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William Fills Jacqueline’s Love Bucket!

August 29th, 2011 Posted in 7 Rings of Desire, Dating, Mating, Relating, Gifts, Heart, Her Love Bucket, Love Dynamics, Masterman, Mastermen, Romance

William Fills Jacqueline’s Love Bucket!

When a man wants to honor is wife for their anniversary and takes two months to plan and build a gift he automatically moves up to MASTERMAN status. Love-Bucket-provisions-ring-of-desire

That is exactly what William did when he recreated the most amazing and wonderful parts of his wedding and married life. He presented the beautiful Jacqueline with this “Heart & Soul” gift that is hand crafted with intricate detail.

He provided this present in the form of a beautiful physical object that accompanied a weekend getaway. But what he really provided was a memory that will last forever.


Keeping his gift clandestine was tough. He built it at home and had to do it while Jacqueline was not around. William, an attorney, does not usually have cuts on his hand. His clothes are not sprinkled with gold. His two children were sworn to silence which was a miracle in itself that they could keep it a secret. In fact, their daughter told a while lie and said to her mother, “Daddy got you a piece of jewelry and he’s trying to fool you by putting it in a big box!”

The love story of Jacqueline and William goes on long before their twelve years of marriage (Congratulations!). They met when Jacqueline was 21 and William was 34. Jacqueline felt she was too young for marriage and they went their separate ways. Jacqueline moved away. Years later she came home for a funeral and thought of William. Jacqueline decided she would stop by his office and see him on her way to the airport but there was so much traffic that she did not have time.

When she arrived home she found a letter waiting for her. It was from William. He had actually hired a private investigator to find her. He loved her after all those years and wanted to see her. A marriage proposal quickly ensued. Like many marriages it is not perfect but they communicated and work on it together.

Jacqueline and William got married in Venice, Italy, on a Gondola on the Grand Canal. Deep passion fills both their hearts! They have been back to Venice several times and their home is filled with Italian chandeliers and tapestries that reflect their romantic love.

The wedding in Venice represented their romantic sentiments but to make it all legal in the United States they got married again at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. All the details of their two weddings are captured in the hand-carved sculpture from William.

On Facebook, Jacqueline shared the photo above of this amazing tribute adorned with LOVE – She wrote:

“I just spent an amazing weekend with my husband & received the most priceless gift! He spent two heartfelt months making my 12th year anniversary gift. We were married in Venice, Italy, and at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. He hand-carved a Gondola, gold leafed the four horses of St. Marks, and built a little replica of our most memorable and cherished moments. I Love my man & am sooo blessed!!!”



William researched the details, painted the gondola seats blue (Jacqueline’s favorite color), covered the stars (which are crystals) and horses with gold foil. He filed off the horses saddles. He painted the hair on the figurines and attended to the minutest details. He ordered the Lion charm to represent the Venetian Lion of St. Marks. The columns represent the columns of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

A gift like this is priceless. A gift like this that represents your love provides a memory that only two lovers can truly appreciate. It is personal, cherished, and intimate. When William explained every detail of his creation to Jacqueline he was beaming with pride. She felt his love coming from every part of his being. Each ornament and item is a monument of his love for her.

William filled the love bucket with the Provisions Ring of Desire. Provisions often has a physical form like gift or present but it is so much more. The Provisions Ring of Desire of Jacqueline’s love bucket provides not just the physical present but the history, memory, and future dreams of a life filled with more love.

CONGRATULATIONS, Jacqueline and William!!!  May you share many love-filled anniversaries, special occasions, and days of love!


"Love is a state of being not a state of feeling. It goes well beyond the realm of the emotions. It’s an attitude of benevolence and kindness towards all creation, including one’s self, at all times and under all circumstances. Love is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe." ~ Carnelian Sage

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist
Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and S*X Life!

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