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Text Your Woman Into Bed… The Modern Approach To A HOTTER Sex Life

November 16th, 2010 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Love Bucket Books, Masterman, Mastermen, Romance, Seduction, SEX, Sherrie Rose Recommends, The Love Bucket®, The Love Linguist®, The Man Class Series

Text Your Wife Into Bed… The Modern Approach To A HOTTER Sex Life a.k.a How To Make More Love

Texting System Created by Mr. Fiore for husbands and guys in serious relationships (click link to program here)

Q: I have a girlfriend, but I’m not married. Will Text Your Wife Into Bed still work for me?

A: Of course. I maybe shoulda called this ‘Text Your Woman Into Bed” While the step-by-step methods described in the program have been “customized” to address the needs of married couples, they work extremely well in any kind of long term relationship. In fact, several of the initial “initial testers” of the program were unmarried long term couples who reported fantastic results.


Q: Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist, says this qualifies as the CONTACT Ring of Desire of the Love Bucket. What do you know about this filling the love bucket?

A: Ahh, The Love Bucket. The love bucket really works for couples and I just said the methods in the program have been “customized” to address the needs of married couples and any kind of long term relationship. Sherrie Rose is a master of words of love a.k.a. love linguistics (that’s why she’s The Love Linguist!) and filling the love bucket is key in relationships. So to tie things together, sending the RIGHT KIND of text message surely does fulfill the Contact Ring of Desire so that you can get to the SEX Ring of Desire and fill her love bucket. Imagine, being a Love Linguist yourself and using your text and oral techniques to drive your wife or woman crazy! You win, she’s happy and satisfied…


Q: Will your seduction system work for folks who have been married for a loooong time?

A: Yup. I’ve had people who have been married just a few months use the program and have received success stories from people who have been married for over 30 years. The technology is new, but the principals I teach you are absolutely timeless. You get to be a MASTERMAN! And, what women want really does not change. what-women-want

(She wants her love bucket filled!)


Q: I don’t like “Writing,” can I still use this?

A: Definitely. The Text Your Wife Into Bed system is packed full of “written for you” text messages, story lines and ideas. While you’ll undoubtedly want to “adapt” some stuff to make it really work for Your wife, you don’t actually have to do any “writing” at all.

As I like to say “The system works so you don’t have to.”

Q: How soon can I expect to see results with your system?

A: That really depends on how committed you are to doing this and how good of a communicator you are with your wife now.

Some couples who are already pretty close say this stuff is like a firecracker in their sex lives right away. Folks who have drifted apart more often take a few days or even a week to start seeing results.

With the Icebreaker you should be having flirty, fun text conversations with your wife inside of two or three days her love bucket should be getting full and should be having a lot more fun in the bedroom inside a week.

Q: Do I need a “fancy” cell phone in order to use the Text your Wife Into Bed methods?

A: Not at all. While you’ll probably find the process easier if you have a phone with a dedicated keyboard, any cell phone with texting capabilities will do the job.

 cell-phone1 cell-phone2

Q: The Text Your Wife Into Bed System looks amazing, am I going to have to take a week off and lock myself in a closet to study it?

I’ve designed Text Your Wife Into Bed as a product “For guys.” That means it’s designed to be digested quickly and to get you results as fast as possible. The main training videos will take you about an hour and a half to go through (though it’s completely possible you’ll want to study them several times or review them on a regular basis.) The “Black Book” is meant to be used as a reference and “bible” for you and isn’t meant to be read cover to cover. And the “Icebreaker” is designed to get you started right away. Order the system today and you’ll be texting your wife and building heat by tomorrow morning.

THE BIG TIME TRUTH – Cutting to the chase: You’ll need to spend about 2 hours total digging through the material before you get started and will be “in action” by tomorrow. So no reading big novels like “War and Peace” or anything like that.


Q: I’ve never “Texted” before . . . should I try this?

A: There’s a first time for everything, right?

Honestly, the reason I like using texting so much for this process is because it’s a way to have a “private” conversation with your wife even when she’s out in public and living her life. If you’ve never texted before, don’t worry about it. There’s a whole process outlined in the “Icebreaker” document that explains exactly how to “warm your wife up” to receiving messages this way.

If you’ve NEVER used text messaging before AT ALL it might take you slightly longer to get “started” with this than if you’re a texting pro. But the results are the same no matter what. This stuff just works.

