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Top 7 things guys hardly do anymore on dates

December 11th, 2016 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating


1. Have a specific plan in mind. An event – No matter what it is, never say, "I don’t know….what do YOU want to do?". A man with no plan, is like an explorer with no map.

2. Drives to someone’s place to pick them up – Fewer than 50% of men actually will pick up a woman these days. Unless she lives 50 miles in the opposite direction. In that case, the classy woman will always offer to at least make it easier for you. But she still wants you to take her.

3. Bring a small gift or token – just something unexpected. With me, it’s often food. Don’t go crazy, and overwhelm her. I’m not a big fan of a dozen roses (that’s for established relationships), but I am a big fan of a single rose. Besides, a dozen roses makes a woman have to run back inside, or they’re going to sit in the car for 4 hours. Again, don’t overwhelm. Don’t smother.

4. Open a car door – There is a movie called "A Bronx Tale" that everyone should watch. If you’ve seen it, you know the scene about opening a car door. Although cars all have automatic locks these days, nothing is more appealing than opening a car door. Hell, opening ANY door.

5. Make introductions – It is almost impossible for many of us to go anywhere, and not run into at least one person we know. Introduce your date. Immediately. Don’t be shy about letting them know you’re on a date, and you’ll catch up later; no one wants to stand there for 10 minutes, having you pay more attention to the other person than her.

6. Keep phone use to a bare minimum – Everyone is guilty of selfies these days, but don’t take 50. Seriously. Don’t spend a bunch of time texting other people either, or being distracted. Be in the moment. Realize why you like each other, and why you’re sharing this moment together. This goes for men and women.

7. Send a quick text or call afterwards – Less than 50% of people follow up on a date. And that’s including the man AND the woman. If you had a good time, SAY something. If you thought he or she looked beautiful or handsome, SAY something. If you want to go out again, SAY something. This, again, goes for men and women.

Women want to be pursued, but so do men. Both like compliments, both like appreciation, and both like thoughtfulness. They don’t need to hear it for their ego….they need to hear it to know you’re interested! SAY something, or someone else will fill The Love Bucket!

Shared by Dave Bernstein

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