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Filling The Love Bucket® with deep intimacy

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Drive Her Desire, Seduction, SEX | No Comments »

Is deep intimacy is lacking in your relationship?

It is understandable why so few couples reach the level of deep, deep intimacy.

Vulnerability can be downright scary.

Filling The Love Bucket® is an easy concept but their may be obstacles in your way.

Perhaps you’ve been hurt once or many times when you exposed your deepest longings and passions. But chances are you haven’t even come close to experiencing mutual vulnerability in your relationships.

Here are some steps you can take to deepen the intimacy and the Sex Ring of Desire with your partner.

1.  Take baby steps. Don’t share your entire life story when you are new in a relationship. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, don’t suddenly *spill your guts* about everything you’ve ever thought of, dreamed of, fantasized about. Build your castle one brick at a time.

Whenever you have the opportunity (date night for instance) share maybe one new thing that you’ve never talked about before. Taking your time will not only build trust, it will build a stronger foundation for your relationship to rest upon.

2.  Make time and space for deep sharing. It is hard to share personal thoughts and ideas if you have kids running around or while sitting in the spectator stands at a sports match.

Seek out private places like parks, nature walks, candlelit dining tables or even backyards watching fireflies.  Sometimes having a beverage and/or a snack can help slow you down and give you enough time to begin some important conversations.

3.  Talk about intimate issues. You can’t grow deeply if all you ever talk about is the kids and work. Your sexual life is (or will be if you are working towards that goal) an incredibly important part of cementing you two together. The bonds you build are directly related to how open and honest each of you can be about your intimate desires.

Bringing up "sex talk" can be uncomfortable, can’t it? And depending on how you approach it, the questions and answers might be so vague that you really don’t accomplish much.

One of the best ways I discovered to make these discussions fun and non-threatening is to make our way through a list of questions that someone else wrote so there isn’t that feeling of "I wonder why he/she is asking that question".

Michael has used the experience of helping couples over the last 20 years to create a resource that will help create the deep intimacy you crave.

==> 500 Questions to activate the SEX Ring of Desire

An effective way to go through questions like this is to have them on your night stand or even cut up and put in a jar or box where you pull out one or more to answer.

Deep intimacy takes time and effort to achieve but like building a castle a brick at a time you eventually have a fortress that can weather almost any attack.


Shine up the Sex Ring of Desire and Fill The Love Bucket®!

Sex Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket®

Thursday, February 9th, 2017 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, SEX, The Love Bucket® | No Comments »

This weekend lovers will be celebrating Valentine’s early and as many couples do, they will be having celebration sex.   Will you fill The Love Bucket® in 2017?

But will your sex be sub-par or mind-bending?  Time to shine up the Sex Ring of Desire…


Here are 3 important factors towards a better sex life.


Answer: Yes or no
1) People are "doing what comes naturally" in sex and that’s good.
2) You never got any sex education from your parents, but other people did.
3) Menopause reduces her hormones and lowers her libido.

If you answered Yes to any of these, you have been misguided.
Yes, sex is a natural human ability but only the part about procreation. All the rest… the pleasuring and the recreation (rather than sex for procreation) is all LEARNED.
And if you are not actively learning new pleasuring methods, you are not as good a lover as you can be.|



Probably: You never got any sex education from your parents, but other people did.
Wrong again. Almost everyone I speak to says that their parents never told them anything about sex. They feel like they have been left behind. Like other people know things they don’t know.
Your parents might have even tried to talk to you about sex. But think back to when you were a nerdy little teen. Did you even WANT your parents to talk about sex? Doubtful! I’m sure if they tried, you didn’t make it easy.
The reality is that there are a very few places where you can learn the correct information about making love. Porn is NOT the place to learn. That is a $97 billion dollar industry that has one goal – to get men to bust a nut as fast as possible. More than 90% of porn exhibits the degradation of women – women like your sisters, your mother, and your daughters.

See Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection – the best place I know (besides books, which are dry but informative) to actually SEE how to have hot sex. Check out the video samplers.
So don’t feel alone or different if nobody taught you about sex. Join the club of people DOING something about learning! Get your copy now before they are all snatched up by couples and singles who are going to have the best sex of their lives.


