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Mr. & Mrs. Woods, A Valentine’s Love Story

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“True love cannot be found where it truly doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does.”
~Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Jaime’s version of how the couple met:  In late 2014, I moved from Istanbul, Turkey where I had been living for seven years. I landed in California at my mom’s house as a sort of temporary base to get my head together. I had plans to just focus on my business, English Success Academy and the online training programs I was running for ESL teachers. I had more than enough projects to keep me occupied and I figured that I could spare zero time, energy or attention to find love.

How wrong I was… That was probably why, when Steve and I started talking on Skype in early January, 2015, I laid all the cards on the table right away. I knew I wanted to co-create a life with a partner and I wasn’t going to be coy or wait for “the right time” to talk about “us.”

This is all or nothing. High-stakes. Take it or leave it.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one fed up with games. We were having hours-long conversations every day on Skype. Needless to say, I was more than a little flattered when he planned a trip to San Diego.

(San Diego… Valentine’s Day 2015.  Is this a recipe for love? Absolutely!)


We hadn’t even finished that trip before we started planning the next one. And then the one after that.

Anyone who has hung out with Steve knows that it’s nearly impossible to stop having fun.

That little thing previously known as “Jaime’s Workaholism”? Gone… Shocking, right? But seriously, it turns out when there’s something else worth spending time on, I do.

I do. :) Every pun intended.

So the wedding planning began. 

As 2015 progressed, it grew clearer and clearer to us that we wanted to be together. Steve’s 6 year-old daughter Lilly is in Essex with her mum, so we knew we wanted to be live nearby and create a family environment.

The obvious choice was for Jaime to immigrate. So… Next, get married. Because of Steve’s parental duties, the only time we would be able to see each other was for a random conference that was being held in Las Vegas. Our only time together, Jaime booked flights to meet up with Steve in Las Vegas from November 7th to November 14th. Ok, flights booked.

Are you glazing over yet? Ah mes amis, we have only just begun…

The most relevant detail: we had already booked flights for Las Vegas from November 7th through 14th for a conference where people who primarily exist on the internet get together and experience things like daylight.

“Here’s the thing though,” continued Mr Experience, “You could even do a wedding in Las Vegas,” he laughed.

“Las Vegas? We do actually already have tickets booked to Vegas.”

The New, New Plan – Vegas Wedding!!!

When we talked about getting married in Las Vegas in November, it did seem a bit bizarre at first.


Here we had been stumbling down what seemed like a painfully long path, and it turned out that all along, we were much closer than we could have guessed. Almost like the Donner Party—except going towards Las Vegas.

The more we talked about our options, the starker the contrast got: Jump through hoops for the next year, OR accelerate everything, switch to Plan C and have the life together that we want?

It took us less than 15 minutes to make the choice.

Life is short. Carpe diem.


But the story does not end here…

There has been a three month wait after the wedding for the two love birds to be together.  Jaime has been in the USA (wearing her wedding ring but away from her sweetheart).  Steve has been growing his business and anxiously awaiting the time for the two to be together.

And that time?  One year after they met in person, on Valentine’s Day 2016.  Jaime took the long flight to be with her love.  Steve is the happiest man in the world!

Love to the amazing Mr. and Mrs. Woods!!!

See the infographic version on Steve’s website:


7 Weddings and 1 Engagement Fill the Love Bucket

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7 Weddings and 1 Engagement Fill the Love Bucket

The Love Bucket was filled with I-Do’s at the altar, on the beach, in the forest along with an I-will-marry-you on a cruise ship.

To have such a wide variety of friends as well as a variety of wedding and engagement venues keeps a life spicy and a love bucket full!

We begin with the June 2013 Wedding of Gabe Strom and Sarah. Gabe was in California but returned to Chicago to get his girl. Their traditional wedding was filled with the spirit of all their friends, family, and God who plays a tremendous role in their lives.





The June Lavish Celebrity Big Sur Wedding saw Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas trade vows amid towering redwoods of was nothing compared to the soulful wedding of Caleb Jennings and Sheleana.

Sheleana and Caleb’s Magical Forest Wedding in August at Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, British Columbia was set in the redwoods with friends and family in an intimate setting. You could almost feel the forest fairies sprinkling pixie dust upon the happy couple.

august-love-story love-birds-love-bucket

I had the pleasure of attending the September Wedding of Sarah and Sean Patrick Simpson. Their engagement is a popular love bucket blog post. The setting was the glittery city of Las Vegas at the Rumor Hotel cialis generico in farmacia. People came from all over the world to shower the newlyweds with love and some Vegas fun!

Sept_love-story-love-bucket love-u-love-bucket

October was the busiest month for weddings with every weekend filled with I-do’s starting with Chris Haddad and Ashley in Seattle, then Maria Andros and Sean Buckley in Del Mar, Eric M. Collins and Vanessa in Newport, California and Kalpna and John Morgan who travelled from England to Mexico to get married on the beach.

october-love-story-love-bucket maria-sean-love-bucket)
eric-vanessa2-love-bucket wedding-love-bucket
just-married-love-bucket fb-status-relationship-love-bucket

We had the tip off of the engagement in November just before American Thanksgiving with this white board clue.


While on the Marketer’s Cruise in January 2014 while the ship was on its way for Grand Turk.

