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Who’s On My Team? (and ready to Fill The Love Bucket®)

July 20th, 2017 Posted in The Love Bucket®

Who’s on my team? This question was posed by Greg W. Anderson, today on Facebook.

My response was “Here!”

Greg shared with everyone who replied:

“Wow, I have some AMAZING People on my team.
Now that you’re on my team let’s do some good in the world today.

Here is your challenge.

|I want you to send a message to someone that is important to you. This could be a spouse, a friend, a co-worker, or someone you have neglected for a while. Basically ANYONE you want to have an impact on today.
Start your message with "What’s Special about you is …" or "What I appreciate about you is…", then tell them.
This next part is critical.
After you have told them end the message. DO NOT try to get them to respond or have them tell you what they like about you.
If they don’t respond, COOL.
If they simply say thank you, COOL.
If they respond and ask if you’re drunk or on drugs, COOL.
What is special about you is that if you are on my team you care about making other feel loved and appreciated as much as you care about being loved and appreciated.
After you have completed your task report back on this thread how it went.


So here is how it went:

This was clearly an opportunity to Fill the Love Bucket®

I called my friend Lance. His birthday was April 1st (April Fool’s Day). I had only left a voice message and now almost four months later, it was time to actually connect.
I called and left another message for Lance.

“Lance, we’ve been friends for so long, I wanted to tell you how special you are. I always admired your relationship with your Dad, especially after your Mom died. You had a special bond. He thought the world of you and so do I.”

Almost immediately, my call was returned. We has a nice catch up and it was surprising how much had occurred in four months.

Lance is a cinematographer is now also teaching his craft (share the knowledge!). He got a new dog, Aggie. And, he signed up for flight school specializing in helicopters.

We made a plan to get together in person next time I am in Los Angeles.  Lance said he loves to hear from me because I make him smile.


Thanks, Greg, for the inspiration. Would have done it anyway, because I’m a proponent of Relationship Riches, but the timing was absolutely perfect.

RESULT: Happy and Filled Love Bucket®

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