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The Love Bucket Recognition Ring of Desire & Appreciation

September 27th, 2010 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Heart, Sherrie Rose Recommends, The Love Bucket®, The Love Linguist®, The Man Class Series

The Love Bucket Recognition Ring of Desire & Appreciation


The Love Bucket Recognition Ring of Desire has three parts. It is that you recognize a woman’s 1) APPEARANCE 2) ACTIONS 3) ESSENCE. That seems simple enough.

David Shade says that for a married woman to be fulfilled a woman absolutely must have four key things to feel happy in her marriage. She must… 1) Feel special and appreciated, 2) Feel a deep emotional connection, 3) Feel feminine, beautiful, and sexy, 4) Get hot passionate sex. This is part of becoming a Masterman Lover.

As you know, sex is one of the Rings of Desire of the love bucket. There are 7 Rings of Desire of the Love Bucket. The Love Bucket and the 7 Rings are Desire are a registered trademarks presented by Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist.

The first three things that David mentions are part of the Recognition Ring of Desire. There are ways to open up a woman to higher levels of sexual dimension such as knowing all about female orgasm.

The others David mentions all happen when you recognize a woman’s 1) APPEARANCE that causes her to feel feminine, beautiful, and sexy.

And when you recognize a woman’s 2) ACTIONS that causes her to feel special and appreciated.

And when you recognize a woman’s 3) ESSENCE that then causes her to feel a deep emotional connection. Her essence is her spirit.

The Recognition Ring of Desire is on most every woman’s list of her top 3 rings of desire.

You can recognize a woman in many ways with words, actions, participation and contribution. The key is that you initiate the recognition and that you have the INTENTION to recognize her whether you are giving her RECOGNITION FOR HER 1) Appearance 2) Actions 3) Essence.

It is the impact of intention that makes the recognition powerful. Recognition comes before and with appreciation. You must be conscious and have intention of what you are recognizing. If it comes with appreciation, a woman will swoon and her heart will open to more love (and her love bucket will expand to receive the love).

As stated earlier, there are ways to open up a woman to higher levels of sexual dimension and the simplest is the recognition ring of desire when let her know through words and actions that you appreciate her appearance, actions, and essence. That is a huge turn on of her B spot and that’s a pretty direct connection to her O spot.


Appreciation is the quickest and simplest gateway to a higher dimension.

This was a statement about appreciation by one of my mentors that I appreciate and remember often.
Appreciation is a miraculous portal into new awareness, empowerment, innovation, inspiration, insight, and delight. It benefits our health, our brain function, and our quality of life in every way. And it’s free!

We know that appreciation creates a uniquely ordered pattern in the heart’s rhythm which benefits our overall health and performance, it boosts our immunity, and it more than quintuples the efficiency and power output of the heart.

It is no mistake that the word “Appreciation” also means “to increase in value.” What we appreciate becomes more valuable to us, and through us. As we literally boost our own vitality, efficiency, brain power, and heart power with appreciation, we become of greater tangible value too (both to ourselves and to others). We are stronger physically, more resilient emotionally, more loving and allowing of others and appreciative of their value. Colors are brighter, tastes are more succulent, life overall is more vibrant when we appreciate.
With so many benefits of appreciation, we have to wonder, “Why we don’t appreciate more?” Appreciation is like a tuning fork for good in our lives, clearing the static on the line to hearing our heart’s signals. It knocks the rust and dust off of our ability to receive and perceive what we already have, and opens pathways to receive and perceive even more.
What if everything in life were designed to be appreciated? What if everything that has ever happened, everyone you have ever encountered, every life situation, has been a gift from your own higher self? Even the things you complain about, resent, regret, lament? Entertaining the possibility that everything that comes your way is a gift of some sort just waiting to be opened with the instrument of your appreciation is to peer through the window of the heart’s perception of things. My heart, when I can clear the static on the line to hearing its guidance, always shows me an angle to appreciate whatever situation I am in.
However, it is not easy to appreciate that fact, at least not all the time. One day when I was really having trouble appreciating something that was said to me, my heart created a tool to use which it called, “The triangle of appreciation.” It gave me three points of appreciation, a calibration system by which I could always find something to be grateful for in any given situation. It is amazing how this simple little tool has changed my life. Start by imagining a triangle.

The Triangle of Appreciation


Appreciating Challenge = Soul’s View and Personal Growth (Top)

Appreciating Process = Requires Understanding, Compassion, and Allowing (Left)

Appreciating Value = Automatic and Raw (Right)





Appreciating Value = Automatic and Raw

The bottom right hand corner of the triangle represents things that you automatically appreciate. This zone belongs to things that have inherent value to you, simply as they are. Like chocolate and… Great sex. clip_image006

A blossoming rose. A beautiful sunset. Your favorite music, or skiing, or a great novel, or your best friend’s sense of humor. These are things that you automatically appreciate- things that you are naturally drawn to and love without effort. They give you direct access to raw appreciation of what is.

Appreciating Process = Requires Understanding, Compassion, and Allowing

The bottom left corner of the triangle belongs to the zone of things and people that are harder to appreciate. It is harder to appreciate being stood up by someone, or a toddler screaming after hitting their head on the corner of the coffee table as they learn how to walk. What you can appreciate in those situations is the growth process the person is in- you can appreciate where they are in their journey and have compassion for their process. In this way, compassion is a form of appreciation, a form of appreciating where a person or a situation is currently and where they are going.  This type of appreciation includes understanding, and allowing. It appreciates process where the first type of appreciation enjoys the fruits of process, the results. When you appreciate where you or another person is in their growth, that appreciation is a form of care. It creates a coherent heart field that automatically radiates outward from you as support.