Mike Filsaime popped the question to Michelle in front of 400 people. There was a beautiful video showed that captured the essence of Mike’s deep love for Michelle. And, now we all have the wedding to look forward to!

engaged-love-bucket michelle-mike
michelle-mike-proposal--love-bucket mandm-love-bucket

This nice little walk down the love-filled lane of memories of weddings and engagements will fill anyone’s love bucket. Everyone Loves LOVE!!!

Here’s to a love filled Valentine’s Day and a love-filled love bucket for you!


The Love Bucket: I LOVE YOU Take Two

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The Love Bucket: I LOVE YOU Take Two

A few years ago I met the lovely Natalie Ledwell and her husband, Glen. Natalie fondly calls her husband ‘Adonis.’ They were wed in Australia.

On the anniversary of their 15th year of marriage they decided to renew their vows. That would be wedding, “Take Two.” This time the wedding ceremony was in late October in Cabo San Lucas on the beach.

wedding vows glenn and natalie cabo

It was a different crowd who cheered on the happy couple as they witnessed the couple renew their vows. Many of the wonderful friends who attended were people who were business associates through the Mind Movies and related online activities.

Natalie, Glen and Ryan are business partners. When I met Ryan, he said the only thing missing in his life was the right woman. The good news is Ryan attracted his sweetheart, Megan, and now she is his bride. Ryan and Megan’s engagement made the Love Bucket Blog news.

The second part of this “Take Two” is about Frank Kern. I met Natalie, Glen and Ryan at an event where Frank Kern was speaking. In fact, I was even on the hot seat at that event for The Love Bucket! Frank was laughing so hard and it is caught on video.

Now, back to October 2012, almost at the same time that Natalie and Glen were renewing their nuptials, further up the Pacific Coast, Frank and his darling, Natalia, were tying the knot in front of friends. This was Take Two for Frank as he was previously married. Jason Moffatt, one Frank’s closest friends publicly said this: “Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing one of my best friends marry the most kind, beautiful and loving woman on the planet. It was a stunning reception like no other and I wish them a lifetime of happiness. The evening was a great reminder that true love really does exist and somewhere on this planet there is a soul mate for each and every one of us. When you find yours, hold them tight and never let go!

And Frank’s friend and business associate, Kevin Nations wrote: “There once was a little boy who met a beautiful girl. He then proceeded to blow up my phone nonstop about how amazing she was – how beautiful she was and how she was the most incredible person in the world…
And then he married her. Congratulations brother…”

So to the happy couples, Natalie & Glen and Frank & Natalia, CONGRATULATIONS! May you share every happiness and have fun filling each other’s Love Buckets!!!

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist


Alex and Sharon “Stream Live” Their Wedding for All to Share!

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Alex and Sharon Steam Live Their Wedding for All to Participate and See!



The love and laughter on the ustream event (and Alex mentions webinars in his vows) shows the deep happiness and feelings of love at this wedding taking place at the Conservatory Garden in New York, October 7, 2012.



Congratulations to Alex and Sharon and may your love buckets expand with all the love you share together!

Blessings to you both from The Love Linguist!

Happily Married

Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan: Facebook Relationship Status

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Nothing gets attention more on Facebook than a change in “relationship status.”  Facebook’s algorithm puts the Facebook Relationship Status change at the top of the news feed and ticker. 

Life event tops them all with Facebook Relationship Status: Married -  Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan  May 19, 2012




So when Mark Zuckerberg changed his Facebook status to Married Priscilla Chan on May 19th, every one of his 5000 friends and millions of subscribers likes his life event, “married.”  There were over 1,331,673 Facebook users to give it a likes up at the time of this love bucket blog post. (almost triple the number of likes from 6 hours after Mark’s addition).  That’s a lot of #likesup.


The Love Bucket is not about likes, it is about LOVE and filling the love bucket.  Being in the spotlight is an added pressure on the already delicate experience of love, intimacy and matrimony. 

We send the newlyweds every wish for happiness and lovematismLove-bucket-7-rings-of-desire

According to the Associated Press, Zuckerberg and Chan’s wedding was planned for months, well before the IPO’s date was set.

Enjoying the mature approach to love as set out in the  5 Love Dynamics could be the sort of action to initiate a Relationship Contract for Dating Priscilla Chan in 2008 as reported by Sarah Lacy.

"On close inspection, these poses are actually rather sweet because despite Mark’s efforts to adopt what looks like a suitable cool, casual and non-traditional approach, with the undone collar and hand shoved casually in one pocket, all his more spontaneous gestures define him as a very traditional and delighted groom," she says. "His facial expression has broken out in a boyish grin and although he’s avoiding the expected public display of affection, when he walks his chest has an alpha, non-geeky puff. His bride is far more traditional, tucking her shoulder in behind his and tilting her head in a way that looks demure and compliant. The couple’s entwined fingers suggest subtle affection. For all their awkwardness, actually these two are entirely devoted." via Celeb News

Mark Zuckerberg marries longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan after Facebook IPO

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg with wife Priscilla Chan, medical resident in pediatrics.

Check out a few previous articles on The Love Bucket blog on Facebook Relationship Status:

Love Bucket List: Has Facebook Caused Us To Change Our Dating Patterns?
Love Bucket: In a Relationship, Relationship Status = Love
Love Bucket Updating Facebook Relationship Status

Update Facebook Relationship Status at the Altar! (caught on video)

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist
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sherrie rose lovelinguist thumb April Fool’s Linger with Facebook Relationship Status Changes

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