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Two Modes for Men in Dating and Life

March 14th, 2013 Posted in Dating, Mating, Relating, Masterman, Mastermen

2 Modes for Men in Dating and in Life

There are two modes of being in life for men:

1)   You are on the HUNT

2)   You are enjoying the FEAST

When you are young, in your 20’s -  you SHOULD be on the hunt.

You should have that intense energy of:

I am hunting success, I am hunting for mentors, I am hunting for wisdom, I am hunting for the keys to live my life boldly and gain status and authority and confidence … and of course you are hunting for WOMEN.

This is typically the DFS phase (Dating for Sport or more correctly, Dating for Sex).  Winning means you’ve scored in the bedroom. "Hey, Jimmy, are you still DFS or are you looking for ‘the one’?"

That’s typically the average guy in their 20’s.

Older men (and even women) often don’t trust a man in his 20’s who isn’t hungry to conquer the world and taste the pleasures that power and women offer.

If a guy is coasting, he’s hiding or high.

But when you start to gain wisdom and experience and pass 30 and 35 and 40, you look immature if you are too obviously and grossly "on the hunt" for women in particular.

If you are "on the hunt" for finding your life’s purpose that requires a more in-depth discussion.

Have you started taking on the qualities of a full-fledged Masterman?

Have you have secured a certain position that gives a woman a sense of security about who you are, what you do, and what you can offer… “If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.” One of the richest men in the world said this – Aristotle Onassis.

Your energy with women should not be hungry or needy – but rather – "I am at the feast of my life – and I am inviting you to join me."

You must have something to share to attract her and entice her with your invitation.  This is relates to the Provisions Ring of Desire of The Love Bucket and a man needs to become a “pro” with “vision” to fulfill her desires with the right provisions.

You DO want to hunger for those things YOU are passionate about. That will continue throughout your life. And you share the spoils with her. You share the spoils (the material goods, advantages, profits, etc.) that you acquire by your actions or because of your position or situation that you create. 

You can do that in small ways – and you can do that in big ways.

You CAN become the MASTERMAN and invite women into your life – rather than be needy, gimme-gimme guy that reminds women of immature adolescent boys or the used-car-salesman.

Check out what Carlos Xuma has to offer that will give you the edge to become the Masterman also known as the ALPHA MAN.

Alpha Man Ultimate Blueprint Carlos Xuma

FYI – today is Manentine’s day

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