Q: What if my wife doesn’t like it/reacts badly/threatens me with bodily harm?

A: Funny story.

When I first created this product (and I worked on it for a LOOONG time before finally unleashing it on the world) I had a whole bunch of men and women “Initial Test” for me. I was really interested in seeing if the material was explained in a way that “anybody” could use it, and I was really interested in how women reacted to the material. Would they think it was too dirty? Would they freak out? Would they yell at me and call me a creep?

But that didn’t happen at all.

Instead I got email after email from women (thin women, fat women, old women, young women) saying “I LOVE this and I WANT MY HUSBAND TO DO THIS TO ME.” Like Sherrie Rose says: This shines the CONTACT Ring of Desire and Fills The Love Bucket.

In fact, I only got ONE negative response from a woman. (She thought some of the language I use in the product was a little too dirty. And I think it was cultural.)

So on the one hand I had women saying “I love this, I want this. Make him do this.”

And on the other hand I had MEN who emailed me and said “Hey, this stuff is great, I really think you’re on to something but I’m SCARED at what my wife will do if I try this.”

This is actually where the “Icebreaker” came from. It was a way to help “scared” guys get over their fear and start texting their wives.  Hey anything that helps fill the love bucket…

What I’m trying to say is that the odds are your wife will react like my initial testers did. They’ll LOVE IT when you start sending them these little “bombs” of affection the way I show you to in the program.  When you use this system her love bucket gets full and your sex life heats up!

All you’ve got to do is take the first step and order today.

Q: I’m Not From the USA. Will this program work for me?

A: “Maybe.”

If you’re from a “Western” culture everything in this program should work like gangbusters. In some other countries the “code” of how women and men interact is quite a bit different. The main principles should translate well, but you’ll need to adapt some of the idiomatic phrases and language to fit your culture.

Q: How do I actually get the program?

Great question. After you order, you’ll be asked to create an account in the Text Your Wife Into Bed online membership site. Once you log in to the site, you’ll be able to watch the videos online or download them to your hard drive to watch whenever you want.

You’ll also be able to download the e-books of the Text Your Wife Into Bed ‘Black Book’ and the Text Your Wife Into Bed ‘Ice Breaker’ to your hard drive so you can print them out.

If you’ve taken Sherrie Rose’s “The Man Class” or “5 Love Dynamics” programs you can skip the rest of this and simple order now: Text Your Wife Into Bed

What’s an e-book?

An e-book or a digital book is simply an electronic version of a book that you download and save to your computer. Instead of going to the bookstore or waiting for the mail to deliver a hard copy book, you get instant access to your product through the magic of the internet.

Once you place your order, you’ll be taken to a page with instructions on how to download the Text Your Wife Into Bed materials right away. You’ll also receive an email as a back up.

Once you download the materials (which only takes a few minutes), you’ll save them as a PDF file. A PDF file is a readable document file that you can also print out. (You’ll probably want to print out the cheat sheet, the timetable and several other parts of the Black Book.) You’ll need the Adobe PDF reader to view these downloads, which is installed on most newer computers.

You can download the free adobe reader here:

Finally, you might feel better to see some of the other people who are just like you who have had great success (and done amazing things to their marriages) with the program

Q: I’d really like to order your system as it really looks amazing. I’m a bit nervous about using my credit card online though. How safe is it really?

A: Perfectly understandable concern. I was nervous the first time I bought something online too, but online ordering has come a LONG way since then. In fact, ordering online via credit card is now considered safer and more secure than many traditional forms of payment (ordering over the phone, etc.)

Our merchant account (through Clickbank) uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information from being viewed by third parties. Even as the website owner, I don’t have access to the credit card information you use to place your order. On top of that, Clickbank is the most popular and frequently used online credit processing company in the world today for downloadable products. Rest assured, your transaction is secure and safe.

You can get started now. If so, just click the “Order now” button you see below and you’ll be digging into the system (and completely changing the way you interact with your wife) in just a few short minutes.  This is one of the easiest ways to fill her love bucket – so just do it!

And remember, you get 30 full days to check out the system and decide if it’s for you. If not, just email me (you’ll get my private email as part of the program) and I’ll issue a full refund and thank you for trying it out. Easy peasy. No fine print.

Get Yours Order Now: Text Your Wife Into Bed

Sherrie Rose Recommends: Text Your Wife Into Bed

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