings of desire) to help with a visual clues to understand the love bucket concept. 

The Love Bucket is a concept about love and desire, both of which are intangible feelings and emotions.   That’s why the love bucket is a concept and not a physical bucket.

Let’s start with what a concept is.  Several of the following descriptions and meaning are excerpts from Wikipedia and dictionary.  A concept is a general representation. Concepts are "mere abstractions from what is known through intuitive perception, and they have arisen from our arbitrarily thinking away or dropping of some qualities and our retention of others.”

The logical acts of the understanding by which concepts are generated as to their form are:

  1. comparison, i.e., the likening of mental images to one another in relation to the unity of consciousness;
  2. reflection, i.e., the going back over different mental images, how they can be comprehended in one consciousness; and finally
  3. abstraction or the segregation of everything else by which the mental images differ …

In order to make our mental images into concepts, one must thus be able to compare, reflect, and abstract, for these three logical operations of the understanding are essential and general conditions of generating any concept whatever.

The Love Bucket concept can also be considered a metaphor. A metaphor is a description that uses an image, story or tangible thing to represent a less tangible thing or some intangible quality or idea or concept; e.g., "Her eyes were glistening jewels." 

A metaphor is more forceful (active) than an analogy, because metaphor asserts two things are the same, whereas analogy implies a difference. Analogy is a cognitive process of transferring information or meaning from a particular subject (the analogue or source) to another particular subject (the target Metaphor and analogy both work by bringing together two concepts from different conceptual domains.

The idea of metaphor can be traced back to Aristotle who, in his “Poetics” defines “metaphor” as follows: “Metaphor is the application of a strange term either transferred from the genus and applied to the species or from the species and applied to the genus, or from one species to another or else by analogy.”

That’s an awful lot of mumbo jumbo just to describe love and desire!

The LOVE BUCKET can include romantic ideas which you can get for free at FREE ROMANTIC TIPS

Romance tips and love inspiration are only part of the LOVE BUCKET.  Some men interpret innuendo with the term LOVE BUCKET. 

The 7 Rings of Desire include the day to day as well as romantic getaways to fill the LOVE BUCKET.  You don’t need a destination to fill the love bucket.  Sometimes a simple getaway like a walk in the park shines up the DO WITH Ring of Desire of the Love Bucket. 

Filling the Love Bucket does not have to be expensive like a trip around the world.  Men, you can get inspired when you register for THE MAN CLASS whether you are dating, getting ready to propose and planning a night on the town or a romantic evening dining at home with candlelight.

The Love Bucket is a concept that will spark your unique inspiration when you understand the special rings of desire of your lady’s love bucket.

There are phases and seasons of love and several considerations in the Love Bucket concept. These are described in detail in The Man Class Accelerator.

You don’t have to be rich and famous to treat your lady like a queen. 

Simply creating the ambience with candles and filling up a bubble bath for your lady can an unparalleled experience if you have more attention waiting when she towels off. Creating couple time can turn your boudoir into an enchanted evening. It is recommended that you make your bedroom into a hideaway retreat with accessories to enhance your lovemaking.

A book of love poems, your special love potion lotion or cocktails and your own style of pillow talk accompanied by a full body massage would most definitely shine up the RED ring of desire of the love bucket.

When you allocate couple time you can laugh together fill each other’s love buckets of lasting memories of your time together when you are back at work or away.

But the love bucket is not just about romance and making love.

The love bucket is for a lifetime of love in a relationship with the ebb and flow of daily living. It is both the small and big things that fill the love bucket.

The good news is that you only need to know 3 or 4 of the top Rings of Desire. Fill her love bucket 80% of the time (Pareto Principle) and you’ll be her MASTERMAN!

Your love can become extraordinary when you fill her love bucket! Share love by filling the love bucket.  The love bucket does not overflow, the love bucket expands to receive more love!


The Love Bucket



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