False: Menopause reduces her hormones and lowers her libido.
Though it is true that when a woman’s estrogen drops during menopause she can suffer from vaginal tissue dryness and a slackening of her breast tissue. Her skin can also become leathery (all reversible with HRT)… it’s not a death blow to her libido. It doesn’t SNUFF out her libido; it just lowers it a bit. So she has to keep herself sexually active and engorged to counteract the dip in hormones.
There are women all over the globe in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and yes, 90s who are having great sex. They just keep their equipment engorged and have a mindset that loves sex.
To give up one’s sexuality under the limiting belief that menopause kills your sex drive is utter bullshit.
I’ve written reams on hormones, on using lubrication, and on pussy massage to keep her vulva robust and turned on.
Bottom line: Use it or lose it.
Pussy massages are the antidote for a dried up vulva.
What could you possibly have or do that would be more personally satisfying than becoming an even more masterful lover?

Go check out the video samplers now (link above), then decide that you want to get a copy before Susan runs out of DVDs (also available digitally). 

Make this Valentine’s Day Celebration Sex Spectacular!  Fill The Love Bucket®


9 lines she wants to hear in bed

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The Sex Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket is very important in keeping the heat turned on. Some say not talking during sex is the way to go. But having sex with a little titillating talk can make it even better. Do know what she really wants to hear? (It probably is very similar to what you want her to say to you!) Yes, you can drive her desire and make her absolutely crazy (in a good way) in bed.


1. I want you right now! – This is before you get into bed when that primal growl of need is ramping up and it is something that turns a woman on. It makes them feel desired and sexy. The longing in your voice for her to take you to another level of ecstasy is definitely something a woman would love to hear. Add a bit of a growl to your voice and watch your partner want a lot more than foreplay.

2. You are a great kisser – Kissing is so important to connecting deeply. It can be a really sensual experience and often is the deciding factor on whether things will move on to sex or not. So complimenting a woman on her kissing ability tells her that she is on the right track. Apart from that it also helps keep things hot since your woman will definitely try to kiss better by making it that much more intense.

3. Ohhh! I love it when you do that: Telling your woman exactly what you like is often the easiest way to have great foreplay and sex. When you whisper or moan that indicates that what she is doing feels absolutely great and it only serves to show her that she is on the right track. Apart from that low, guttural moan of pleasure will definitely turn the heat up several notches.

4. That was/is amazing! – After the act or even during, complimenting your partner’s ability to satiate your desire is key to making her feel adequate and able to please. Apart from that it also helps her feel on top of the world.

5. Shout her Name – A woman love it when her man calls out her name in the throes of passion. This is because she tends to feel encouraged about the fact that she s making you feel pleasure. Believe it or not your woman needs to be reassured that she is making you feel great, and communication is the key. So shout, moan or simply whisper her name into her ear and watch the passion soar.

6. Moaning – Shouting out or simply moaning while she is pleasuring you is a great way to get the message across that your partner is making you feel great. Also, women do say that the sound of moaning can be so sensual that it often is the one thing that makes them orgasm. So moan away, and tell your partner how well she is doing.

7. Oh my God! Don’t stop, don’t stop! : That urgency in your voice will definitely turn your woman on. This line also helps tell your partner that is doing exactly what makes you feel good, making her believe that she is doing what she set out to do perfectly.

8. I never knew sex could be this good: The fact that you are surprised and absolutely immersed in the pleasure she is providing will definitely give your woman that extra ego boost. This line also helps tell her that the amount of pleasure she is giving you is something you didn’t imagine possible. Let’s face it, women love to feel like a adored and cherished.

9. You are the best I’ve ever had: Okay, this might be a little far-fetched as some women might not like the idea of you comparing intimate acts with another woman. But this line is often great to bolster her ego. Knowing that she is much better than the rest, adds to the feeling that she is perfect and can make her feel even more pleasure.