There is a power and value ignited when you appreciate the process something or someone is in, where they are now and where they are going. This is to appreciate evolution, growth, and change, and in appreciating that, to support it. In the Talmud it says, “Every grass blade has an angel over it whispering, “Grow, grow, grow.” When you appreciate things and people in their growth, without needing them to be perfect, you become the angel that facilitates their evolution and growth. This is a very exciting form of appreciation when you can key into its potency. It ultimately brings you back to the right side of our triangle or cross, where you appreciate the inherent value of things. Because when you can truly celebrate and thereby support the growth and evolution of something, you tap into its essence beyond the temporary struggle or challenge it faces. And at the core essence of things there is always something to appreciate.

Appreciating Challenge = Soul’s View and Personal Growth

If your life mirrors mine, there are also some things that seem simply impossible to appreciate at all.

Things that don’t seem to have intrinsic value, and don’t seem to be evolving or growing or changing.

Things that you just plain wish did not happen or did not exist. These are the toughest things to appreciate. These people, behaviors, situations, events, go at the very top of the triangle. How’s that? How can the things that bottom you out be at the top? 

These are the things that are growing you. They are stretching you beyond your comfort zone or beyond your appreciation muscle where it currently is. When you can at least appreciate that they’re bringing you growth, you can still tap into all the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of appreciation, and still stand a good chance of getting the gift these irritants are the carrier pigeons of. It is this category of things that deepen us the most and cause us to rise the highest in our individual personal growth.

These are the life situations which most support us to deepen in our hearts and challenge us to reach for the pinnacle of perception from a higher point of view. These are they grains of sand in the oyster shell that will turn us into pearls with a little appreciation. They are the pressure on our coal to turn us into diamonds. At the very least, our efforts to appreciate in the face of a challenge strengthens our muscle to appreciate what is around us and fills us with more of the other two forms of appreciation.

The very top of the triangle is the top down perspective- it is your soul’s view of things. What I experience at the top of the cross of appreciation is the insight and growth of the pinnacle of the triangle, after I am willing to go deep and appreciate the things that are the most difficult to appreciate, the things that are demanding that I grow and change my points of view. Going deep down to appreciate that which is difficult is like a giant tree rooting deeper, which allows it to grow higher. As soon as you can appreciate a challenge, the appreciation itself facilitates your higher brain function through heart coherence, and you get to see the challenge itself in a new way. But it does more than that. As it facilitates your higher brain to perceive challenges in a new way, appreciation also opens your senses to receive more of life and therefore amplifies and increases your experience of intrinsic value all around you. How much of life do you want to receive? Appreciation is an access code to receiving immediate abundance and prosperity, without anything else in your world changing. The deeper your foundation, the wider your reach can be.

Filled With Appreciation: Manya, an great example for all
I have never met anyone who was more filled with appreciation than Manya, my beloved adopted German grandmother who survived Auschwitz as a teenager. Manya was like an angel that appeared in my life. Because I nearly crumpled at times under what I perceived to be minor challenges, I always wondered how a person could survive something as devastating as the holocaust. When I helped Manya to transcribe her life story into book form, she brought the answer to that question to me: appreciation. While she did not appreciate what the Nazis did to her, she appreciated how spiritually connected and strong the challenges she faced made her. This did not show up for her as a Pollyanna cover-up approach during the holocaust. It was a real and genuine power tool that she attributes to saving her life. It amazes me how Manya, in the worst of circumstances, could always find something to appreciate. In Auschwitz she described the tar roofed bunkers, which delighted her because without proper clothes in the freezing cold Polish winter, she could lean against them during the day and warm herself as the tar heated in the sun. She also loved to sing, and because she appreciated singing so much, she would sing to the other children in the camp to soothe them. A woman walking by the camp heard her, and demanded that the camp guards allow her to take Manya home because she loved her voice. Appreciation got Manya out of the camps, and led her to be one of the few people that was rescued from the Shoah and brought by boat to the United States by Franklin Roosevelt.  Now, she is the most joyful person I know to do things with because she notices the simplest details wherever we are, and she appreciates everything. From the color someone has chosen for the trim in their room, to the cherry tomatoes fresh out of the garden, you can bet that Manya will notice and acknowledge everything with gratitude. Nothing slips through her appreciative eye. Because so much was taken from her in her life, she appreciates for dear life all that she has. And it is contagious- everyone, of all ages, clamors to be around Manya because she has so little entitlement and so much gratitude.

Appreciation Frees Us
Appreciation frees us of the bondage of judgments and affords us greater understanding. When people behave in ways that are difficult for us to understand or difficult for us to relate with they are generally out of balance in some way. This means that their heart rhythms are disordered, they are agitated and uncomfortable, and their higher brain centers are shut down. Whatever a person in this incoherent state says or does has less conscious accountability than someone who is actively appreciating. When you really understand this, it is natural not to take people’s criticisms, attacks, or agitation personally, and to respond with compassion for the discomfort and distortion they must be in. Your compassion is a form of appreciation for their situation, and it radiates in their direction to support more coherence, more clarity, more release and more growth. It is a win/win.

Appreciate the Inherent Value Of Things
I have come to a place where I don’t appreciate the things that grow me any less than I appreciate the inherent value of things. I don’t see challenges as a downer anymore, only because I was taught to look at them through the heart. My heart values my growth as a spirit above all else. I value the relationships that challenge me. I seek out relationships that grow me.

Appreciate Difficult Things To Appreciate
How wide and how deep do you want your triangle to go? The more you appreciate difficult things to appreciate, the deeper it goes, the more foundation it has, the wider the spectrum of value you can experience in life, and the higher your view can ascend to see things in a new and insightful way.

With care from the heart,
Sheva Carr

The Triangle of Appreciation

The Recognition Ring of Desire is part of the Love Bucket by Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist and taught in The Man Class Series

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