10. OMG! You are so big – Okay, so this is not for the girls… it is for the MAN. A woman does love it when her woman compliments her ‘woman parts’. If a woman said, “You are so BIG” with pleasure written all over her face it would make you feel like you are rocking her world and you’re the absolutely best at what you’re doing. A good ego boost always helps add that extra flair to the experience.

7 Rings of Desire of the Love Bucket and “50 Shades of Grey”

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 Posted in The Man Class Series | No Comments »

What Does “50 Shades of Grey” Teach You About Female Desire?

Do you know someone like the main character Christian Grey? An unreasonable fantasy figure – a 27 year-old suave billionaire.

So many of those running around these days, right?

But this is the important part –  author E.L. James has sold over 100 million books… so …

Something IMPORTANT and URGENT is going on….

Is it that women want to be undergo S&M violent sex, get whipped and chained?   No.  Not exactly.

(1) It IS that women are volatile volcanoes of sexual desire.

(2) It IS that women want to feel the dominant hand of a confident CARING masculine leader.

(2) It IS that the female lead character (also a virgin) opened up – and softened – a closed man’s heart in the process.

Which is every woman’s fantasy.

And honestly, one of the best things women can do for us….

Get us to open our hearts and let down our guard.

But only AFTER the really hot sex.


So listen…

Bottom line…

Look at all the women around you…

… at work, at the gym, in the cafes, shopping in little stores…

Women are not getting the dream sex life they want.

But YOU can give it to them.


I’m willing to be that YOU are not getting the sex life you want.

Today I’m going to fix that for you…

What if you could make any woman


You can.

Here’s the truth – women want to be LED.

And you can lead.

“I feel like I’m being seduced by a professional” 

             – Czech girl, aged 20,

               being lowered into bed by Adam

Adam, replied, “You are, and everything I’ve said and done with you tonight has been absolutely authentic”

When you have the exact skills to lead a woman deeply into her sexuality…

A life of deep sexual pleasure and connection is YOURS to own.


Today is the day that changes your

sexual life – if you take action…

===>> Turn any woman into your DREAM LOVER – under your firm, knowing hand right here now.

And step into your new life as a SEXUAL LEADER, turning even the most shy and timid girls into voracious, volcanic, gushing tigresses in bed.

Your dream lover.


In your hands.

In your bed.

In your life.

The Sex Ring of Desire is HOT.

Make no mistake, sex is one of the 7 ways to fill the love bucket.  HOT!!!

The Man Class

She’s looking HOT, so you better, too! (Before some other guy fills her love bucket!)

Monday, February 11th, 2013 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, SEX, Sherrie Rose Recommends, The Love Bucket® | No Comments »

She’s looking HOT, so you better, too!  (Before some other guy fills her love bucket!)

It does not have to be Valentine’s Day to get your sweet turned on by your new “perfect body.”

"My Wife Got in Shape, so I Had to Do the Same to Keep Up with Her"
Al’s Story

Once my wife Naomi got in shape, I decided to do the same and bought myself a copy of the number one workout program. After going through it I was amazed. It was all based on research, math and science. And math doesn’t lie my friend. I was hooked after reading this. I was like, okay I got what I need to do know, let’s do it.

Long story short, I did it and got great results.

(see my before and after photos)

I believe in this program and what I have learnt by following this system is all I need to know.

I still can’t believe that I did this amazing transformation in just three months. But I did and if I can do it, you can too. It’s all about the mental shift. You need to commit yourself to following the program and go from one workout to the next one. 

This program is based on science and math, you are shooting for a golden ratio that is the key to what Men’s Health says is the “perfect body.” You will have a specific and measurable goal. A goal that is tailored to your own body shape, not somebody else. This is what makes it the number one workout program.


There is actually a major TV network trying to do a reality show based around this information and premise of helping people achieve their most attractive proportions.

The basis of this current-day science derives from the strategies of creating ideal proportions that date all the way back to Greek Mythology with images of Adonis and Venus…  

To learn what your picture perfect proportion is for maximal impact and attraction and how to attain it so can’t wait until you fill her love bucket, be sure to check this out here:

The Sex Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket has everything to do with bodies joining together so get your body in shape!


Sherrie Rose recommends The Perfect Body

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